Hallowed Lord Vishnu Names Suitable for Male Children

Hallowed Lord Vishnu Names Suitable for Male Children.

Lord Vishnu Names: Tagged “the god of protection”, Lord Vishnu is a widely worshipped god of India and Hinduism in general. This god is referenced with multiple names. These Lord Vishnu names have over the years been assigned to male children in India and neighboring countries.

Hallowed Lord Vishnu Names Suitable for Male Children

Evidently, the Indians are well known for their spirituality and worship of a good number of deities. Lord Vishnu tends to be among the top choice of gods. This god is said to be a member of the Hindu Trinity. Many names have been inspired by this god. These names have some really sacred meanings and are greatly respected.

Consequently, parents in Hindu nations, love to attached these deified names to their male kids. This trend is very acceptable and widespread in these nations. Maybe you have thought of making your boy seem supernatural or you just love the meaning of these names. You can select from the list provided below.

1. Precious Lord Vishnu Names for Boys

2. Aadhavan – As brilliant as the sun.

3. Aashrit – This name is a nod to Vishnu’s regality. Aashrit means ‘Ruler’

4. Aavartanah– The unseen dynamism

5. Abhima – Destroyer of fear.

6. Achintya – Achintya means ‘He is incomparable or inconceivable’. This name celebrates Lord Vishnu’s excellence

7. Achyutam – One who will never perish.

8. Adbhuta – The one who is wonderful or astonishing

9. Adeep -Light or Light of Lord Vishnu

10. Adhrit – One who does not require support but supports others.

11. Adwith – One who is most powerful.

12. Agnija – One who is born out of the fire.

13. Ajan – The Unborn

14. Ajeya – One who cannot be Conquered

15. Akshar – Everlasting; immortal; one who cannot be destroyed.

16. Amitash – Omnipresent, One who has sacred marks

17. Amogh – One who performs everything with a purpose.

18. Amritaya – One who will never die.

19. Amurti – All Prevading, Incorporeal

20. Anagh – Unblemished and virtuous, One who has not commited any sin

21. Anand – Pure bliss; happiness.

22. Anantajit – Someone who is always victorious.

23. Ananth – One which is endless.

24. Anay – Having no leader.

Lord Vishnu names of boys

25. Anil – Air

26. Animish – One who knows everything.

27. Aniruddh – Unrestrained, unstoppable.

28. Anish – Supreme,Punctual

29. Anvith – One who bridges the gap.

30. Archisman – Resplendent; radiant.

31. Ari – Inner Skin, Brave, Lion, Eagle

32. Arkah – Someone who is in the guise of the sun.

33. Arnav – As vast as an ocean.

34. Arthah – Revered by all.

35. Arvind – One who has lotus-like eyes.

36. Asan –  Lord Vishnu, Vault, Easy

37. Ashok – Sorrowless.

38. Ashrith – Someone who is always eager and ready to help.

39. Ashvattas – The tree of life; Banyan tree.

40. Atulya – The incomparable one.

41. Avyan – Someone who is flawless and unmarred. Means ‘Perfect’ or ‘One who is without imperfection’.

42. Avyayah – This is another synonym of Lord Vishnu. Avyayah means the ‘One who is always the same’. If you are looking for a name that is imperishable, this is the right one for you.

43. Avyukt – This name is given to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘Crystal clear’ or ‘Having a clear mind’.

44. Badri – Old,Rain that Falls before Winter, Fullness of the Moon, One who Took Part in the Battle of Badr

45. Bali – A mighty warrior, Brave, Powerful, Strength, Offering

Classic Lord Vishnu Names

46. BhanuBright as the sun.

47. Bhavesh – One who rules the world.

48. Bhudhav – Bhu – Earth, Dhav – Lord

49. Bhuri – Another variant of Vishnu, this name means ‘Abundant’ or ‘Mighty’.

50. Bhuvanesh – Lord of the Universe; Lord of the Earth; The Lord of the World

51. Bishnu – The Protector

52. Chiranjeevi – One who will never die; the immortal one.

53. Daksh – Smart one; competent.

54. Devarshee – Teacher of the god, A God likes a saint

55. Devesh – Revered by the Devas; Lord of all the Gods.

56. Dhananjay – One who Wins Wealth

57. Dhruv – The one who never changes amidst everything that is changing.

58. Durjay – One who cannot be conquered or defeated.

59. Durariha – Durariha means ‘The dispeller of the evil-minded enemies’. It represents Vishnu’s ability to purify the threats of evil.

