Acceptable Nerdy Names for Boys and Girls that are Quite Stylish

Acceptable Nerdy Names for Boys and Girls that are Quite Stylish.

Nerdy Names: If you have ever come across a real nerd, you will know that they’re very few things that are stylish about them. They choose nicknames that are pure turn-offs. What about nerdy names? Have you ever heard a baby’s name and you are like, Eehhww??

Acceptable Nerdy Names for Boys and Girls that are Quite Stylish

Yeah, there are plenty of nerds around. Nerd parents who can’t really express their innate nature go-ahead to give their kids nerdy names, funny right? Notwithstanding, these names turn out to be quite lovely and stylish. There is no harm sliding a little from the norm in naming your child.

Truly, some of us don’t like the stress of having to carefully research our baby’s names. Some geeky names that are not too serious can just do the job. After all, they are still very acceptable. If weird things attract you just like some of us, you might want to use one of these nerdy names for your boys and girls.

Witty Nerdy Names for Boys

1. Albus – Albus Dumbledore, the headteacher of Hogwarts- a pivotal character filled with wit and wisdom. Harry Potter named one of his sons after him so why not you.

2. Aldous – Aldous comes from the Old English nickname for longer names that began with eald meaning old.

3. Alfred – Alfred comes from the Old English name Ælfræd, which means elf counsel.

4. Alistair – The name Alistair evokes the fanciness of the nobility and time gone by. The name evokes the dweeb of a Templar with dialogue right out of the best of the Whedonverse.

5. Alyx – nice spin to Alex- Alyx is the name of the video game character. The presence of x and y adds to the nerdy twist and it is hard for people to guess it is a character from a video game.

6. Anakin – No nerdy name list would be complete without a few references to Star Wars. Anakin is one such name that has been popularised by the series and soars high on the popularity charts.

7. Arnold – Want to pay homage to the best action movie series of this generation? Then name him Arnold.

8. Arthur – Arthur is the name of the perplexed protagonist of the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. In the movie, he retains his British civility by drinking tea in the strangest of places.

9. Ash – Pokemon, is on top of the charts with respect to kid’s shows and Ash is a pivotal character in the series. Your kid will ever love you for that.

10. Aston -This is either from the Old English name Æðelstan meaning noble stone, or from the surname meaning east town.

11. Atticus – An ancient name of Latin origin, it means from Attica. It has a timeless appeal with a different sound and a wonderful connection.

12. Bijou – Pronounced as Bee-zhoo, the name is of French origin and will definitely spark the interest of hipster and cool parents.

13. Blaise – Blaise is derived from the Roman name Blasius, meaning lisping. For math lovers, how about Blaise, after Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician of Pascal’s Theorem, Pascal’s Law, Pascal’s Wager, and Pascal’s Triangle fame?

14. Buran – Buran is Russian for “snowstorm”. It is also the name of a Russian space shuttle and a shuttle program.

15. Calem – An evolution of the later Latin name Columba, meaning dove. In Pokemon X and Y, Calem is both the player character and the rival if you choose to play as his female rival Serena. So, if you are looking for a boy-girl name combo for twins, these might be the ones to choose.

Witty Nerdy Names for Boys

16. Calvin – Inspired from Calvin and Hobbes, the name just spells humour and repertoire of wit.

17. Clark – The first name of Superman would also make a decent pick. This short name sounds strong and sharp, with a retro feeling. Think strong jaw line, think Clark.

18. Cassian – This name is derived from the Roman family name Cassianus, which means empty and vain. Cassian Andor, intelligence officer and pilot from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will soon be getting his own series on Disney+. So, swoop in and lay claim to this nerdy baby name before it becomes popular.

19. Cecil – Cecil comes from the Welsh name, Seisyll, which came from the Roman name Sextus, meaning sixth in Latin. One of those nerdy sounding names, even without any nerd-pedigree context, Cecil is a viable option if you’re a gamer who plays Final Fantasy.

20. Chadwick – This name is an Old English surname meaning settlement belonging to Chad. Even if you are a massive fan of Black Panther, T’Challa may be too much of a diversion from the ordinary for you. However, the actor who played T’Challa, Chadwick Boseman, is the source of a more than suitable alternative.

