Most Commonly Used Pakistani Girls Names with Nice Meanings

Most Commonly Used Pakistani Girls Names with Nice Meanings.

Pakistani Girls Names: If you have lived a little longer on earth, like two decades or so you must have heard of Pakistan. If not for anything, the volumes of news items about wars. Pakistani people have their origin from various areas due to migration and resettlement. (online pharmacy) Pakistani naming culture is greatly linked to their religion and ethnicity.

Most Commonly Used Pakistani Girls Names

Pakistani girls names are quite popular and trending. Just like most Muslim and Islamic names, Pakistani girls names draw their inspiration from religious figures and stories. Naturally, since about 97% of the country are Muslim worshippers, they most times christen their children Islamic names.

However, due to religious, social and ethnic restrictions, you may not really be familiar with these Pakistani girls names. Reason being that most females don’t really show up in public or allowed freedom to move as they please. Therefore, we want to let you in on some of the most prevalent Pakistani girls names and what they mean.

 Beautiful Pakistani Girl Names and Meanings

 Beautiful Pakistani Girl Names and Meanings

1. Aaira – noble woman, honourable and respectful lady

2. Afnan – Growth, Progress, Full Spreading Branches Of Trees, Growth, Fruitfulness

3. Aisha – Lively woman life. aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet mohammed.

4. Aiza – Nobel, woman with outstanding qualities, good character lady

5. Aleeza – Joyful, Cheerful, Happy, Lighthearted

6. Anabia -Turns towards Allah, Fragrance, Odor

7. Anum – The mercy of allah

8. Ayesha – Woman life. aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet mohammed.

9. Badrah -To be early or to be ahead of others.

10. Baghisha – Light rain affecting a small area.

11. Baheerah – An extremely beautiful and radiant woman.

12. Bahiriya – Brilliant, prominent, and renowned

13. Bahisa – Seeker, explorer and learner.

14. Bushra – Happy News Glad Tiding Good Omen.

15. Durnaz – eautiful like pearls, adorable

16. Ebrah – Wisdom to learn from experience.

17. Eshaal – Enlivened or excited, to enliven or excite.

18. Fatima – Daughter of the prophet muhammad, one of four perfect women mentioned in the koran. the other three were aisha, khadijah, and mary.

Sweet Pakistani Girl Names

19. Haniya – A place to rest; to be happy

20. Hazeema – One who is wise and intelligent.

21. Hoorain – Beatutiful Eyes, Fabulous friend, Paradise and Women of paradise

22. Hukaymah – umaymah’s and ruqayqah’s grand daughter

23. Humaira – From the arabic name meaning reddish! title name of aisha ra one who strives to achieve her utmost best!

24. Humna – Extremely Discerning, Wise, Wisdom, Intelligence

25. Hurain – Beatutiful Eyes, Fabulous friend, Paradise and Women of paradise

26. Ilma – Knowledge and intelligence.

27. Inaya – In muslim meaning is concern; solicitude

28. Iqra – First word of the Quran, To read, To recite

29. Iram – A Garden in Heaven, Paradise, Landmark In The Desert

30. Isha – Life, way of life, woman, She who lives

31. Jawaria – Happiness Spreader, Girl Who Spread Happiness, Blessed Female

32. Jinani – Heavenly, or from Paradise.

33. Laiba – Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). she will be in jannat al firdous.

34. Lubna – A woman with milky white beauty

Awesome Pakistani Girl Names

35. Mahek – Fragrance, PERFUME, Scent, Aroma

36. Maira – Good, virtuous, righteous, upright

37. Maryam – Virgin, figurative, pious, devout, chaste

38. Mashael – Sources of light, light or radiance.

39. Memona – Blessings, one who is thriving and prosperous.

40. Muhaimin – A protector

41. Musfira – Bright face

42. Muzhirah – Plant whose flowers are opening, blooming.

43. Naira – radiant, brilliant, full of light

44. Nida – Call, Sound, Voice, Call To Prayer

45. Noor – Light, Gleaming, Illumines, Shining

46. Qudrah – Power, ability, capacity of a woman.

Great Pakistani Girl Names

47. Raheebah – A woman who is generous and open hearted.

48. Rahmi – One who is merciful and compassionate.

49. Rahmiya – A compassionate and kind woman.

50. Rahumah – A woman who is kind, merciful and compassionate.

51. Raim – A mother who has strong affection for her child.

52. Rimsha – Bunch of flowers, beautiful

53. Ruhaimah – compassionate and merciful woman.

54. Sana – Praising Words, Praising Poem for God

55. Seherunnisa -The woman of dawn.

56. Shahlyla – Princess or queen of the night.

57. Shahparee – Royal fairy and king’s fairy. Or one who is extremely beautiful.

58. Shaima – One who is good natured.

59. Sharnaz – A name that means “a pride of the King”

60. Shehrnaz – A beautiful and cute woman.

61. Sonia – Pretty, Very Beautiful, Intelligence, Intellect, Smart

62. Syeda – She who is a mistress

63. Tanveer – Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)

64. Warda – In german meaning is guardian

65. Yalina – One who is soft and delicate.

66. Yaquta – Gold, ruby, pearl and coral. Basically a term used for gem stones.

67. Yaseera – One who is blessed and living well.

68. Zaima – Leader, a woman with leadership qualities.

69. Zaneerah – An intelligent and wise woman.

70. Zaweela – Motion, or activity

71. Zeenat – Decoration. Beauty.

72. Zerlinda – Beautiful dawn or beautiful morning.

73. Zoreed – One who meets, one with strong intentions.

74. Zumurrud – Pakistani word for emerald or precious stone.

Actually, Pakistan is a lovely place. There are so many attractions in this place. Albeit the poor social image that has been drawn of Pakistan, it still has a whole lot to offer and teach. Pakistani girl names, for instance, make one of the most beautiful Islamic girls names there are.

We have given you a brief tour of Pakistan. You can invite others on this tour by sharing this article with them.

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