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Meaning of True Love and Signs That You Have Found It

– Meaning of True Love and Signs –

What is the meaning of true love and signs? Everyone wants to know what true love is and a lot of people think that when it happens, they can feel it but do they?

Meaning of True Love and Signs

For a feeling so common, it is quite difficult to put a finger on what it should really be. There are a variety of explanations as to what true love is and how it is supposed to make one feel.

We all agree that love is a beautiful thing, but how to define it raises a lot of issues as people experience it in different dimensions.

If you are really interested in knowing how true love should be, you might want to look out for some signs and indicators. Here, we are going to suggest some unique qualities of true love.

Do they experience true love, or are they infatuated with experience, lust, or even wishful thinking?

What Is True Love?

It can be difficult to really describe what true love is in words, because, regardless of good times or hardships, it is a feeling of warmth, tenderness, passion, desire, and unconditional love.

True love is all of those things for many people, but while it is indescribable, there are ways of knowing what true love really is and what features and factors contribute to it.


Signs of True Love

Below are the various signs of true love

1. Non-controlling, Non-manipulative and Non-threatening Behaviors

When what you feel for each other is as strong and sincere as it should be, there will be no room for saucy and abusive behaviors from both partners.

The liberality of all will be ensured and talks of threats and controlling attitudes won’t manifest.

2. When they are Happy, you Feel Good

Because of how you feel about your partner, you will always feel high whenever they are in a good mood and quite the opposite (depressed) when they are sad.

3. Push for Improvement

True love will always seek the good of the other. You will be restless until your lover achieves the feat he or she aims for. Always, you will be concerned about how to make them better versions of themselves.


4. Empathy as a Rule

In all situations where love is the key, you will be ready to empathize and try to be in your lover’s position. Try to relate to their reality and be as accommodating as possible.

5. Respect for the other’s Boundaries, Priorities, and Goals

Overstepping is a no-no for true lovers. Everyone loves their space and wants it to be respected as such. You wouldn’t want him or her to feel pried upon or any other unnecessary encroachment into personal space.

6. True Love does not Hurt

two people who are sincere about their feelings for each other will not want to do anything that will displease the other.

There will be so much consciousness about any actions or words. All avenues where love can stem will be religiously avoided by true lovers.

7. You Keep Your Promises

You sure know by now that it is better not to promise than promise and not fulfill. And if the love is there, you wouldn’t even want to try this as you know how much hurt disappointment can bring. True lovers always keep their promises.

Meaning of True Love and Signs

8. You Don’t Play Games

Playing games with partners most of the time results in a breakdown of trust. Sincere lovers will not want to play games with themselves, knowing the value they have for each other.


9. Understanding

It wouldn’t be a difficult thing to understand the actions and inactions of a lover if you truly love yourself. With little or no explanation at all, sins will be quickly forgiven and transgressions erased from the mind.

10. You are Kind

“For God so loved the world that He gave”, is a popular Bible quotation. There’s no way there is true love without a great show of kindness and giving. You will always be looking for every opportunity to express your love for your partner.

11. Honesty and Integrity

Lies erode feelings, destroy affection, kill trust, and breed hatred. Once an attitude of lying sets into a relationship, such a relationship is almost dead.

True love is characterized by the sincerity of the highest degree. Complete openness and truthfulness are the growth requirements of true love and there’s can’t be true love without these.

12. Showing Up

True lovers will always try to be there for themselves at all times, no matter the weather. You can’t watch him or she suffer or celebrate alone. You will always want to be part of it. (insiderlyfe.com)

13. Letting go of Pettiness

No true lovers will allow minor, trivial issues to cause dissension among them. They will be quick to thrash out any issues or even overlook them, as these small talks can metamorphose into more serious issues.

14. You Don’t Focus on their Flaws

Meaning of True Love and Signs

Ignoring, while adapting to the minor flaws and weaknesses of your lover is a great way to prove true love. All humans have their highs and lows, but true love will guide you through how to deal with these weaknesses and flaws.

15. You Care about Each Other’s Welfare

How well your partner is doing will always be at the center of all you do. Their well-being is your top priority, and at all times, you will be making efforts to ensure they are doing OK. This is true love.


16. Non-Defensiveness

Owning up to our mistakes and faults isn’t very easy, but once there is love, I mean true love, this is about as easy as anything else. True lovers will not be comfortable with letting ego spoil what they have together or winning at all costs.

For peace’s sake, true lovers are always willing and ready to apologize for their wrongdoings and move things on.

In conclusion, not all lovers are in love, and if you want to love, you should love right. Now you have what to use and rate yourself and your relationship and if you are not on track, you have such a wonderful opportunity to start doing better.

We believe this article has been able to throw more light on the meaning of true love and signs for you and your loved ones. Please endeavor to share this article with family and friends.

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