60. Durlabh – One which is rare.

61. Eeshvara – Someone who can do anything all by himself.

62. Ekana – This name means ‘Strong’ or the ‘One who has a lot of drive and determination’. It is an ageless name for a baby boy.

63. Eha – In this place, Here, Now, At this time

64. Govind – One who protects and guards cows.

65. Hari – One who destroys.

Great Lord Vishnu Names

66. Hemang – Having a golden and shimmery body.

67. Hrishikesh – God of the senses.

68. Inesa – A Strong King, pure, chaste, holy, sacred, purifying

69. Inesh – One who is the ruler of all; a powerful and strong ruler.

70. Iresh – The Lord of the Earth.

71. Ish – One of the most adored names of Lord Vishnu, Ish means ‘Divine’, ‘Master of the universe’, ‘Ruler’, or ‘Pious’. You may club it with some other relevant name or make it a nickname for your little ruler.

72. Jagadish – It is a combination of Jagat ‘World’ and Ish ‘Ruler’. So, the name means the ‘Ruler of this World’.

73. Janardhana – The name means the ‘One who gives happiness to people’.

74. Jayant – Always the victorious one.

75. Jayapal – This name is apt for your little star as it means the ‘King’.

76. Jyestha – Jyestha means ‘The eldest’. What is more suitable than this name for your beloved firstborn son?

77. Jina – To live

78. Jisnu – Victorious,

79. Jyesth – The eldest.

80. Kanil – One who cannot be destroyed.

81. Keshav – One who has long hair; one who has killed Keshi, the demon.

82. Kumud – A Lotus, Joy of the Earth, Water lily

83. Lathik – Very Powerful

84. Lohitaksha – This name refers to the beauty of Lord Vishnu’s eyes. It means the ‘Red-eyed’.

85. Loknath – It is another name that hails Lord Vishnu as above all else. Loknath means the ‘Lord of the world’. This name also refers to Lord Shiva.

86. Madhav – Goddess Mahalakshmi’s husband.

87. Madhava – Sweet like honey

88. Madhu – Honey.

89. Madhusudan – The one who killed the demon Madhu.

90. Mahil – One who has the quality of being warm, affectionate, gentle and considerate.

91. Manohar – One who wins over the mind.

92. Mokshith – The liberated; one who has attained moksha.

93. Mukund – The one who liberates.

94. Namish – Well-mannered, respectful, polite.

95. Nand – One who is liberated from all worldly pleasures.

96. Narayan – The abode of all human beings.

97. Nikesh – The saviour; someone who is not finite.

98. Nimish – In no time; at the moment.

99. Ojas – Vigour.

100. Paarthiv – Son of the earth, Brave, Prince of earth, Earthly

101. Pawan – Air; wind.

102. Padmanaabha – This is yet another name with a lotus connection. It means ‘He from whose navel comes the lotus’.

103. Prabhootas – One who is always full.

104. Pradyuman – Someone extremely wealthy.

105. Prajaapatih – The Lord of all creatures

106. Pranshu – Tall, High

107. Prathit – One who exists permeating everything.

108. Pushkara – One with lotus-like eyes.

109. Rakshan – One who protects.

110. Ram – God; Supreme spirit

111. Ramesh – Ramesh means ‘The preserver’. This name is pretty common among the followers of Hinduism.

112. Ranganath – Ranga means ‘Colorful’, Ranganath means ‘A colorful Lord’. This is a common name in South India.

113. Reyaansh – The first rays of the Sun.

114. Rishik – One who is full of knowledge; the rays of the Sun.

115. Rivaansh – A strong desire to succeed.

116. Rohin – Another name of Lord Vishnu, Rohin has several meanings. It means ‘Climbing’, ‘Blossom’, ‘Rising’, and the ‘One who is born under the sandalwood tree’.

