Simple Tips to Propose a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend 

Simple Tips to Propose a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend.

Asking a girl you love to be your girlfriend, can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t mean it should be impossible. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be lame either. Women appreciate a little thought and creativity that that follows moments like these, so if you can, try to spice it up a little bit. Here are some tips to help you ask her out. 

Simple Tips to Propose a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Tips to Propose a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

  • Invite Her to an Event as More Than Just a Date 

If you have some sort of social event coming up where you are going to be in public, invite her to it by saying something like, “I want to take you to the end-of-the-year gala… as my girlfriend. Are you interested?” 

  • Act Like It’s No Big Deal

While you two are doing something casual like watching a movie, driving, or chilling on the couch, if you feel like you can’t wait to ask her any longer, just look over at her and simply say, with no preamble, “Can we be monogamous now? Yes? Cool!” Resume activity. 

  • Show Your Sincerity

Sometimes, all it takes is showing some vulnerability and saying exactly how you feel. “I want to be your boyfriend,” is what I said to my wife, so I can guarantee that it has worked at least once! 

  • Compliment Her, Then Ask

If and when she does something charming or funny or makes you look good in front of your friends, you could half-jokingly, half-seriously offer up, “You’re amazing! I want to lock this in; I want you as my girlfriend. What do you think?” 

  • Order a Singing Telegram

Yes, these still exist! This is a brave move, but if you’re confident she feels the same way, send a singing telegram to her house and hide nearby with some chocolate and champagne. Now, this won’t work with every woman. This idea is best for those who enjoy a little bit of corniness in their lives. 

  • Cook Her a Dinner With Things That Go Together

Foods that pair together perfectly include mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, spaghetti and meatballs, and burgers and fries. When you two are sitting down to eat, comment about how some things just go together and are better together and say, “Kind of like you and me.” Then ask her! 

  • Bake or Buy Her Something Sweet With the Question Written on It 

Sweets are the way to a lot of people’s hearts, so you could make or get her a cake, some cupcakes, a box of chocolates — anything you think she might like — and put the words right on it. Most bakeries would love to help you out with this. 

  • Make Her a Sign & Surprise Her Out of Nowhere

If you know that she drives, walks, or commutes a certain way to work, school, or home, make up a sign or poster that expresses your desire, such as “Bella, will you be my girlfriend? — Luke.” Keep in mind, though, that this suggestion is best for extroverted women. 

  • Catch Her Off Guard

Lean over to her on some random day and tell her, “So, hey, I need to tell you something.” She’ll reply, “What’s that?” Quickly give her a kiss and say, “You’re mine now. We’re exclusive.” Make sure you end it with a smile and a wink! 

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