Historical Mayan Names Highly in Vogue and Popular

Historical Mayan Names Highly in Vogue and Popular.

Mayan Names: If you are familiar with historical records or ancient civilization, then the name Maya must have popped up a few times in your face. Maya holds a prominent place in early human civilization. Mayan names are still being used by a large portion of the population of the Americas.

Historical Mayan Names Highly in Vogue and Popular

Historically, the Mayan people have been accustomed to civilization for a good number of years. They had one of the most sophisticated writing systems – the logosyllabic script. Currently, though the original Mayan culture must have undergone some remodeling and restructuring, people still go by most of these Mayan names.

Obviously, for these Mayan names to still be well appreciated and used today, means they must be spectacular and have great meanings. From Mexico to Guatemala to Honduras and the other nations of the Pacific littoral plain, Mayan names are being called. Thus, we want to give you a glance into some of the most significant Mayan names there are.

Fashionable Mayan Names for Boys

Fashionable Mayan Names for Boys

1. Aapo – meaning “being a father of many or multitude”.

2. Abund – meaning “living in abundance”.

3. Babajide – Babajide is one of the most interesting and unusual Mayan male names. It is one of the few new generation Mayan baby names with a unique meaning. It means ‘Father is coming home’.

4. Bembe – meaning “son of a prophecy”.

5. Cadmael – Cadmael will make a powerful name for your baby. It means ‘war chief’. It is an occupational baby name.

6. Dacey – meaning “adorable”

7. Eadrich – meaning “a very wealthy monarch”.

8. Eloy – Another fascinating Mayan baby boy name that has been forgotten for years would be Eloy. This name means ‘renowned warrior.’

9. Fabio – meaning “farmer”. This Mayan name is very popular but most people do not know that it comes from Mayan culture. This Mayan name is linked to Fabio Cannavaro, a famous Italian footballer.

Mayan Names for Boys

10. Gabor – If you are looking for a Mayan name with a beautiful meaning, then you can go for Gabor. Gabor means ‘God’s bravest man’. Gabor is one of those traditional Mayan boy names that throw off the middle-aged image to sound quite hip and trendy.

11. Hadwin – (French and Mayan origin) meaning “to be strong”.

12. Horado – meaning “the one who keeps time”

13. Hugo – meaning “to be intelligent”. This is a popular name, associated with the famous movie ‘Hugo’ by Martin Scorsese.

14. Humberto – meaning “bright and intelligent”.

15. Ian – Ian is a Mayan variant of the name John. It has been one of the most popular Mayan names for boys over the centuries. Numerous kinds, emperors, popes, saints and princes have borne this name.

16. Sachihiro – Sachihiro is a Mayan name meaning ‘broad happiness’. The name comes from Mayan elements ‘sachi, which means ‘happiness’, and ‘hiro’, which means ‘vast’.


Charming Mayan Names for Girls

Charming Mayan Names for Girls

1. Akna -Akna is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Mayan mythology. The name is quite rare, so you can consider it if you are looking for an uncommon name for your baby girl. Akna is also one of the easiest Mayan names to pronounce.

2. Chaac – A favorable baby name for girls. The name is associated with the Mayan God of Fertility.

3. Cualli – A baby girl is always good for the family. And, that is why you should name her Cualli which means ‘good.’

4. Chimalmat – Chimalmat is one of the strange sounding Mayan male names. It was the name of the mother of the giants. The other variation of this name is Chimalis. The name Chimalmat has hit a purple patch and does not look likely to become unpopular anytime soon.

5. Colel – Another interesting Mayan name for your baby girl would be Colel. This means ‘Goddess of bees’.

6. Eztli – meaning “blood”.

7. Itzel – The name Itzel originates in the Mayan language. It means ‘rainbow goddess’. Itzel is a variant of the name Ixcel. In Mayan culture, Ixcel was the goddess of medicine. Itzel is one of the most popular Mayan names for girls to begin with an ‘l’.\

8. Itotia – meaning “dance”.

9. Ixazaluoh – Are you searching for an uncommon variation of the name Zahra? Then you can consider Ixazaluoh, a Mayan variation of the name. (intensivecarehotline.com) This sweet and unusual name is extremely popular. It means ‘dawn’.

10. Patli – meaning “medicine”.

11. Sacniete – Sacniete is a traditional Mayan name meaning ‘white flower’. It is a quintessentially elegant name that is beginning to become popular after being on descent for long.

Lovely Mayan girls

12. Xmucane – Xumucane is an unusual name for babies. In Mayan mythology Xmucane was the grandmother of the day and night, the Greek variation of the name is Xena. It means ‘guest’.

13. Xoc – Xoc was the principal wife of Shield Jaguar. Xoc is one of the attractive, evergreen Mayan girl names. Mayans do not just use Xoc as a first name. They use it as a trendy surname too.

14. Xpiayoc – Xpiayoc was the goddess of matchmaking in Mayan mythology. The spelling of the name may be unusual, but you cannot undermine its popularity. The name sounds very pleasant too.

15. Yolotli – meaning “heart”.

16. Zac-Kuk -If you would like your baby girl to have a bold and uncommon name, then you can go for Zac-Kuk. Zac-Kuk was the name of the mother of Pacal. She briefly rules Palenque before she surrenders the throne to her son.

17. Zuma – meaning “the Lord frowns upon you in anger”.

18. Zyanya – meaning “forever”.

Seriously, some names have been in existence for millions of years. However, this does not prevent them from being as substantial as they were. Mayan names definitely have a special place in history and in the present.

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