Fascinating Names that Mean Earth Showcasing Splendor and Variety

Our planet inspires a lot of happenings with its grand array of elements and phenomena. Truly, an index of all the things that exist and happen on earth cannot be achieved. These vast and massive elements have inspired several names that mean earth to be used by humans. Accordingly, geographical, biological, physical, and metaphysical components on earth have been used to form names that mean earth.

Fascinating Names that Mean Earth Showcasing Splendor and Variety

Some of these names that mean earth point to its features like hills, mountain vegetation, and atmosphere, and so on. Also, there are names that are drawn from plants, animals, landscapes, and reactions. The rain, seasons, clouds, structure, and mechanism existing on earth are also used to generate names that mean earth or refer to it.

 In like manner, special items like precious stones, gems, corals, and such are also being used to suggest names for humans. However, these names that mean earth are assigned based on the significance such names have the parents and the coming baby. In this article, we bring to you a collection of some beautiful names that mean earth.

Suitable Names that Mean Earth for Boys

We want to begin with the male sex. We all know that naturally, they come first. So, below are names that mean earth for male kids.

Aaron – high mountain; exalted, enlightened

Ackley – This unique name is English for ‘oak meadow’. What’s best is that you won’t find another boy with this name, making your prince stand out in the crowd.

Adan – son of the red earth

Afon – Afon comes from Welsh and means ‘a river’. Doesn’t it have a unique ring to it?

Ailin – Ailin is a Gaelic origin name and means a ‘little rock’.

Alaska -great land

 Alder – It is a new stylish name for boys with German origin meaning “eagle” which resembles strong and compelling characteristics.

Anani – Anani comes from the Hebrew culture and stands for ‘cloud’.

Aria – The name has a different meaning in different languages like in Italian it means “air or the melody”, “treasure” in Albanian, “lioness” in Hebrew and “noble” in Persian.

Axton -sword stone

Bart – son of the earth

Beaumont – This French name means ‘beautiful mountain’. This would mean that your kid might just grow to be strong, firm, and sturdy as a mountain.

Benton – Benton is the English word for ‘bent grass settlement’.

Birch – Birch trees are some of the longest trees and this name means ‘close to birch trees’.

Branden – Branden is English for ‘brown hill’.

Brent – It is an attractive name for boys that came from an old English surname. Originally it was derived from the Celtic word which means “hills”.

Bryn – It is an earthy popular male name meaning “hill” which represents power, strength and undying spirit.

Suitable Names that Mean Earth for Boys

Canyon – This Spanish name means a rocky hill and is known more from the Grand Canyon.

Cashel – castle, stone fort

Cashel – The name Cashel is an Irish origin male given name meaning “castle, stone fort”. It is pronounced as KAH-hal or CASH-ill.

Cephas – Want a cute name which isn’t too long yet unique! Try Cephas, which is Greek for ‘rock’ or ‘stone’.

Clay – It is an earthy masculine name of English origin. Clay is a rich, smooth soil that symbolizes flexibility and strength.

Dagwood – Dagwood stands for ‘a shining forest’.

Dale – An English name for ‘valley’, Dale signifies the depth of things. Your little one might be one adventurous kid.

Demeter – The name is derived from the Greek word δα and μητηρ which means “mother earth”. In mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture.

Deniz – It is of Turkish origin and means ‘the sea’.

Dillon – Dillon is a Welsh name and means ‘the great sea’.

Dionne – It is a French earthy baby boy name with Greek origins. The meaning of the name is “child of heaven and earth”.

Dzovag – Doesn’t this name have a unique sound to it? The name Dzovag is American for ‘lake’.

Eben – This simple and short Hebrew name means ‘stone’.

Ebenezer – Stone of help”

Eco – It is Latin for ‘of the environment’. In this crazy world, where we are killing Mother Nature, Eco would be the best bet.

Elm – The name is short and cute, which goes with the trend. Elm means “a tree” that resembles strong, straight, and leafy.

Ferris – It is an Irish origin baby boy name which means “rock”. The name refers to strength and power, which are excellent characteristics to have in a baby.

