130 Pleasant Good Night Messages and Quotes for Friends 2021 Update

130 Pleasant Good Night Messages and Quotes for Friends 2021 Update.

Good Night Messages for Friends: As they go about their everyday life, friends always think of each other. Before you go to sleep, remembering a friend is a sweet gesture of friendship.

Good Night Messages for Friends

It is not always possible to check on our friends all the time in our busy daily lives. We get lost in workload and stress and struggle from time to time to be there for our friends. But a rare opportunity to make up for it is nighttime.

Let your dearest friends know that you care for them and worry about them, and you can do it only by sending good wishes for the night! Whether it is humorous or sweet, you will find all the unique messages below!

It will strengthen your relationships and deepen the bonds of affection and devotion by letting your friends know they are in your thoughts.

The end of the day is the best time to focus on your relationship for just a moment and send a good night’s message quickly.

So check these out and give a nice good night message to your mate!

Good Night Messages for Friends

  • Have all the rest of your life tonight because tomorrow, we are going to have a hell of a day. Good night my friend. See you tomorrow.
  • As the day comes to an end, throw all your worries and troubles away. Have a blissful night full of beautiful dreams.
  • If you’re tired learn to rest, not quit. Good Night.
  • Friend, I want to remind you that your strong mind has brought you peace, before. May it do that again, tonight! May you hold acknowledgment of this with you!
  • After an exhausting day, it is only fair that we have a sweet sleep. Have a magical night and sweet dreams. Good night.
  • May the day’s tension disappears into the night’s quiet. Good night, friend!
  • When the night comes, we may not be with each other anymore. But the warmth of our friendship is always there to comfort us. (highlightszote.com) Good night my friend.
  • As the sun sets, lovers, send each other hug and kisses while friends send each other luck and wishes. I hope that this night brings you luck which helps you fulfill all the dreams that your dreams. Good night.
  • Relaxation is in order for you! Good night, friend!
  • Good night to a friend who is nice and makes everything swell!
  • It feels really great to have a friend like you who I can always count on. Good night, sleep tight.
  • In this night I hope that you will stop using mobile and go to sleep after reading my message. Now keep the phone away and sleep well dear. Good night.
  • Good night. Have a magical night and sweet dreams.
  • Wishing you comfort, happiness, and a good night’s sleep!

Good Night Messages for  Inspire Friends

  • Dear friend, you make me proud with your words and actions, so don’t give up even if days are hard on you. You are a fighter! Sleep well now!
  • Throw your worries away and sleep peacefully tonight, dear friend, for tomorrow will be sunny and brighter.
  • Wishing you a comfy night, friend, that promotes sleep!
  • Thank you for having my back. Have the sweetest dreams in your slumber. Goodnight.
  • Dear best friend, you are the most beautiful minded person I have ever met. I wish you a very charming and peaceful night. Good night dear.
  • Sweet friend of mine, you have worked so hard throughout the day and now you deserve a solid 6 hours of sleep! Sleep well and good night!
  • Thank you God for giving me these precious gifts: my friends. Look after them while sleeping because I want to spend another day with them. Good night!
  • They say that too much of everything is bad. However too much of your friendship isn’t. Have a good night, my dear friend.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, think of your sweetest memories and sip into some warm chamomile tea, I’m sure it’ll help! Good night!
  • If you feel lonely don’t worry. I am here to disturb you all the time. Now sleep well. Good night dear. Have a wonderful scary dream!
  • As we wait for a brand new day, good night and have beautiful dreams.
  • Dear friend, sleep well tonight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite you!
  • Let’s go to sleep my friend, we are pleased to have given all our efforts during this day, I know that tomorrow is a new opportunity and we will do our best. Sweet dreams.

Cool Night Messages for Friends

  • Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things!
  • Enjoy the night and think about your life. You are a special gift from God. I wish you a wonderful night. Have a sound sleep dear.
  • Being your friend is amazing! Tonight, may you enjoy your leisure time!
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth and wash your hand and face before sleeping. You have to meet me tomorrow. So go to the washroom. Good night buddy.
  • Wishing you a calm, night, friend! Hoping everything winds down to your liking and that the following day meets your standards!
  • I pray your sleep is accompanied by sweet dreams. Good night.
  • Good night, my friend. And know that there is always a special place in my heart for you.
  • Regardless of how your day ended today, know that tomorrow will be better. Good night, my friend.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I can never exchange our friendship for anything. Good night and have a nice sleep.
  • May the night fill with stars for you. May counting every one, give you contentment!
  • I am lucky that I have found a friend like you. I am sending this message with lots of love. Good night friend. Have a sweet dream.
  • May there be no troubles, tonight! May the rest you have come easily!
  • If you feel lonely in this night, think about the scary faces and ghosts. Can you see them? Good night my friend. Have a nice sleep.
  • Your body organs just called me to complain how much you are exploiting them, so please sleep timely! Have a good sleep!

