Rousing Lord Krishna Names that Inspire Devotion

Rousing Lord Krishna Names that Inspire Devotion.

Lord Krishna Names: India and all Hindu people are well familiar with religious observance and the multiplicity of gods. Lord Krishna happens to be one of the revered gods of Hinduism. There have been developed so many Lord Krishna Names.

Rousing Lord Krishna Names that Inspire Devotion

Accordingly, Lord Krishna names abound in all Hindu nations. These names have been drafted for human use. There are many Lord Krishna names given to boys today. All these names point to the various attributes of the celebrated god. Names laced with virtues and morals are given to male children in reference to Lord Krishna.

Diversity can never be out of style. Therefore, you can take the decision to christen your son any of these names. Wordingvibes is giving you a list of some outstanding Lord Krishna names.

Adorable Lord Krishna Names for Boys

1. Aariv – Lord Krishna is known to represent wisdom. The name Aariv means ‘King of wisdom and justice’.

2. Abhijeet – Abhijeet is a beautiful name that refers to Lord Krishna. It means ‘One who is victorious’. This name is perfect for your boy, who will see many victories in his life.

3. Anaadih – Anaadih means ‘The one who is the first cause’. It is one of the most favored names for boys in Hinduism. Anaadih also means Krishna.

4. Anantajit – Anantajit means ‘The ever victorious Lord’ or ‘The victor of infinity’. As a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is also known to be infinitely victorious, Lord Krishna is also referred to as Anantajit.

5. Asuman – Another name for Lord Krishna, Asuman means ‘Lord of vital breaths’.

6. Aswadh – Aswadh is a beautiful name for your baby boy. It means ‘Tree of knowledge’ which also refers to Lord Krishna.

7. Bali – Bali means ‘A mighty warrior’, ‘Brave’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Strength’, or ‘Offering’. This name proudly glorifies Lord Krishna’s might and several admirable traits as a deity.

8. Bankebihari – Bankebihari means the ‘One who loves to sport in the forests’. It is another form of writing Van ke Vihari, which means the ‘One who roams in the forests’.

9. Bankim – Bankim means ‘Crescent’ or ‘Curved. It is another beautiful name of Lord Krishna.

10. Bansi – Bansi means ‘Flute’. Lord Krishna is known to play beautiful tunes with his divine flute.

11. Banwari – Banwari means the ‘One who lives in Vrindavan’ or the ‘One living in the groves of Vrindavan’. It refers to Lord Krishna, who is believed to have spent his childhood at this place.

12.Brij – Brij means ‘The place of Lord Krishna’, ‘Strength’, ‘To twist’, or ‘To leave’. This name is one of the most desired baby boy names among the Hindu communities all over the world.

13. Brijesh – Brijesh means ‘Lord of Braj land’ or ‘Lord Krishna’. Braj means ‘Pasture’, a land where the Yadavas (Lord Krishna’s clan) used to settle down.

14. Chhailbehari – This name means Lord Krishna

15. Darsh – Darsh means ‘Handsome’ and ‘Sight’. Lord Krishna was known for his exquisite beauty. If you want to name your little one after Lord Krishna, this simple name is definitely the right choice for you.

16. Daruk – This name means ‘the charioteer of Lord Krishna’.

17. Dayanidhi – Dayanidhi means ‘The treasure house of mercy’. This name represents Lord Krishna’s kindness and compassion as a deity. These traits are undoubtedly advisable for your son to possess as he grows up.

18. Devakinandan – Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki. Devakinandan means exactly that, the ‘Son of Devaki’.

19. Gadin – This name is unique as it means ‘one who is armed with a club’ which refers to Lord Krishna.

20. Ghanashyam – This name means ‘The color of the darkest cloud that will rain soon’, ‘Solid dark’.

21. Grahil – This wonderful name is another name of Lord Krishna.

22. Gwala – This is another name for Lord Krishna.

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23. Hari – It means ‘the one belonging to God’.

24. Harish – Harish means the ‘One who does everything according to God’s wish’. If you want a name that is both stylish and religious, this name is a sensible option.