21. Deckard – This is an Old German name that could mean roofer. For fans of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the movie adaptation, Blade Runner, the name Deckard not only has some serious geek chic, but it also adds a little enigmatic twist.

22. Dash/Dashiell – A character from Pixar’s “The Incredibles”, the name sounds unique and just a lot of fun.

23. Dax – An alien in the universe of Star Trek, Dax lived inside humanoid hosts.

24. Desmond – The famous game “Assassin’s Creed is built around Desmond Miles. And it’s fair enough since he comes from a long line of assassins.

25. Dewey – An English version of the Welsh name Dewi, it is also a nickname for Dafydd which means “beloved”.

26. Dexter – Dexter is from the Old English occupational surname meaning one who dyes. It’s also a Latin word meaning right-handed and skilled. Perhaps because it forms the end of poindexter, Dexter feels inherently nerdy. It also happens to be the name of a boy genius and the fictional serial killer, who only kills murderers, so it’s cute and sinister.

27. Ender – Inspired by the humans versus alien battle in Ender’s Game, the name is also a short form for Andrew.

28. Erasmus – This is from the late Greek name “Erasmios”, which means beloved. The grandfather of Charles Darwin, Erasmus Darwin, was a physician who wrote much about natural history, including mentions of evolution, and was an advocate of girls being sent to school to learn about sciences and finance.

29. Erwin – This is an evolution of the Ancient Germanic name, Hariwini, meaning army, friend. Erwin Schrödinger may have won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his Schrödinger equation, but his thought experiment, Schrödinger’s cat, may be his most enduring, mainstream legacy.

30. Euler – Euler is an occupational surname from Middle High German, meaning potter. Considered one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, Leonhard Euler is the only one to have two numbers named after him. His other contributions, and namesakes, would require too much space to list.

31. Finnick – A tribute to District 4 in the Hunger Games series, Finnick Odair was the youngest winner.

32. Galen – This is a modern version of the Greek name Galenos, meaning calm. Star Wars has many heroes, but one underrated man of the hour is Galen Erso, the man who included an exhaust port to the reactor core of the Death Star.

33. Galileo – We all know that Galileo Galilee was a scientist during the Renaissance period. His astronomical observation changed the way we view the universe. But what many don’t know is that a spacecraft was also named Galileo. The spacecraft arrived at Jupiter in 1995 and remained there until 2003.

34. Ganon – A unique name, it is short for Ganondorf- the bad guy in the “Legend of Zelda” series. Different in its sound and appeal, the name is picking up on popularity.

35. Genji – In Chinese, Genji means gold, and in Japanese, it means two beginnings.

36. Geordi – Geordi La Forge- the character epitomised by LeVar Burton in Star Trek. Who did not love him! He was most definitely loved by the geeks of the world.

37. Grimm – Meaning fierce, it is of Anglo Saxon origin and has reference to the Grimm brothers who wrote ghastly and exciting fairytales.

38.Hank – Name your boy after the original Ant-Man and set a tall order to match and big shoes to fill.

39. Harry – We know how many nerds love “Harry Potter”. So, why not name your child after the most powerful wizard of all time? The name Harry will forever be associated with all things magical.

40. Harvey – Another popular name, it is inspired by the famous underground writer of comic books.

Hedwig – The name of Harry Potter’s pet owl in the Harry Potter series, the name is ideal for the lover of J K Rowling’s epic book series.

41. Hermes – Greek mythology revers Hermes as the God of transitions and boundaries but very recently it was a spaceship in The Martian movie.

42. Hogarth – Hogarth is an evolution of Hoggard, the Old English surname for a pig herder. Hogarth is the energetic, highly intelligent boy who befriends the title character in Ted

43. Hudson – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle popularised Mrs Hudson and so did BBC’s Sherlock, but the name goes well with any last name.

44. Idris – This Arabic name means interpreter, and it’s also a Welsh name meaning enthusiastic lord. Idris may bring to mind Idris Elba for most people, but computer nerds may recognize it as the name of a Unix-like real-time operating system from the 1980s.