Cute Good Night Messages for Friends

  • Good night, dear. May tomorrow be a day full of opportunities for you, and may you rest with the sweetest dreams tonight. Sleep tight!
  • We have always been the best of friends and we have done everything together. So you should dream about your crush tonight and I will dream about mine.
  • Good night, to my very best friend!
  • Good night to a friend who is the best! Get your forty winks!
  • Dear friend, keep calm and forget all about your worries and troubles. There is always hope. Good night.
  • I hold your friendship close! I hope you have a Good Night!.
  • Sleep peacefully tonight, my friend, for the angels are keeping watch over you.
  • The memories of our friendship are like the radiance of the moon and the fun times we’ve had together are like the twinkle of the stars that light up my life’s skies. Good night.
  • I didn’t know what true friendship meant or felt like until you and I became friends. Sleep tight, my friend. Good night
  • Thanks for calling me and talking with me till late night. Now, you need a good sleep. Good night my friend.
  • Just as the moon lights up the sky when it is dark, you light up my life with your advice when I am going through difficult times. May you rest quiet dear friend, goodnight.
  • Sending warm hugs to help you sleep well, my friend! Sweet dreams!
  • May your dreams are full of wonderful thoughts and lovely things. Good night!
  • I hope there are no bugs in your bed. Last time I found some. I think your bed is clean now. Now sleep, my friend. Good night.

Short Good Night Messages for Friends

  • I wish to end this day by letting you know that you always have a true friend in me. Good night and have sweet dreams.
  • Rest soundly tonight, friend!
  • Have a very, good night, friend! You are wonderful!
  • May your pillow be soft, and your rest be long! Good night, friend!
  • The night is dark and long. I wish you a peaceful sleep which will take away all the tiredness. Good night dear. Have a sweet dream.
  • Stop thinking about all the things people said to hurt your feelings. Just hold on tightly to the memories of all the times someone made you smile. Good night.
  • By hook or crook you shall have sweet dreams tonight. Have a good night, buddy!
  • Wishing a friend I hold dear a very good night! You deserve it!
  • As another day comes to an end, I just want to thank you again for making my everyday beautiful with your presence. Good night, my friend.
  • Good night, my friend. I pray that the good Lord watches over you as you sleep. Sweet dreams.
  • Tomorrow is gonna be the same repeated cycle of eat-study-work-eat, so you better get some proper rest! Sleep tight!
  • Friend, you do not hesitate to get things done! Take tonight to relax and do more, tomorrow!
  • I used up all my energy in laughing all day! You’re all fantastic! Let’s recharge for we need more energy tomorrow. Good night!
  • It is nice to have a friend like you. Thank you, my friend. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Sweet Night Quotes for Friends

  • When I wake up in the morning, I know my day is going to be great because I have a friend like you who can make my days special. Good night and rest tight!
  • Friend, you make me smile! I hope you are smiling, while you sleep!
  • You are such a good friend! May the night you have contain only good things!
  • The world is your stage and you are gonna shine bright like a star! My friend, leave your worries for the morning and sleep well! Good night!
  • Dear friend, I wish you a night of peace and bliss. Good night.
  • Darkness cannot last forever. Keep the hope alive. Good night.
  • You will only be able to enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. So sleep tight and immerse yourself in your favorite dream. Good night.
  • Our friendship is brighter than the moonlight. Because the moon only appears in the night. But our friendship remains 24 hours. Good night buddy.
  • Have a very, good night , friend! Sleep well.
  • May the stars and the moon comfort you as you sleep. Good night and have sweet dreams.
  • I will be someone who’ll help you shave the dark clouds and search for the stars in the darkest of your life. Good night buddy!
  • Dear friend, do you know you are a priceless gem in my life? Well, now you know. Good night and have pleasant dreams.
  • You know God has given us the night to remove our stress, sadness, and tiredness. So utilize the time. Go to sleep and relax. Good night bestie.
  • If today was bad, tomorrow is gonna be your day, I promise! Good Night!