25. Hrishikesh – Hrishikesh means the ‘One who controls the senses’. It is one of Krishna’s multiple names.


26. Ishna – This name simply means ‘Lord Krishna’.

27. Janaradhana – The meaning of this name is the ‘Liberator from the cycle of birth and death’

28. Kalia – The name Kalia means ‘Beauty’. It refers to Lord Krishna’s renowned beauty.

29. Kanu – Kanu means ‘Handsome’. This majestic name is a decent choice for your baby boy.

30. Karnish – Karnish means ‘The Lord of mercy’. The tale of Lord Krishna’s kindness and forbearance is one told over and over again. It is a desirable trait in your son.

31. Kunjabihari – Another name of Lord Krishna, Kunjabihari means the ‘One who enjoys the lakes’.

32. Madan – Lord Krishna is well known for the love he spread. Madan means ‘Lord of love’ in Sanskrit.

33. Madhav – One of the most common and loved names inspired by Lord Krishna, Madhav means ‘Sweet like honey’.

34. Makhesh – Makhesh means the ‘Lord of sacrifice’. It refers to Lord Krishna.

35. Manhar – Manhar means ‘Pleasing’, ‘Charming’ or the ‘One who pleases the heart’. This name is alluring just as much as the deity who inspired it.

36. Mohnish – Mohnish means the ‘Attractive god’. It is another name that conveys Lord Krishna’s beauty.

37. Murari – Murari means the ‘One who holds a flute’. This name is yet another reference to Lord Krishna’s iconic flute.

Hallowed Lord Krishna Names

38. Natwar – Lord Krishna is known to love dancing. Natwar means the ‘Dancing lord’.

39. Neeraj – Neeraj means ‘Lotus’, ‘Pearl’, ‘Flower’, or ‘Born from clear water’. This beautiful name is an exaltation of Lord Krishna’s purity.

40. Parthasarathi – This name means ‘the charioteer of Partha’.

41. Pyarelal – This name means ‘loved one’ which also means Lord Krishna.

42. Radesh – God, Another name of Lord Krishna

43. Rasesh – This name means ‘the lord of joy’ which is Lord Krishna.

44. Rashad – The meaning of this name ‘integrity of conduct’, ‘thinker’, and ‘maturity’.

45. Rayaan – This name means ‘the gate to paradise’ or ‘heaven’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.

46. Rukminesh – This name means ‘consort of Rukmini’ which is Lord Krishna.

47. Saket – It means ‘Lord Krishna’ and ‘having the same intention’.

48. Sameh  This name means ‘the one who is forgiving’ which refers to Lord Krishna.

49. Sunil – Sunil can mean many things such as ‘Dark blue’, ‘Pomegranate tree’, ‘Sapphire’, ‘Blue’, ‘Krishna with blue color’, ‘Wind’, ‘Beautiful sky’. All of these meanings and interpretations allude to Lord Krishna.

50. Suri – Suri means ‘The sun’ or ‘Wisdom’. It is one of the most beautiful and unique representations of Lord Krishna. This name has a familiar and sweet ring to it, even for people who are unfamiliar with Hinduism.

51. Trivesh – Trivesh means ‘The one who knows all the three Vedas’. If you are looking for a religious yet stylish name, then this would be a good fit.

52. Unkar – This means ‘God’s name’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.

53. Urugay – Urugay means ‘Far-going’, ‘Offering broad scope for movement’, or ‘Far-striding’. This name refers to Lord Krishna and is also an epithet of Lord Vishnu and Lord Indra.

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54. Vamsi – This is the name of a ‘raaga‘ and it means Lord Krishna.

55. Vamsidhar – This name is another name of Lord Krishna as it means ‘bearer of flute’.

56. Vedamohan – This name refers to the ‘knower of Vedas’ which also refers to Lord Krishna.

57. Vihas – Vihas means ‘great smile’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.

58. Vrisa – This name means ‘cow’ or ‘Lord Krishna’.

59. Yadav – This is the ‘descendent of Yadu’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.

60. Yadunandan – Yadunandan means the ‘One who is the son of Yadu’.

61. Yajnarup – This name means ‘one who is as pure like Yajna’ which refers to Lord Krishna.

62. Yogesh – Yogesh means the ‘Source of Knowledge’ or the ‘God of Yoga’. This name is used to refer to both Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

It’s not just spiritual significance; Lord Krishna names also promote a high degree of moral integrity. Admittedly, people will eagerly love to give these names to their kids because of their attraction to this divine, supernatural god.

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