Firm Nordic Names Showcasing Strong Character and Virtues

I may not know how familiar you are with the idea of Nordic names. So, let us take a little dive into some details. The Nordic countries or the Nordics are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic, where they are most commonly known as Norden (literally “the North”).

Firm Nordic Names Showcasing Strong Character and Virtues

The regions where Nordic names stem from including the sovereign states of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as the autonomous countries of the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are both parts of the Kingdom of Denmark. Nordic countries, written in the plural as Nordics, the northwestern European countries, including Scandinavia, Fennoscandia, and the North Atlantic

The Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, history, religion, and social structure, and naming traditions. This is why these nations appreciate and make use of Nordic names which are very much prevalent there. ( So, in this article, a compilation of Nordic names has been put together for you.

Outstanding Nordic Names for Boys and their Meanings

Outstanding Nordic Names for Boys and their Meanings

This article is focused on Nordic names for boys which happen to bear much significance because of the fearless disposition of the Nordic males. Below is a list of some great Nordic names for boys.

Assar– Younger form of Answar                

Audun – A person who is a friend of wealth                        

Dalmar – The one who is very versatile                  

Gisli – Gisli means Ray of Sunshine

Gudmundur – It is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words “gudr” which means god and “mund” which means protection.            

Gunnar – Fighter, Soldier and Attacker  

Gunne – Gunne is a male name of Nordic origins. Comes from the old Nordic word “gunnr” which translates to War.    

Gunner – Bold Warrior or Battle Strong                                  

Gunnor – War Warrior. It is composed of two Old Nordic words: “gunnr” which means war and “arr” meaning warrior.               

Some Nordic Names

Jalmar – Warrior with a helmet                  

Jankin – God is gracious                

Jann – A genie    Boy                       

Jannik – Love of God      

Jannis – Nordic name meaning God’s grace         

Jar – Iron field   

Jari – A fight or a quarrel                               

Jarl – A highborn, nobleman       

Jarle – A noble warrior                  

Jarmo – Uplifted by God               

Jarno – Assigned by God                              

Joar – Old Nordic male name. Means The one with the Horse.    

Jorik – Jorik means Wild Boar                                     

Jorn – Name Jorn means Vigilant Watchman                       

Jorun – The name Jorun means Love                      

Jorunn – Jorunn means The One Who Loves Horses                        

Jorvik – Jorvik is a Viking name, means From the Bear Estate       

Juha – Juha name means Be Merciful                     

Juhana – Juhana name means Gracious 

Juho – Juho means Be Merciful                 

Junna – Junna is Boy name and means To Give Refuge   

Juuso – Jusso means God will add                            

Jyri – Jyri means earthworker                    

Kaapro – Kaapro means Strong man of God                                         

Kaare – Kare name means Man of Heart                               

Kanut – Kanut means Knot          

Karlson – Karlson means Son of a Free Man                        

Karlsten – Karlsten means A Son of Karl                

Karr – Karr means Swamp, From the Marsh                         

Karri – Karri means Pure                                               

Karsten – Karsten means A Man of Christian Faith                                            

Kelbi – Kelbi means Farm by the Spring                 

Kelcee – The name means Brave                                              

Kell – Kell means From the Spring                            

Kelren – Kelren means Clothes, Wearing              

Kelsey – Kelsey means He who is Brave                

Kemonte – Kemonte means Island of the Ships 

Beautiful Girl

Kerra – Kerr means Spear                            

Ketill – Ketill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacrificed animals                 