45. Jace – The name comes from “Jace Bellarine of Magin: the Gathering”, the famous card name. It has telepathic abilities, a cool outfit and is brilliant. Jace is one of those names that has a sharp and commanding brevity.

46. Jamie – “Outlander,” the cult classic has one of our favorite leading guy, Jamie. So it makes absolute sense to select that geeky boy name.

47. Jareth – The name Jareth was created specifically for the movie Labyrinth. Jareth is the powerful king of the goblins in the Jim Henson and George Lucas movie, Labyrinth. This name gets bonus points because the character was played by the fabulous David Bowie.

48. Jesse – Jesse is from the Hebrew name, Yishai, meaning gift. Jesse Custer was never an ordinary man of God, but after absorbing Genesis, he was no longer a preacher with a lowercase p; he became Preacher, a DC Comics character. If you want to inspire some fire and brimstone, look no further for your name inspiration.

49. Jimmy – Protons, electron, neutrons, we’re quite confident that the chemistry nerds out there will love the name, Jimmy.

50. Jules – Name your kid after Jules Verne, the author of the famous novel, “Around the World in 80 days”.

51. Jorah – “Game of Thrones” is the current favorite series with the nerds. He was a knight from House Mormont in Westeros who fled the region to avoid execution and became a mercenary for the Targaryens. The name Jorah is a variant of the name Yarikh, a moon god in the Canaanite religion.

52. Joss – Joss is short for Jocelyn, which is from the Germanic Gauzlin, meaning of the Goths. Joss Whedon is responsible for television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Serenity. He’s co-written movies from Toy Story to The Cabin in the Woods. Then there’s Marvel comics, Sugarshock! And Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.

53. Kaidan – Kaidan is a modern English name developed during the “names ending in a den or dan sound” craze of recent years.

54. Kenobi – Star Wars name, Kenobi was the name Obi adopted when he became a Jedi Knight.

55. Kent – You do not want to name Kal-El or Clark, but this last name of Superman from his adopted parents is different and surely catchy.

56. Kylo – A famous character who committed patricide, but if you do not mind that the name Kylo sounds unique, appealing and sweet.

57. Liam – Another one from Star Wars: The Phantom Menance,Liam is a great first name.

58. Linus – A perfectly nerdy sounding name, Linus was a charming character in the Charlie Brown comics. Linus in Greek mythology was also a musician and poet who taught music to Hercules.

59. Logan – A popular X-Men character, the name sounds Scottish and has the sound to garner a huge fan base.

60. Leonard – Leonard is a Germanic name that means brave lion. A Star Trek and gamer double bill, Leonard is for fans of either Leonard Nemoy or Leonard Boyarsky. Trekkies who play Fallout and Diablo III would be remiss not to use this name.

61. Magnus – Magnus is a late Latin name that means great. While the game is no longer available, Magnus remains a cool nerd name. It’s also the name of the main character in the Magnus Chase series by Percy Jackson creator, Rick Riordan.

62. Mars – It could be the fourth planet from the Sun but originally was the name of the Roman God of War.

63. Maurits – Maurits is a name that evolved from the Latin name, Maurus, which means dark-skinned, Moorish.

64. Maurits – Cornelis Escher may have been under-appreciated in his lifetime, but today his artwork featuring tessellation, geometries, and differing levels of reality has become a cultural mainstay.

65. Marius – Inspired from the famous book written by Victor Hugo – Les Miserables, Marius is an out-of-the-box name but could become a cult of sorts.

66. Miles – This name comes from the Germanic name Milo, meaning gracious.

67. Milton – An English surname that means “settlement with a mill” is a perfect twist to a chic name from something that no one would prefer .

68. Napolean  -The name is actually of Greek origin and means “lion of the new city”. It is also a tribute to one of history’s greatest leader and conqueror.

69. Oberon – Oberon is Shakespeare’s variation of Auberon, from the Ancient Germanic Alberich, meaning elf ruler. Oberon features in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, and with an alternative spelling in Game of Thrones. It also lends itself to the nickname Obi, so if you’re a Star Wars fan too, you’re all set.

