Understanding Love Making Beyond Physical Mating of Bodies

Understanding Love Making Beyond Physical Mating of Bodies.

Love making is a human thing. What this means is that if you truly understand what love making implies, you will agree that it requires more than biological functions. Love making means more than the union of sex organs for procreation. It goes beyond mere copulation.

Understanding Love Making Beyond Physical Mating of Bodies

Unfortunately, some persons have reduced love making to just the act of penetration. This is really sad. Your spouse or partner needs to feel more than your organs. He or she needs to feel your heart, your soul, your emotions and your affection while having sex.

This concept of love making may not really be clear to you, so we are going to dwell more on what real love making is. How love making should be and how different from the regular sex you have.

What is Love Making

We are not going to drop a dictionary definition here for you. We would rather give you a description, an explanation of what love making is. Love making involves the intentional channeling of efforts, feelings and emotions towards satisfying the desires of our partners both on the physical level involving our bodies and sex organs and on the psychological level involving our minds, brains, reasoning, heart, and even our souls.

Love making requires us to commit the totality of our being to connecting with our partners. It is an expression of deep emotions in all angles.

How is Love Making Different from Actual Sex and Copulation?

Well, we would love you to understand that the context here is not about how this context is formally defined, but on how people view them today and how they practice it.

Realistically, for some people, it all about the round spot and the hole. To some, it is about letting out some hot fluids. Ideally, love making incorporates more than all these. Let’s work on these differences.

  • Love making is more extensive and takes more time than all other forms of sex.
  • Love making addresses and pays attention to greater minute details of the body and mind.
  • Love making requires greater involvement of the parties.
  • Love making explores all known means and schemes.
  • It is more expressive and employs more affections.
  • The sole aim is not in sexual satisfaction.

What to do in Love Making

What to do in Love Making

Set the Scene: Though sex can happen anytime anywhere if you intend to make love and make the experience memorable, you need to pay attention to the environment. The air, the neatness of the place, the general display and aura must feel right, comfortable, and smooth. Make sure your space is warm, clean, and inviting. Change the sheets

Vocalize Your Feelings and Affections: While aiming for pleasure and satisfaction, you can also connect intimately with your words. Say those things you feel and harbor for your sweetheart.

Go Slow: If you’re in a rush, you’ll probably be disappointed when you want to make love but wind up falling short. You’ve got to slow things down to make love. We literally mean to slow love making and taking more time to get to the final event.

Dedicating time to foreplay is a great way to learn how to make love. Plus, it helps ensure you’ll orgasm, a concern that many of our readers share. Take as much time as you need to.

Don’t Get Distracted: For many people, their overactive minds take them out of the moment, which isn’t what you want when you’re learning how to make love. You can help yourself stay in the moment with a few practices.

Bring Whole Body into the Act: Many women know what it’s like to have sex with someone who views them as nothing more than a warm, wet hole. This is pretty much the opposite of making love. So if you want to make love, do the opposite. Think beyond genitals. Incorporate your whole body and his, too.

Therefore, lavish attention from his head to his toes. Kiss him all over. Caress your hands across the skin of his chest, arms, back, and legs. Try to connect as much of your bodies as possible

Remain Connected: Part of the difference between making love and just having sex is that you and your partner remain connected. The same care you use outside of the bedroom can help you master how to make love and bring your love making to another level inside the bedroom.

Consequently, you can do this by making eye contact, using each other’s names, and focusing on providing pleasure rather than just getting yours. The art of making love is all about connecting with your partner as an individual. You don’t learn how to make love to a man, you learn how to make love to your man.

Focus On the Journey, Not the Destination: In sex, orgasm is the finish line. To many people, it’s the goal. And it’s okay if you prefer to orgasm with sex. But getting so caught up in the goal can leave you forgetting about the journey to get there. It’s pretty much the opposite of staying in the moment.

However, it can also be detrimental because you can get into a routine and forget to explore. But when you make a point to focus on the journey, you slow things down, and slowing down is one thing that can set apart making love from just having sex. Plus, it gives you more time to fully explore your own body and that of your lover.

Try Climaxing Together: Now, it’s not necessarily easy or possible for you and your man to orgasm at the same time, but doing so will certainly make you feel like you’re making love as opposed to just having sex. There are a few steps you can take to make this easier.

Invariably, for starters, know how long it takes you to get off and what you need to do. If it typically takes you much longer to get to the point of no return than it does your man, starting with oral sex or manual stimulation might be necessary.

Practice after Sex Cuddling: For many people, what happens after sex is just as important as what happens during. If one or both of you rush off immediately, it won’t feel like an emotionally intimate event. Plus, oxytocin is released during orgasm, so now is the time to bask in it. You might recall that oxytocin is the cuddle hormone that encourages bonding. Set aside enough time to touch and cuddle after sex


Advantage of Love Making Over other Forms of Sex

Advantage of Love Making Over other Forms of Sex

More Intensity: Intensity here is not the force or the speed, it’s the depth of expression. Love making allows for deeper feelings to be conveyed. It allows for higher intensity while you are with your partner.

Greater Intimacy: There are levels of intimacy. Some are way beyond the physical. Emotional and psychological intimacy is also integral factors of sustaining a union.

Higher Compatibility: Taking time to ensure you practice love making helps you to develop more compatibility with your spouse. It helps you understand each other. Your body movements, your rhythm, and all. Also knowing, your taste, likes, and dislikes are all possible with love making.

Longer Duration: More is always better, you can confirm that. Love making let’s you spend more intimate time. You can have enough time to appreciate each other’s parts and body. This gives greater satisfaction.

More Satisfaction: Yeah, following the last line above, love making affords you the opportunity to gain greater satisfaction from your partner. You feel relaxed and comfortable. No pressures, no wild expectations, just plain enjoyment.

Peaceful Union: Couples who enjoy good sex life always seem to be happier and have greater peace with themselves. This is simply because of more understanding and oneness.

Have you been making love or just having sex? I am sure you now understand the difference. There are more ways to connect to your partner and not just with your physical body. Start practicing love making and watch your union flourish.

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