The Fantasy of Sending Names to Mars can be Achieved

We don’t know about you, but millions of people on earth have toyed with the idea and fantasy of sending their names to mars. Guess what, many of them have had their names flown to mars. Their dream came true. Have you ever wished to have your name pitched in some inhabited planet? How strong is your desire? You can now calm your nerves.

The Fantasy of Sending Names to Mars can be Achieved

NASA has created an opportunity for people to have their names sent to mars through special spacecraft.  Already, persons have had their names send to mars with ease.

There are just some simple steps and procedures you need to take. The good thing is, sending your names to mars does not matter your location or place of origin. Applications are accepted from all over the world.

Therefore, it’s time to make your wish a reality. You don’t have to wait, the registration is already on.

So, we have specially put up this article to assist you to achieve your desire. All you need to do is follow all the information you will be provided with below.

How you can send Names to Mars

How you can send Names to Mars

NASA has provided a means for you to also send your names to mars. Many persons have registered their desire to have their names sent to mars. Also, in the initial mission, many people could not sign up their names to be taken to mars, as such, NASA has re-opened its “Send Your Name to Mars” portal, where you can sign up to send your name into space on a future Mars mission.

NASA has provided a platform for you to login or register. On this dashboard, you can input the required details and the name you wish to send to Mars.

It’s free to sign up to have your name on the next Mars mission. The portal only asks for your name, country, postal code, and email address. The names aren’t shared publicly.

Have People Sent their Names to Mars?

Already, NASA has sent more than ten million names to mars. NASA’s  Perseverance landed on Mars in late February 2021. ( There are three microchips that contain the names of 10.9 million people who also received a “boarding pass” from NASA.

In total, 10,932,295 people from around 250 countries and territories had their names travel the 300 million miles through the solar system aboard the rover.

Perseverance Rover

Also included on the microchip are the 155 finalist essays in the “Name the Rover” contest to name the Mars 2020 rover. Among those essays are the winning ones that pitched Perseverance and Ingenuity for the rover and helicopter

The space agency also ran the initiative for its 2018 InSight lander. The previous NASA landing of  InSight in November 2018 had 2,429,807 earthling names on it.


When you can Send Names to Mars

When you can Send Names to Mars

It is rumored that another such mission whereby people can send their names to mars will be underway soon.

The agency mentioned that sometime in the mid 2020s, a spacecraft will also be sent to mars with names of people on it. The most speculated date is actually 2026, nut this has not been verified yet.

Steps to Send Names to Mars

Sending your name to Mars is a very simple process — all you have to do is go to the website, fill in your name, country, postal code, and email, and then you’re all set for your spaceflight.

After filling in the form, you’ll immediately get your “boarding pass” with your name on it and join the almost 11 million people who have already signed up.

With almost 2.2 million people signed up, the US has the second-highest number of names flying out with the Philippines just taking the lead with 9,000 more names.

The UK, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, India, France, Indonesia, and Spain pad out the rest of the top 10 in an initiative that has almost already overtaken the number of names etched onto the Perseverance rover.

Steps to Send Names to Mars

As a matter of fact, many innovations are coming up. It would have been strange few years past to hear the idea of landing crafts on other planets talk less of sending humans and human names to mars.

However, thanks to technology and science, all these are now possible. As such, you can join the trend and achieve your dreams of having your name on mars.

Do you have friends who have similar fantasies and wishes, do well to share this article with them.

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