Nerdy Names for fresh Boys

70. Oliver – Want to name your child after a billionaire vigilante, but do not want to call him Bruce, then you can opt for Oliver aka Green Arrow. But, Bruce Wayne will forever be our favorite vigilante.

71. Peregrine – This name comes from the Late Latin name Peregrinus, which means traveler.

72. Raiden – Raiden is a regional variation of Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and storms. A ninja from the Metal Gear Solid series, or the thunder god who is also the protector of Earth in Mortal Kombat, Raiden makes a strong statement, whichever is your inspiration.

73. Rhodes – Rhodes is from the Old English surname meaning from the cleared lands in the woods. In the Marvel cinematic universe, Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes of the U.S. Air Force starts out as a liaison with Stark industries and ends up as War Machine. If James doesn’t appeal, then Rhodes is undoubtedly a more unique alternative.

74. Ronan – Well we do have other Ron’s, but this one is inspired by the leader of the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts. It is particularly a great name for a child born under Sagittarius.

75. Rory – Rory is one of our favorite names from “Doctor Who”. Guitarist Rory Gallagher was also a popular namesake.

76. Sheldon – Of English origin, the name means “steep sided valley” or a “protected hill”.

77. Spike – Shinichiro Watanabe, the creator of “Cowboy Bebop”, started the set with just the image of Spike Spiegel in mind.

78. Theo – Short for Theodon from “Lord of the Rings” , you can choose the long or the short version.

79. Tobias – Tobias is a Greek form of the Hebrew name, Toviyyah, meaning God is good. Fans of Harry Potter will know the father of Severus Snape is the muggle, Tobias Snape. Meanwhile, if Star Wars is more your thing, then Tobias Beckett can serve as your inspiration. Or if you’re more of a nerdy comedy type of parent, Tobias on Arrested Development served up plenty of dorky laughs as he tried to join the Blue Man Group.

80. Tormund – Tormund is a modern form of the Ancient Scandinavian name, Þórmundr, meaning thunder and protection. Tormund Giantsbane is the red-bearded Wildling who openly displays his adoration of Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. A raucous and lovable warrior, he’s righteous in his advocacy for the Wildlings and loyal to those he loves and respects.

81. Trillion – A unisex name, the name is unheard of except for a slight association with the word “trillion”.

82. Tyr – It is inspired from the huma sort of splinter species on the Artifical Intelligence ship of Andromeda.

83. Wade – Oh!what a joy to have your kid be a namesake of the winner of $240 in Ready Player One. Pick this and your kid is on the road to be a winner right from the word go.

84. Wesley – A character from the Princess Bride , it is also a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

85. Willem – We got this name from the “Kingkiller Chronicle” by Patrick Rothfuss. Wil would make a nice short form of Willem.

86. Winston – Winston is an Anglo-Saxon name from the words for joy and stone. The protagonist of 1984, Winston Smith, may not be the first Winston that springs to mind when you hear the name. However, literary geeks and George Orwell fans may appreciate the connection, while Winston also works for Overwatch players.

87. Xander – Xander was the name of three stand-in for Joss Whedon on “Buffy”. He always remains a steady friend, no matter the circumstances.

88. Zack – After the success in a relatively miniscule role in Final Fantasy VII, Zack Fair soared high in popularity with his name.

Daring Nerdy Names for Girls

Daring Nerdy Names for Girls

1. Ada – Ada was the first computer programmer who worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine and was daughter to Lord Byron.

2. Adria – The name appears in Stargate and was a half-human, half-Ori child that was born to Vala Mal Doran. It is also the name of an asteroid belt.

3. Alice – This is from the Germanic name Adalheidis, meaning noble type. As well as the literary associations with Alice in Wonderland, Alice Abernathy is the main protagonist in Resident Evil, Alice Angel is the first female character in Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Alice is also a programming language.

4. Allana – Allana means precious or awakening. For Star Wars fans, Allana is a mainstream girl’s name that also references the Jedi in-training and daughter of Han and Leia. It’s one of those nerdy baby names that isn’t quite as obviously geeky.