Flint – An out-and-out English name, this means ‘a stream’.

Gachie – This is the African Kikuyu origin name for ‘small pool’ or ‘river’.

Gardener – The name Gardener came from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. In Latin, it means “keeper of the garden”.

Geo – The name has its root in the Greek word γαια, which means “earth”, it is also a term that is used as a prefix, meaning global.

Glenn – It’s a male name that derived from the Gaelic ‘gleana’ which means “valley”. Glenn is one of the strong masculine names meaning Earth or nature.

Glyn – Glyn is a Welsh name for ‘valley’.

Goran – It is a Slavic first name used by males in Slavic countries. Goran means “highlander” or a mountain-man, someone who lives in the mountains.

Greene – The name derived from the old English grene which means “green”. The name is closer to the Earth’s beautiful nature with a long Anglo-Saxon heritage.

Haelyn – It is a baby boy name pronounced as HHEY-LihN. The name has English origin meaning “a waterfall to the sea”. Haelyn is a fun variation of Halen.

Halston – hallowed stone

Hammon – It is an English origin baby boy name which means “mountain home”. Hammon has an Anglo-Saxon origin and came to England after an old French personal.

Heath – The name Heath is an old English male name meaning “someone who lived at a moor”. It represents a tract of open upland covered with beautiful heather.

Hyperion – This name has Greek roots and stands for ‘he who goes before the sun’.

Kaj – earth

Keanu – cool breeze over the mountains

Names that Mean Earth

Lance – It is a variation of Germanic name Lanzo which means “land”. The name Lance has English origin with the same meaning.

Landon – Landon sounds similar to London. It is an English origin name for a ‘long hill’.

Lapis – azure blue stone

Lee – Yet another name for meadow, Lee is of English origin.

Marin – Marin is French for ‘one who loves the ocean’.

Mason– worker in stone

Oceanus – It is the Latin version of Greek ÅŒkeanós which was the name of a Greek god who personified the endless river that surrounded the Earth.

Oliver – Oliver is one of the most popular baby names! It is Latin for ‘nature loving’.

Oren – It is an Irish origin masculine name that gained popularity in recent times. Oren means “pine tree” in Hebrew.

Orion – This Greek name means ‘rising in the sky’.

Pembroke – This name is English for headland, which is a narrow strip of land projecting into the sea. This name is pretty unique.

Peridot – a green gemstone

Risco – Risco stands for ‘waterfall.’

Seb – God of the earth

Spruce – The evergreen tree signifies everything good for your son. It is an English name and is a good substitute for the name Bruce.

Sterling – Sterling is an English name for pure silver. This name would be apt for your little boy!

Strom – Doesn’t this nature boy name have some strength of its own? This German name stands for ‘one who loves water’.

Terran – It is an English origin baby boy name which means “man of the earth”. The name is pronounced as TA-rin.

Teryn – It’s a Celtic name, meaning “Irish hillside”. Parents can consider this lesser-known earthy name for their little boys. Also, in German, it means innocent.

Thelonious -Latinized variation of German Tillman, “one who plows the earth

Topanga -where the mountain meets the sea

Vale – This English baby name is not heard much. It means ‘lives in the valley’.

Vermont – It has a French origin masculine name that is very popular in parents for its beauty and power. Vermont means “green mountain”.

West – This English and German name stands for someone who lived in the west. It is quite popular.

Wystan – battle stone

Adorable Names that Mean Earth for Girls

Adorable Names that Mean Earth for Girls

You might be surprised that in term of class and style names that mean earth for girls have them in stock. Check out the list below.

Abungu – The name Abungu means ‘of the forest’. It is a great name to connect with your African roots.

Afra – color of earth; dust

Ainsley – It is an adorable name for baby girls. In Gaelic, it means “meadow”. It was first used as a Scottish surname but now its a trendy earthy name.

Alyvia – It is a modern variation of the common name Olivia which means “olive tree”. The name is very creative in itself and suitable for baby girls.