Kirbie – Kirbie means From the Village

Kirjah – Kirjah means Church, Monestary             

Kite – Kite means The One who Cuts Down                         

Kjartan – Kjartan means the Humming sound                     

Kjell – Kjell means Cettle             

Knut – Knut means to tie a knot

Knute – Knute means The knot is tied                    

Kol – Kol means Dark                      

Kolja – Kolja means Victor of the People                               

Kon – Kon means Bold, Experienced       

Konsta – Konsta means Steadfast            

Kort – Kort means A Short person            

Krister – Krister means Follower of Jesus              

Kwinten – The name means Fifht             

Lambi – Old Nordic name that means little doe, a lamb  

Lambin – Nordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn and Feeble                            

LamontMan of law, lawyer                     

Langlif – The one who lives a long life                     

Lau – Nordic name from a place name, Laurentum                           

Laur – Nordic name the word bay                             

Laurist – Nordic name meaning he who is from the bay                 

Laurits – He who is from Laurentium                       

Leaf – Norse word for Heir                                          

Leevi – One who is attached                       

Leonardus – Nordic name meaning brave like a lion                                         

Liffild – The one who lives, a person who exists                

Lifris – A mighty way of existing and living                            

Lind – Norse name for Lime tree, linden tree                      

Lippo – The one who loves horses                                           

Loke – From name Loki, Norse trickster God                                       

LokiNordic God Loki, the trickster                        

Lott – Man who is free                  

Lotte – Man who has his freedom                            

Lov – The one who vows              

Lovis – A famous warrior              

Ludde – He who is famous in war                             

Ludolf – The one who has great love for wolves

Ludvik – Nordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warrior                    

Lui – A fighter of fame   

Lydian – He who is from Lydia town in Asia Minor             

Lyell – A wolf from the island    


Names of Places

Mads – A gift of God

Matthijs – Nordic name for a gift from the Lord                 

Mikola – The victory or a win of the people.                        

Mikolaj – The victory of the mankind.                    

Odell – The one who is distressed or upset                                         

Odie – The superman among human being.        

Oglesby – Not widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributed                    

Oska – One who is an out-door lover and likes nature                                     

Otso – A powerful and brave Bear                           

Ottar – A born fighter and is very powerful

Pave – A person who stands permanent                               

Quimby – From the woman’s estate                       

Radulfus – A shield wolf                               

Radulph – A wolf consel                               

Raedwulf – A red wolf                                   

Ragenhild – A warrior in a strong army                                   

Raggi – Norse name meaning shagginess                              

Ragnar – A strong army                                 

Randin – A beautiful advice giver              

Randulf – Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield                            

Rann – Old Norse name meaning house                

Rasmus – He who is beloved      

Nordic Baby and Mother

Ryden – A horse rider

Sain – Nordic surname  

Salo – He who brings luck and fortune                   

Salomo – He who brings peace  

Samme – He who is a God’s wish              

Sascha – Defender of man                           

Sebald – A brave victory                                               

Sebbe – A victorious one                                              

Sebbi – A sea bear          

Selmer – One who finds happiness in fame                         

Serlo – Man carrying armor         

Tappen – The top of the hanging rock    

Tarald – Power of the thunder  

Tellef – Descendant of thunder

Tem – A famous man     

Teobald – A bold man                    

Terje – Thor’s spear        

Teyte – A cheerful person                           

Thor – God of thunder  

Thorald – Follower of Thor                          

Thoralf – A thunder        

Thorbert – He who is as glorious as Thor                

Thorbjorn – Thunder bear                           

Thord – Son of a Viking  

Thorfinn – Strenght of a thunder                              

Thorgils – Descendant of thunder                            

Thorin – Brave as a thunder        

Thorleif – Descendant of Thor   

Thormod – Son of Odd                  

Thorold – He who is under Thor’s rule    

Thorstein – Thor’s stone                               

Great Nordic Names

Thorvald – Thor;s ruler                  

Thorvaldr – A poweful thunder 

Thryth – He who is powerful       

Thure – Holy thunder     

Thurman – Men of thunder

Thurstan – Surname, means thunder     

Thurston – Stone of Thor                             

Thurstun – He who loves thunder            

Tro – One who has a strong sense of responsibities; dependable

From the Viking clan to the several nations of Scandinavia, Nordic names saturated everywhere. Since these regions are all under Nordic coverage, they also adopted Nordic names. The names above are epic samples of vintage Nordic names. No harm in trying one of them on your kids.

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