5. Arwen – Arwen means noble maiden in Sindarin, the fictional language created by JRR Tolkien. In The Lord of the Rings, Arwen is a half-elven princess who, out of love for the human Aragorn, chooses to give up her immortality and become a mortal being.

6. Ashildr – In “Doctor Who”, Ashildr is the daughter of Einar, a young woman living in the Viking village. She is renowned for her vivid imagination, which is perfect for Mire hologram technology. The name Ashildr is a variant of the Norse name Ashild, which means ‘god battle.’

7. Auri – Such a beautiful sounding name, Auri is a character from the book “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss.

8. Aurora – A famous Disney princess, Aurora, is also an X-Men character. In Latin, it means “dawn”. In Roman origin, it means “Goddess of Sunrise” whose tears become the morning dew.

9. Barbara – A late Roman name from the Greek word “Barbaros”, Barbara means foreign. This may not leap out as a geeky girl’s name, but Barbara McClintock was the geneticist who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work on the fluidity of genetic material. And Barbara Eden was everybody’s favorite television genie in the 1960s.

10. Bethesda – Bethesda is a Hebrew name meaning house of kindness or house of mercy. Named after the town in Maryland where it is located, Bethesda is a gaming company whose, arguably most famous games series is Fallout. They also publish, among others, The Elder Scrolls, The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein. That makes Bethesda a great choice for gamer baby names.

11. Blanche – Blanche is a medieval French nickname meaning white or fair. This one is for the Pokemon Go fans. Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic whose trainers believe they can’t lose if they stay calm and analyze a situation before taking action.

12. Brienne – This is Brianne’s variant spelling, the female form of Brian. The exact meaning of Brienne is unknown. It may be from the Celtic bre, meaning hill.

13. Carmen – “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” Carmen is the protagonist from “Carmen Sandiego”, an American media franchise of educational computer games. The game follows the protagonist or the agent of the ACME Detective Agency and then thwarts the capture of the ringleader Carmen Sandiego

14. Carol – Carol is an English name derived from the Germanic Karl, which means army and warrior. The roots of the name are fitting when applied to Carol Danvers, who made her first Marvel appearance in March 1968. Carol went on to become Captain Marvel.

15. Cersei – A powerful name and perfect if you are raising your princess to be one in every right.

16. Clara – Clara Oswald was the Doctor’s companion in the Doctor Who series and became one travelling the entire cosmic space in her own Tardis.

17. Cora – The Siri of Battlestar Gallactica, Cora is a short and sweet-sounding name.

18. Coraline – A staple feature in Tim Burton movies, the name is a lovely twist to the traditional “Caroline”.

19. Cordellia – A perfectly elegant name of Latin and Celtic origin, Cordellia means heart and daughter of the sea. It has a vintage appeal to it and a trendy name for hipster parents.

20. Daisy – Daisy is both feminine and nerdy. In “Agents of SHIELD”, the inhuman Jiaying is the daughter of Calvin Johnson. She was separated from her parents as an infant and went on to live with the Johnson’s family. In Pokémon, Daisy was the member of the Gym Leaders of Cerulean City and the older sister of Misty. And there’s a Daisy in the Super Mario Land as well. She was the Princess of Sarasaland.

21. Dione – As per astrology, Dione is one of the moons of Saturn. It also has a Greek origin to it and was the name of the mother of Zeus.

22. Dorothy – An English variation of the Greek name Dorothea it means Gift of God. The name has piqued the interest of several parents and you can choose to spell it as Dorothea.

23. Echo – Echo featured in the Daredevil Comis and it was the character of woman of many facets- pianist, ballerina, athelet, college professor and an Avenger.


24. Elora – A variation of the name Eloria, it came to light after the release of the fantasy film Willow in which Elora Danan was a character.

25. Doris – This is an ancient Greek name meaning Dorian woman. Doris Lessing is the novelist who wrote the Canopus in Argos: Archives science fiction series. Critics were not complimentary about the series, but in 2007, Lessing was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

26. Éowyn – In Old English, Éowyn means horse joy. Éowyn is a character in The Lord Of The Rings who is forced to stay behind and look after her uncle while everyone else rides into battle. She disguises herself as a man, joins the fight, and beheads the Witch King.