117. Rudra – One who makes everyone cry.

118. Sahashrajit – One who defeats everyone.

119. Sameeran – One who efficiently manages and is responsible for the running of all living creatures.

120. Sarvaadih – The beginning of all

121. Sarvah – The only one.

122. Sarveshwar – One who controls everyone.

Cool Lord Vishnu Nmaes

123. Satkrit – The loved one.

124. Satyah – The truth

125. Sharvas – The auspicious, fortunate one

126. Shatrughan – Destroyer of enemies.

127. Shauri – Brave

128. Shivah – One who is forever pure.

129. Shresth – The best one

130. Shrish – The Lord of wealth and prosperity.

131. Shrivas – One who lives with Shree (Goddess Lakshmi).

132. Shrivatsa – The lover of Goddess Lakshmi.

133. Sourish – The Lord of the Suras or Devas

134. Sriyaan – Being sensible; riches.

135. Stavya – One who is applauded and complimented by all.

136. Subhekshan – A very favourable gaze.

137. Subhuj – One with elegant arms.

138. Suhrit – One who is a friend to everyone.

139. Sulabh – Always and anywhere available.

140. Sumukh – One whose face is charming.

141. Suranand – Giving immense happiness.

142. Suvrata – One who has taken the most fortunate and favourable forms.

143. Suyati – One who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu

144. Trijosh – One who is positively minded; a person who is full of positive energy and new ideas.

145. Trilokesh – King of all the three worlds.

146. Udarathi – An epithet of Vishnu, Udarathi means ‘Rising’. This buoyant name is perfect for your son’s hopeful future.

147. Udayin – Udayin is an elegant name. It means ‘Rising’ or ‘Prosperous’.

148. Upendra – It means the ‘Brother of Lord Indra’ who is Lord Vishnu.

149. Urjit – He who has a lot of energy.

150. Vaidyah – The greatest doctor.

151. Vaikhan – Vaikhan means the ‘One whose consumption has a strange pattern as he devours the whole universe’.

152. Varish – Sleeping on the ocean;

153. Varun – The Sun.

154. Vasu – Invaluable; exquisite; someone who is rich and has a lot of wealth.

155. Vatsal – Someone who is very affectionate.

156. Vedatman – Vedatman means the ‘Soul of the Veda’. It is another name for Lord Vishnu. It is a good fit if you are looking for a name with spiritual depth.

157. Veer – The brave one.

158. Venkat – Venkat means ‘Existing’, ‘Natural’, or ‘Divine’. If you are looking for a profound name for your baby, this popular name is a good choice.

159. Vidhu – Intelligent

160. Vikram – An expert; having mastery.

161. Vilakshan – Someone who is the best; the unusual.

162. Vineet – Having great knowledge; someone who is well-mannered and courteous.

163. Viraj – Magnificient and splendid; splendour; courageous.

164. Viresh – Viresh means ‘The brave Lord’. It is suitable for a spirited and fearless boy.

165. Vishaal – Very great

166. Visham – One who is equal to none.

167. Vishath – Vishath means ‘Setting free’ or the ‘One who delivers’. It is another name of Lord Vishnu.

168. Vishisht – One who surpasses all because of his glory.

169. Vishruth – A person who is famous and well known.

171. Vishvakarmaa – The creator of the universe

172. Vishvam – The Lord of the universe; ruler; the greatest.

173. Vishokah – Vishokah means the ‘One who is without sorrow’. This beautiful name is equally cheerful.

174. Vitthal – One who bestows prosperity.

Agreeably, these names are wonderful. Lord Vishnu seems to command a lot of loyalty. These variations of names pointing to his powers and might make a beautiful list of names to choose for your baby boy.

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