Aria – In Italian, Aria means ‘air’. The name reflects how important your daughter is for you. You need her as much as you need air to live!

Aspen – Trees, in all their majesty, can inspire awe and admiration. The name also means ‘one who is like mother earth’.

 Aurora – It is a Latin originated name meaning “dawn”. It resembles the first appearance of light in the sky before the sunrise. The name gained popularity after the famous Disney princess movie.

Autumn – It is one of the most popular earthy names inspired by the fall season autumn. The name is very organic in itself and a good choice for a baby girl.

Avani – the good earth

Azalea – It’s a beautiful female name which means “flower” in Hebrew. The name was coined after the Greek word azaleas which means dry. As the flower thrives only in well-drained or sandy soil.

Bloom – It comes from the German word Blume which means “flower”. If you are a nature lover, you will love the name influenced by nature’s most amazing creation.

Blossom – A very traditional name, Blossom today is making a comeback into the popularity charts. It means ‘to bloom’ or ‘to grow in all its glory’.

Brier – Do you have special love for all things French? Then you can try Brier as a name for your baby. It stands for ‘heather’, a purple-colored flower.

Brin – A simple name, Brin means ‘like a hill’. The name traces its origin to the Welsh language and is a great way to connect with your roots.

Brooklyn – The name Brooklyn originally means ‘a stream, brook, or lake’. And if you stay in New York, the name is more suitable.

Chrysanthe – A unique name, Chrysanthe means ‘flower of gold’ or ‘Marigold’ in Greek. It is exotic and has an amazing meaning too – just what a good name needs.

Coral – The coral reef is a wonder of nature. The name Coral not just gives voice to your love for the sea, but also refers to the color coral.

Darya – The endless ocean is a sight for sore eyes. So is your daughter! Darya means ‘ocean’ in Persian.

Dawn – It is a feminine name that means “the first appearance of light” before sunrise. The name has old English origin and its among the most popular baby girls’ names in the United States.

Demeter – earth mother

Deniz – Deniz means ‘sea’ in Turkish. If you want to give your baby girl a nature-inspired name that is not too difficult to spell or pronounce, this will be your best choice.

Denver – The beautiful and traditional English name Denver means ‘one who belongs to a green valley’.

Dion – child of heaven and earth

Eartha – It is an English origin name of baby girls. The name Eartha came from the old English word eorthe means “worldly”. It refers to the planet earth.

Ela – If you are looking for a first name to go along with a chosen second name, Ela can be worth a try. It is a simple sounding name and means ‘earth’.

Farley – The name Farley is a great choice for parents who want a traditional English name. It means ‘woodland clearing’.

Fleur – This French variation of Flora, meaning flower, is not common. This not only makes it unique but also stylish. We bet you there wouldn’t be many Fleurs out there.

Flora – It is a famous Scottish girl name derived from Latin word flos which means “flower”. In mythology, Flora was the name of the Roman goddess of springtime.

Florence – It is a beautiful feminine English name. The name came from Latin Florens, florentines meaning “blossoming” or “to flower”, in the sense of a blossom.

Gaia – It came from the Greek word γαια with literally means “earth”. The name comes from the Greek goddess who presided over the Earth. It is pronounced as GY UH.

Gemma – It is a nature-inspired name which means a “precious stone”. Gemma is a very popular Italian origin female name.

Ghadir – Arabic names are popular for their meaning and beauty. Ghadir means ‘stream’ in Arabic.

Hadley – It is a rare female name inspired by the beautiful nature. The meaning of the name is “heather field”, covered with colourful heather flowers.

Idoya – Idoya means ‘a pond’ in Spanish.

Ione – violet-colored stone

Iris – It is a female name after a Greek goddess. The meaning of the name in Greek is “rainbow”. The name can also be referred to as the Iris flower.

Irmak – Another Turkish nature baby name on the list, Irmak means ‘river’. An exotic sounding name, it is the ‘go-to name’ for parents who like things different.

Itsaso – It means ‘ocean’ in Basque.

