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Love Puns that will Show You are a Real Romantic

Love Puns that will Show You are a Real Romantic.

Love Puns: Our life doesn’t need to be all formal and all; definitely not our romantic life.

Remove all the bore and staleness from your relationship and bring back the spark. Love puns can help in adding more flovour to that dry love life. Try it out.

Love Puns that will Show You are a Real Romantic

Love Puns about Food

I don’t know about you, but my love food is just as much as I have for any one; poor me! You can get right down into any foodie’s heart if you can relate with these love puns about food.

I cherry-ish you.

Muffin can ever come between us.

Don’t go bacon my heart.

You’re my butter half.

I’m so glad you egg-sist.

You fit me to a tea.

I’m nuts about you. You make me come out of my shell.

Chew on this: I love you.

I relish our love.

You’re one in a melon.

I love you s’more and s’more each day.

I only have pies for you.

[Candy] Life with you is so sweet.

[Bananas] I’m head over peals for you.

We make a perfect pear.

You make my heart skip a beet.

Brie mine.

I donut want to glaze over the fact that I love you a hole bunch.

If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.

You’ve got a pizza my heart.

I’m nuts about you.

You’re the pineapple of my eye.

Sorry if this is extra cheesy, but you have a pizza my heart.

I love you s’more each day.

You and I make a great pear.

Love Pun Pickup Lines

It not very difficult thing to catch her attention, not if you know how to initiate a proper conversation. Everyone gets hooked on a laughable line. (xanax)

You can donate blood to me anytime, because you’re just my type.

Your name must be Autumn, because I’m fall-ing hard for you.

You must be a geologist because you rock my world.

Better let me give you a ride. You might get pulled over for driving while intoxicating.

Is this a laboratory? Because you and I have great chemistry.

Love Puns for the Animal Lover

Bark out your love to partner and meow into their hearts.

I’m not kitten when I say you’re the cat’s meow.

I love you and I ain’t lion.

You’re my tweetheart.

I’m one lucky dog to have someone like you.

Are you a beaver? ‘Cause dam.

We bee-long together.

You give me butterflies.

Let’s spend some koala-ty time together.

Life without you would be un-bear-able.

Owl always love you.

There might be other fish in the sea, but you’re my sole mate.

I whale-y like you.

Pugs and kisses.

I’m fawned of you.

I love you deerly.

You give my life porpoise.

I love spending koala-ty time with you.

Life without you would be doggone ruff.

I love having you as a snuggle bunny.

You’re turtle-ly awesome.

I like you sow much.

Some bunny loves you.

Just thought I would bear my soul and tell you how much I love you.

Just thought I otter tell you how much I care about you.

The cat’s out of the bag – I love you purry much.

I whale always love you.

Honey, you are un-bee-lievable.

You’re udder-ly perfect.

I’m o-fish-ally in love with you.

Love Puns for the Animal Lover

Volleyball Love Puns

If you guys share similar sentiments about sports and particularly volleyball, then you guys can flow with these love puns.

I’ll always be running-back to you.

You’re out of my league.

How long have I loved you? I’ve lost track.

You’re my #1 pick.

I pitcher us together forever.

I scored when I met you.

I get a real kick out of you.

You’re right up my alley.

I always have a ball with you.

Your love will always be up to par.

I think you’re incredi-bowl.

Love Puns with “I Love You”

Make a little spice with that ‘I love you” line.

You light my fire, probably because you’re my perfect match.

I can never stay mad at you, but I will always stay mad about you.

You make my heart erupt like a volcano. What I’m trying to say is, I lava you. Sorry if I’m gushing.

The time we spend together is like a hot dog. I relish it.

Special Love Puns for the Nerds

Some persons just have and abstract sense of humour and romance. Especially these gadget and internet freaks and all. These love puns are perfect for them.

You must be copper and terillium because you are Cu-Te.

I love you to ∞.

You’re a cutie

You’re my player 2.

You auto-complete me.

If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

You’re wi-fi material.

You’re just my type.

Short Phrases for the No-Nonsense Pun Lovers

This love something doesn’t need much merry go round. Hit it on the head with these great love puns.

I love you a waffle lot.

I love you a latte.

I love ewe.

I love you deer-ly.

I love you from my head tomatoes.

I love you berry much.

Olive you.

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