Cute and Excellent Polynesian Baby Names for your Kids

Cute and Excellent Polynesian Baby Names for your Kids.

Polynesian Baby Names: Have you ever heard of Polynesia or come across any Polynesian baby names? This island has in stock a variety of pleasurable things for you including baby names. You can’t possibly fail to love this island with its rich heritage and feel.

Additionally, Polynesian baby names are carefully selected to represent their rich religious and local sentiments. These baby names are also very pleasing to the ear as they have beautiful syllables and rhythm.

Just like other Pacific Island nations, Polynesian baby names are strongly attached to their culture and always have one or two things they symbolize.

Fortunately, your kids can take their names from anywhere as far as such names serve your intended purpose and convey the right message you wish for. Don’t just live in the fantasy of Polynesia Island, you can pick any of the compiled names below for your babies.

Very attractive Polynesian Female Baby NamesVery attractive Polynesian Female Baby Names

1. Moana­ – Moana is an evocative Polynesian name, meaning ‘sea.’ Belonging to the Polynesian sea god, Moana would make a great pick for sea lovers. It was also the alternative name Ofelia in Pan Labyrinth. You can shorten it to Moa for the nickname.

2. Anahera – It is a Maori feminine name that means ‘angel.’ The name has a sweet sound and beautiful meaning as well.

3. Keikiokalani – Child of heavens

4. Nalani – Serenity of the skies

5. Kekiokolanee – Funny, cool, honest, never gives a secret.

6. Kaleikaumaka – Beloved child to looked upon with pride and love


Portrait of a Hawaiian Polynesian family outdoor in their backyard. Two young girls with their mother and family pet dog, smiling and looking at camera full body group portrait.Thailand Kids have fun with fishing in the river. – The heavenly water

8. Iokina – God will develop

9. Elikapeka – It is a Hawaiian form of ‘Elizabeth.’ This famous name, feminine Polynesian name, means ‘God is my abundance.’

10. Oliana – Oliana is a beautiful Polynesian name, meaning ‘oleander.’ Oliana was the name of a character in Lauren Kate’s book “Rapture”. And its variation, Oleanna, is the title of one of David Mamet’s plays. For the nickname, you can choose Oli or Olly.

11. Tamar – Tamar is a strong and vibrant Old Testament given to girls born on Sukkoth holiday, where palm branches are used to make sukkah roof. Also, it is the name of King David and Absalom’s daughter, who was appreciated for her ‘fair countenance’. Tamar is the name of a river as well in ancient Celtic. (Diazepam)

12. Leinani – Leinani is a beautiful Polynesian name, meaning ‘beautiful child’. The name is obtained from the Hawaiian word lei, which means ‘wreath.’ In this Polynesian name, the elements lei, means ‘child,’ who is carried on the shoulders. This name was popular in Hawaii from the years 1900 to 1939.

13. Mele – In Hawaiian, the name implies song.’ The name is a Hawaiian derivative form of ‘Mary,’ which means ‘our lady or beloved lady.’

14. Kiana – This feminine name is the derivative of the English name ‘Diana.’ It means ‘heavenly and divine.’

15. La’akea – The Polynesian baby name La’akea comes from the elements ‘la’a’, which means ‘sacred, and devoted’ and kea, which means ‘white clear’. Therefore, the name means ‘clear sacredness’. It works as a nickname for Laniakea, too.

16. Kalama – Kalama is considered the Polynesian form of the name Karma, but we doubt that children are given this name for this meaning. In the Polynesian language, Kalama means ‘the torch, or the endemic ebony’. In this name, Ka is the definite article and lama means ‘torch’ or ‘endemic ebony’.

17. Pania – Pania, styled after the “Pania of the Reef” is an important figure in Polynesian mythology. It’s also the symbol of the New Zealand city of Napier. It’s currently more popular in New Zealand and Australia than Polynesia. Penny would be the best nickname for Pania.


Polynesian Male Baby NamesFancy Polynesian Male Baby Names

1. Hamuera – Hamuera is the Polynesian form of the Christian name Samuel. This name is definitely on the rise in Polynesia, climbing more than a hundred places in the last few years.

2. Anaru – The name is a Maori derivative of ‘Andrew.’ It can be an appropriate name for your baby boy as it means ‘strong and manly.’

3. Malo – Winner

4. Kanoa – The free one

5. Kamea – Precious One

6. Iolani – To fly like a hawk

7. Awhina – A meaningful from the Polynesian names list, it means ‘help and support.’ The name has a Maori origin.

8. Ahoeitu – Eithumatupua, the Polynesian God, climbed down from a sky on earth, and took Ilahea, a worm descendant as his wife. While returning to the sky, he impregnated his wife, who gave birth to Ahoeitu on the Earth.

9. Oke – Deer lover

10. Palani – Free man

11. Tane – Tane is the name of the mighty Polynesian sky god who set the moon and sun in place and studded the heavens with stars and constellation. Now that’s one majestic legacy for a straightforward, yet slightly unusual name.

Fancy Polynesian Male Baby Names

12. Akamu – Akamu is the Polynesian form of the name Adam and means ‘earth’ and ‘formed by God.’ It was the name of the first human created by God, according to the Bible.

13. Keoni – God is gracious

14. Makoa – Bold one

15. Aulani – King’s Messenger

16. Maleko – The name is the Hawaiian version of the English name ‘Mark.’ It means ‘polite or shining.’

17. Manu – The Polynesian name Manu means ‘bird of the night’.

18. Laniakea – Laniakea is a soothing Polynesian name meaning ‘immeasurable heaven’. This name is inspired by the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Solar System, Milky Way, and Earth. The name acknowledges the Polynesian navigators who used their knowledge to navigate the Pacific Ocean.

19. Lilo – Generous One

20. Keanu – Cool Mountain Breeze

21. Ku – Ku is a male Polynesian name, meaning ‘to stand, to hit, or upright’. In the Polynesian mythology, Ku is the name of the god of war. The full name was Kū-ka-ili-moku. He’s one of the four major gods of the Polynesians.

22. Iokua –  This name is a Hawaiian derivative of ‘Joshua.’ It means ‘to save.’

23. Kapono – Here is another suitable Polynesian name for a baby boy. The name means ‘the good one.’

24. Laniakea – It is a sweet-sounding name that means ‘immeasurable heaven.’ The name seems to be an acknowledgment of the bravery and skills of Polynesian navigators.

25. Kolinaisi – This Polynesian baby name became popular in the United States. This is from the American reality show “The Biggest Loser’s” contestant Kolinaisi Koli Palu. The meaning of Kolinaisi is ‘storm’.

Truthfully, have you ever heard names as intense as those Polynesian baby names above? Well if you are loving them as I am, you can chose one for your kids.

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