Jade – Jade is a ‘gemstone’. Isn’t that what your daughter too is, precious? A simple name with a wonderful meaning, just what the ‘name-doctor’ ordered!

Juniper – Juniper comes from the Latin juniperus. This name has a wonderful meaning as juniperus means young to produce or evergreen. It defines the spirit of youth. Now, wouldn’t we want our kids to be forever young?

Kai – Kai is a unisexual name, fit for both girls and boys. It means ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian.

Keithia – a beautiful name for a much-cherished baby! It is an English name that means ‘forest or wood’.

Lana – It is a great name for families that like to keep things easy and simple. Lana means ‘little rock’ in Gaelic.


Meadow – It is a uniquely American name for baby girls. Meadow means “a field of grass”. Parents who love nature can consider this as one of the baby girl names that mean Earth.

Merielle – It is a beautiful feminine name that means “star of the sea”. The name derived from the Danish name Mariel and the very famous Latin name Mary.

Mimosa – This is a female name derived from the Latin word that means a tropical fragrant flower. It also referred to a star in the Southern Cross constellation.

Misty – There is something very poetic about the name Misty. It means ‘covered by mist’. A name fit for an artistic family!

Opal – It is a beautiful feminine name after as gemstone with varying colours. It is considered as the birthstone for the October month. If you have an October born baby girl then it’ as an ideal choice.

Baby Playing in the Grass

Parvati – daughter of the mountain

Pearl – The name derived from the English word pearl. It is a natural shiny stone that is produced organically in living shelled mollusk. People bearing this name are associated with innocence and modesty.

Petra – It is a feminine form of the male name Peter which is derived from the Greek word Petros meaning “stone, rock”. The name is pronounced as pee-truth.

Phoenix – The name Phoenix has two meanings. It refers to the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. The name also means ‘dark crimson’. Pick the meaning that appeals to you more.

Primrose – There’s rose, and then there’s Primrose. The name means ‘first rose’. If your daughter is your first child, the name will be apt for her.

Rain – Nature inspired girl names come in a myriad variety, suited for all cultures. Rain or maybe its fancier form ‘Rainey’ can be a great choice for you. As a name, it reflects life, satisfaction, and love!

Raven – Popularized by a cartoon of the same name, this name stands for the black bird. It is a unisexual name and while a few people may associate it with negativity, people with the name Raven have a strong family bonding and love for the community, just like the bird.

Rochelle – It is pronounced Raa-SH-EHL. The name came from the French city La Rochelle, meaning “little rock”. It is a strong and cute name for pretty little angles.

Rosetta – It means ‘rose blossom’ in Italian and Latin.

Ruby – deep red precious stone

Savannah – It is a popular girl name that is referred to as a treeless open plain area. Parents can consider this as one of the beautiful baby names meaning Earth.

Sena – this world’s beauty or grace; army; to praise; bringing heaven to earth

Sky – A great first name option, Sky not just means the open space above us but also an endless beauty! It is a beautiful name for your little darling.

Beautiful Picture of the Earth

Skyline – The name means “beautiful sky”. It is a feminine name that is quite interesting and unique in itself.

Soleil – This beautiful French name refers to the sun. It is another name for all the energy source on Earth.

Solstice – It means ‘the time when the sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere’.

Suzette – It is a nature-inspired name after a beautiful flower. Suzette is a French baby name which means “lily flower”. The name is a creative variation of Susan.

Terra – It is a Latin baby girl name which means “the planet Earth”. In mythology, Terra was the name of the Roman earth goddess.

Terra – This isn’t just the name of the Greek Goddess of Earth but also a variant of the name Tara.

Vyolette – It is a creative variation of English origin name Violet. It is named after a beautiful purple flower which symbolizes love, modesty, and virtue.

Wisteria – Wisteria is a Latin word and stands for a flower with the same name.

Logically, it makes perfect sense to christen kids names that mean earth. Evidently, we all came from the elements of the earth and quite sadly but indisputably, we will all one day return to it. Objectively, these names that mean earth have the potential of building desirable traits in the bearers.

How do you see these names? Do well to share this article with your friends.

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