27. Evelyn – This name is from the Ancient Germanic, Avi, which may mean desired. Evelyn Boyd Granville was only the second African American woman to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics from an American University. She worked on celestial mechanics and trajectory computation for the Apollo space mission.

28. Evey – This name is an evolution of Eve, which comes from the Hebrew name, Chawwah, meaning to breathe. Evey Hammond is the protagonist of the graphic novel series V for Vendetta, published by DC Comics. An important point that my daughter Evey frequently has to make is that this name is not to be confused with the Pokemon species Eevee.

29.  – Derived from the Latin Felicitas, this name means good luck or intense happiness. Felicity Smoak is a DC Comics character who is central to the Arrow universe. She is an IT genius who was a hacker-for-hire, making this an excellent choice for your Overwatch in waiting.

30. Fleur – Inspired by Fleur Delacour who featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as a participant in the Triwizard tournament. Fleur went to prove her mettle in the Battle of Hogwarts. Battle of Hogwarts.

31. Florence – Florence is from the Latin Florens, meaning flourishing or prosperous. Florence Nightingale is most famous for her nursing career, but did you know that she was also a skilled statistician who developed a type of proportional pie chart that is still in use today?

32. Guinevere – This name is from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, which means white phantom. The wife and Queen of King Arthur, Guinevere, with a spelling change to Guenhwyvar, is also a giant black panther in Dungeons and Dragons.

33. Gretchen – Of German origin, the name is a dimunitive of the name Margarethe. It means “pearl” and is very popular among parents.

34. Hattie – Hattie is a short form of Harriet, meaning army, ruler, leader, or power. Hattie Scott Peterson was the first African American woman to earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. She went on to work for the USGS as a survey and cartographic engineer.

35. Hera – The Queen of the Gods and the consort of Zeus in Greek mythology, Hera also appeared in the sci-fi show- Battlestar Galactica.

36. Hu – This is an archaic Chinese male name, meaning wattle. Hu Qiheng is a computer scientist in China who led the National Computing and Networking Facility of China from 1987 to 1996. She was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for her work connecting China to the internet. Hu is her family name but makes a great first name.

37. Hypatia – Hypatia is an ancient Greek name that means highest or supreme. Hypatia is the first well documented female mathematician. Also, an astronomer and philosopher, she was born in the late 4th century AD, in what was then Roman Egypt.

38. Imogen – A trendy name with a Shakespearean sound to it. It is ideal for grammar nerds and the name can also have a cool nickname- “Immy”.

39. Inara – Inara is a fictional name with unknown meaning. Fans of the Whedon television shows Firefly and Serenity will recognize this as the name of the graceful, elegant, and passionate Inara Serra.

40. Inez – Derived from the Greek word “Hagnos”, this name means chaste. Anne Inez McCafferty was a science fiction author who, in 1968, was the first woman to receive a Hugo award, and, in 1969, became the first woman to receive a Nebula award.

41. Irmgard – Irmgard is a shortened form of the German name, Irmingard, which means whole, universal, or enclosure.

42. Jemma – Jemma in Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” was the biochemist and member of Phil Coulson’s team. It is also the Italian variant for the name Gemma which means “precious stone”.

43. Jessica – This name is possibly derived from the Hebrew name Yiskah, meaning to behold.

44. Khaleesi – Who would not want her daughter to name named after the True Queen of the Andals and the Mother of Dragons?

45. Kamala – Also known as Ms Marvel, Kamala is a teenage shapeshifter.

46. Kara -A name that appears in DC comics,a supergirl call Kara Zoe-El and is also the cousin of Superman. The name means beloved in Italian.

47. Katniss – The name hits the bulls eye for fans of Hunger Games series.

48. Kaylee -A feature in the Firefly series, Kaylee is a modified version as it sounds beautiful.

49. Keiko – Of Japanese origin, Keiko was one of the characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In Japanese it means “happy child”.

50. Leela – A name from the Futurama Series, Leela was the head of the Planet Express spaceship. The name means “Night Beauty”.