Good Night Quotes for Friends

  • I miss you, friends! Hoping to see you tomorrow. Good night!
  • Use every second of the night to dream about all that you want to achieve in life and use every second of the following day to achieve every dream you saw the last night. Good night my friend.
  • Sleep tonight, friend and be well! Know that you have done your very best today, and that you will do your very best, tomorrow!
  • No need to be upset for any reason in life ever because I’m always here to have your back. Good night dear friend!
  • One of the greatest blessings a person can get is to have a true friend. You, my friend are a true friend. Good night.
  • I’m sending you the warmth of coffee and the sweet melodies of nostalgic songs to tuck you to bed! Have a good sleep and sweet dreams!
  • The stressful day might have sucked up your energy and determination, but you can regain them through sound sleep. Good night friend!
  • My friend, you are the light in my dark, the smooth in my roughs. The correct in my wrong, the easy in my toughs. The bright in my dull, the good in my bad. The smile in my frowns, the happy in my sad. Good night.
  • True friendship like ours is worth more than all the wealth in this world. May we never be apart. Good night.
  • Today must have been stressful, so take proper rest now! Good night!
  • As you go to bed tonight, know that I will always be that friend you can rely on in times of trouble. Good night.

Good Night Messages for Friends

Good Night Messages for Friends

  • Every night I go to sleep very happy because thanks to you I have very special moments. You have become my best friend and I appreciate it. May you rest so you can recharge your energies.
  • Your true friendship just goes to proof the fact that the best things in life are free. You illuminate my life with your friendship and make life more enjoyable. Have a good night. Sweet dreams!
  • The biggest gift that a night can give you is not good to sleep, but the promise that your tomorrow holds millions of possibilities. Good night friends.
  • Good night, sleep tight, best friend!
  • In this beautiful night, I am sending a charming message to a charming person. Goodnight dear best friend. Have nice sleep.
  • Enjoy the nice cool breeze and get a good sleep tonight! Good night!
  • You must be feeling so tired after an entire day of listening to all my useless words. It’s time to sleep now. Wish you have the best sleep and the sweetest dreams of your life. Good night.
  • Night, night, to a dear friend! May you sleep well!
  • May the darkness of the night cloak you in a sleep that is sound and good! Dear friend, may this feeling carry you through the next day!
  • Whenever I feel bogged down by life’s worries, I simply dive into the beautifully endless abyss of our friendship’s memories. Good night.
  • Sometimes I am goofy, but don’t ever think that I don’t care. No matter what, for you, I will always be there. Good night.
  • You are the sweetest person that I know! May you feel at ease, tonight, knowing how great you are!

Unique Night Messages for Friends

  • Thank you for everything you did for me today, you are a great person and I value your friendship, have a good night sleep that tomorrow we will have new challenges to face.
  • Good night, friend! May the sheep you count tonight, be fluffy and numerous!
  • Good Night, to my adorable friend! You hold a special place in my heart!
  • Good night. May you have sweet dreams tonight.
  • Even if I had a bad start with my day, spending it with you magically turns it into a bright day. Good night my best friend!
  • Thank you for being my best friend, may you have sweet dreams.
  • Being friends with such a caring person like you is one of the major reasons I am so grateful to be alive. Good night.
  • My lovely friend, if you don’t go to sleep right now, I’ll tell the demons under your bed to eat your kneecaps! So sleep well and good night!
  • Night, night to a dear friend.
  • Sleep well, dear friend and have sweet dreams.
  • The dark circles under your eyes are darker than your future, so why don’t you sleep on time for once? Good night to you!
  • Now relax. The day is over. You did your best. And tomorrow you’ll do better. Good Night!
  • Friend may the quietude you experience tonight move you to have many more nights like it! May you find your peace and hold on to it!
  • When I say good night to special friends like you, it is an all-in-one wish which means Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Miss You and See You Soon.

Good Night Messages for Friends

Good Night Text  for Friends

  • You may feel burdened with the worries of the world, but always end the day with positive thoughts and good vibes! Good night to you!
  • Thank you for giving me all your time today. Now your bed is waiting for you. Go now and feel the warmth of her body. Good night!
  • Sleep as early as you can so that you can dream about all the pranks we can play in class and all the fun we can have at school tomorrow. Good night.
  • Since the owls have taken over the world to guard, and vampires to look after all of us, take a break from worldly ventures and hit your bed. Have a happy night and sweet dreams.
  • Ours is a friendship that is destined to last forever. Not even the distance between us can change it. Good night, and sleep tight.
  • We might be miles apart but we are always in each other’s minds and hearts. That’s what makes our friendship so beautiful. Good night.
  • Sleep tight, buddy! Go visit the dreamland and have a nice time with fairies!
  • As you turn off the light, keep in mind that out of sight isn’t out of mind to me. Regardless of the distance between us, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a good night, dear friend.
  • Thank you for always being a true friend to me. Good night.
  • All I want is to wish you is a good night, because you are the very last thought on my mind before I go to sleep!
  • I could have sent you a funny joke, inspirational quote or a sweet message. But I have chosen to simply remind you that we are best friends. Because our friendship itself makes our lives FUNNY, INSPIRATIONAL and SWEET. Good night.

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