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63 Marriage Proposal Messages for Him and Her 2022 Update

– Proposal Messages –

The marriage proposal messages are suggested below but be sure to add your own personal touch to make this special moment one that you will always cherish.

Proposal Messages

It might be difficult to convey the true feelings of love to the desired person if you don’t have the right ideas about how to recommend a girl or child.

It’s all nerve-racking and thrilling to propose at the same time! You chose just the right time and the best place to plan. What you need is the ideal words now.

Be sure to make it a memorable and unforgettable one if you want to confess over messages. You can turn your crush into a lifetime partner.

Check below for some unique proposal messages and pick the one that suits you best!

Marriage Proposal Messages for Him

  1. Life is amazing with you in it, handsome. Marry me, and let’s be together always.

  2. There was nothing on earth or in the heavens that could have kept our hearts from finding each other. Let’s get married and celebrate life together.

  3. Our bond is strong, and our love is long. Be my husband forever. — Every time I lay eyes on you, I remember what a lucky girl I am. Please marry me.

  4. Hey, big guy, do you feel like dancing? How about dancing with me at our wedding?

  5. No one is perfect, but you’re perfect for me, lover boy. Let’s get married.

  6. To marry you would fulfill all my dreams. Say yes and be my hubby forever.

  7. The light in all the stars can’t compare to the way you light up my heart. I can’t imagine living life without you, handsome guy. Will you marry me?


  1. You’re the guy who takes away my fear, when I’m in your arms, cares disappear. I want to be with you all my life, Will you stand with me, and make me your wife?
  2. Let’s stand together and declare our love and commitment to everyone. I love you, dear man.

  3. Your manly kisses carry me to another world. Please wake me up with one every day of our marriage.

  4. Mister, all my best hugs come from you. Will you stand beside me and say, “I do?”

  5. You’re my heart-stopper, but I mustn’t fail to be proper: Will you be my hunky groom and become a cake topper?

  6. When you first took my hand, you took my heart too. Will you take me as your wife?

Proposal Messages

Marriage Words for Him

  1. The best part of my life is you. Please be my husband and stay in my life forever.

  2. So, my heart has been telling me that I need to ask you something: will you be my husband?

  3. When I look at you and see that you’re looking at me, I can’t describe how special I feel. Please marry me, precious guy.

  4. Life is never perfect, but it comes close with you in it. Will you be my husband?

  5. Inside your heart there’s a place you made just for me, and I have one for you in my heart too. Let’s get married, my precious guy.


  1. You took the pieces of my heart and put them back together one by one. Even though it was hard and sometimes I didn’t cooperate, I am forever grateful. Please marry me.
  2. You’re my guy, and you deserve only the best. You know that’s me! Let’s get hitched.

  3. Marry me, and stay in my heart always. I would be the happiest girl ever.

  4. Whenever I look into your eyes, whenever I hear you speak my name, whenever I hear your heart beating next to mine, I see my future. Please say you’ll be my husband.

  5. Your kisses bring me to life. I want to be your loving wife.

  6. Man of my dreams, how my heart schemes to get you married to me. Say you will.

  7. That little place on the end of your shoulder is my favorite spot to rest my head. Inside your hugs is my favorite place to relax and just be. I want to be next to you forever. Marry me.

  8. You won my heart over. Be my groom?

  9. Okay, playboy, are you ready to settle down with me?

Marriage Words for Her

  1. The finer things in life include your smile, your personality, and your love. Please complete my joy by agreeing to be my wife.

  2. If this moment was a poem, it would declare my love for you with all the romance a sonnet can hold. It would bring me to my knees to gently ask you to stay with me forever, and it would end with the most tender kiss. The title would be, “The Night She Said Yes.”

  3. The most beautiful word in the English language is yes if you use it to answer, “Will you marry me?”

  4. After tonight I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore. I want you to by my fiancé. Marry me?

  5. Your love and laughter have made me a new man. I want to enjoy life with you forever. Please say yes to becoming my bride.


  1. On this, the loveliest of evenings, I need for the loveliest girl in the world to say the loveliest of words when it comes to marriage. Please say yes.
  2. I want to be there every day of your life to love and cherish you, soothe you when life is hard, and remind you of how special you are. Please let me be your husband.

  3. Cherished woman, my heart beats for you alone every single day. Will you marry me?

  4. To see you walk down the aisle, flowers in hand, looking at me with love in your eyes would be a dream come true. Will you be my bride?

  5. I don’t have the heart of a poet, but I have the heart of a man who will love you always. Marry me.

Marriage words for her

Marriage Proposal Messages for Her

  1. My heart floats like a feather, and my feet can hardly stay grounded. Heaven feels close, and my love for you will not be contained. Please accept this ring and be tethered to me, my wife, forever.

  2. Agree to be my bride-to-be while I’m waiting on one knee.

  3. Sweet girl, I need to marry you to be whole. Please say yes.

  4. There is no flower, no string of pearls, no sparkling candlelight that can compare to your beauty, inside or out, my love. Please marry me.

  5. Seeing you next to me at the altar on our wedding day is my favorite dream. Please say you’ll make it come true, my angel.

  6. Marrying you would be the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Will you give your love to me forever, darling girl?


  1. Please come alongside me as my partner for life, my beautiful wife.
  2. Take my breath away. Say you’ll marry me, precious lady.

  3. You’ve been the queen of my heart since the day we met. Will you honor me by becoming my wife?

  4. I could dance all night, but I’d rather stop and propose to the prettiest girl on the dance floor.

  5. I will love you until my breath is no more. Say you’ll marry me, precious girl. (trendstees.com)

  6. As I sit across from the most beautiful woman in the world, I can’t help but be amazed. Thank you for your love, your inspiration, and your smile. You are truly a blessing to me. Please be my wife.

  7. This is a moment I will never forget. Please make it a joyful memory by saying yes to becoming my wife.

Love Proposal Messages

  1. If I could give you any gift, I’d give you love and laughter, a peaceful heart, a special dream, and joy forever after. Let me do so, please!

  2. Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.

  3. The world can turn upside down but my love for you will be unchanged. Be mine!

  4. My feelings are all new and you are the reason. You make me think about myself all the time. Even my heartbeat says that I love you. You are the man of my dreams and you give me the reason for life. I love you!

  5. Hey, I’m a little lost. Will, you hold my hand and be mine forever?

  6. Propose-Message-to-a-Girl

  7. The moment I saw you, I knew you were the chosen one for me. I love you!

  8. I’m opening an emotional bank account for you sweetheart, So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest. Be mine!

  9. The world is crazy but so am I for you. Go out with me, please?

  10. Can you call an ambulance? I think I’ve fallen for you and can’t get up!

  11. The best place for me is in your heart. Can you keep this place for me all through your life? I know there is no better place for me so can you be the love of my life? Will you be my valentine?

  12. Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you.

  13. I know what I want out of life and it’s you. Nothing but you. Please say you’ll marry me, beautiful girl.

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