51. Leia – Not all princesses become generals but you could not expect anything less from Carrie Fisher in Star Trek. It is also of Hindi and Spanish origin, and a variation of Leya which means Lion.

52. Natasha – A popular name it is actually the name of the Black Widow who covered her ninja skills with a ballerina cover. Sleek, deadly yet enticing, the name is a perfect name.

53. Nichelle – Another Star Trek inspired girl name. It originates from Lieutenant Uhura.

54. Peggy – Peggy got her identity as Captain America’s love interest but got her own persona in Agents S.H.I.E.L.D and also in Agent Carter.

55. Pepper – Gywenth Paltrow brought Pepper Potts from Ironman to life and there could not be a more spicy yet sweet name for your baby girl.

56. – If you are a mythology nerd, Persephone will make a lovely name for your little girl. It’s the name of Zeus’s daughter, the goddess of spring. This pleasant name with a lyrical aura also has associations with harvest and springtime.

57. Primrose – The sister of Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games, the name is an English word – “first rose”.

58. Ripley – Ripley is from the Old English words, ripel, meaning strip of land, and leah, which means clearing.Another forename turned surname, this one is for Ellen Ripley, the heroic protagonist of the Alien film series, and possibly the greatest of all the tough science fiction women.

59. Rosalind – Rosalind is from the Germanic word elements meaning horse and flexible.

60. Rowena – The name has a Celtic origin and was the name of the heroine in the novel “Ivanhoe”. Die hard Harry Potter enthusiasts will also know the relevance.

61. Ruby – Not just a pretty stone but an object oriented programming language, the name never gets old.

62. – A character from Star Wars who was a Madoralian human. She was a weapon’s expert during the Galactic Empire reign.

63. Sarah – In Hebrew, the name Sarah means princess, noblewoman, or lady. Another low-key choice, this can be for Sarah Connor of the Terminator movies or Sarah Lyons, the sentinel leader of Lyon’s Pride in Fallout 3.

64. Selina – Selina comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning moon. Catwoman is also known as Selina Kyle. Batman and Catwoman have a complicated relationship, which is understandable when one of them is a dedicated superhero, and the other is an occasional hero motivated by the thrill of the chase.

65. Sonya – The Special Forces Officer, Sonya Blade was known for her fighter spirit in the Mortal Kombat series.

66. Sora – In the “Stargate Atlantis” series, Sora Tyrus belonged to the Genii homeworld and served under Acastus Kolya. In “Kingdom Hearts” Sora is the name of the main protagonist teenage boy. This unisex Japanese name Sora means ‘sky’, but we think it would suit girls more. In the year 2014, Sora was given to 67 girls and 25 boys.

67. Tauriel – Tauriel was an elf in the Hobbit series and the captain of Thranduil’s guard. In Elvish it means “forest maiden”.

68. Teyla – A name from the Stargate Atlantis, Teyla is different, intriguing and equally nerdy.

69. Thalia – Inspired from Greek mythology, Thalia was one of the Three Graces. It also appeared in the Percy Jackson and Olympian series.

70. Trillian – Trillian is the queen of the nerdy girls. The name sounds like ‘trillion’, and has become rather popular recently. Plus, it’s the name of the astrophysicists in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

71. VeronicaCute, smart and funky the name will forever be associated with the snooty girlfriend of Archie in Archie comic series.

72. Willamina – Willamina comes from the Germanic name Willahelm meaning desire, helmet. A Scottish astronomer who helped develop a system for designating stars, Williamina “Mina” Paton Stevens Fleming also cataloged thousands of stars and was the first to discover the Horsehead Nebula. Mina Harker was also a central character in Bram Stoker’s literature classic, Dracula.

73. Zelda – Inspired from Shigeru Miyamoto’s video game the name has a legendary feel to it.

Granted, not everyone would love these nerdy names, but the truth is, they are simply wow. What’s with all the formality and protocols? You might even be surprised how many people will fall in love with these nerdy names if your kid happens to carry one.

Honestly, if you have the kinds of friends which I think you do, they won’t forgive you if you fail to show them this article. Do well to share.

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