Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

– Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text –

We’ve got you covered if you run out of questions to ask a guy over text. Check out our list for some texting inspiration!

Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

These text questions for a guy are wonderful since texting with someone is very different than conversing with them in person.

As a result, many discussion questions don’t perform well in media that encourages quick replies. There will be no extensive, comprehensive stories. There’s nothing too profound or weighty here. Unless you’re an emoji virtuoso, avoid anything too emotionally charged.

Continue reading for great questions to ask a guy over text to get to know them better. You may also modify these questions to fit your preferences.

Questions to Ask a Guy

1. What are three things you’re grateful for?

2. If you could talk to anyone from history, who would it be?

3. Have you ever shared a dream with anyone?

4. What’s a skill of yours that you’re particularly proud of?

5. If you could live in a world that only exists in TV or film so far, which would it be?

6. If you could change one major thing about yourself, what would it be?

7. Do you believe in astrology?

8. Do you have a favorite celebrity? If so, which one and why?

9. If everyone was obligated to participate in a talent show, what would your performance look like?

10. How do you think it’d be my reaction if I could read your mind?

Fun Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

11. Do you know that I like you?

12. What do you think is the most attractive thing about me?

13. Do you notice yourself shining when you smile?

14. You have this type of glow, are you aware of it?

15. Be honest, were you that one guy at school that got girls running after you?

16. What do you like most about the time you spend with me?

17. You seem to be an interesting guy, tell me the most interesting thing about yourself.

18. What got you drawn to me?

19. What do you think about me when you’re all alone?

20. Do you consider yourself a flirty person? (If the answer is yes, follow up with “Would you mind showing me?”)

Fun Texts

Interesting Questions to Ask

21. What do you think you’d find out if you’d be able to read my mind right now?

22. Would you say you’re much of a heartbreaker?

23. How did you end up so handsome? Any secrets you’d like to share?

24. If you could hypnotize me and make me do anything for you, what would you make me do? How?

25. How dare you be this good-looking?

26. Is there a fictional character that you really relate to?

27. Are you afraid of anything? If so, what?

28. Is there a type of music that you absolutely hate? If so, why?

29. If you could do anything with me this weekend, what would it be?

30. What’s something that you’ve been wanting to ask me, but haven’t yet? Be brave.

Weird Questions to Ask

31. What was it about me that first captured your attention?

32. What’s something that makes you happy every time it happens?

33. What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever experienced?

34. How would your friends describe you?

35. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten, and why do you think it’s the best?

36. What do you enjoy most about your days?

37. What would you do if right now you’d be the only human on the entire planet?

38. What do you think the world would look like if all people were like you?

39. If the entire world followed your advice, what would your advice be?

40. What do you think the world will be like 50 years from now?

Weird Texts

Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

41. What would your advice be to someone having a bad day?

42. When was the last time you lied when someone asked you how you are?

43. What impresses you the most about humans?

44. If you could live in any movie, which one would you choose?

45. If you could spend an entire day on an island with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

46. Let’s say an alien decides to visit you and wants to know the most beautiful thing on Earth; What would you show the alien?

47. If you could choose to experience a day in the life of any animal, which one would you choose?

48. What would be your superpower in a sci-fi movie?

49. If an alien visited you and had no idea what music is, what piece would you show it/him/her?

50. If you had the chance to relive your life, would you do it?


Good Questions to Ask a Guy

51. If people wouldn’t be able to see you, what’d you think would attract the most to you?

52. What’s something you wish everyone knew/heard/saw?

53. You’re only allowed to get 5 things from your house to go to an unknown place, what would you get?

54. Do you love yourself? If so, how?

55. What would you ask them?

56. What was the most amazing dream you ever had?

57. What are your favorite animals (other than pets)?

58. What’s the weirdest animal experience you ever had?

59. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

60. Do you have any pets? If so, which ones?

Good Texts

Juicy Questions

61. What’s your favorite type of food?

62. Do you know how to cook well?

63. Similarly, if you could sleep with anyone from history, who would it be?

64. Is there something you exaggerated and had a funny outcome?

65. What do you think is the rarest quality a person can have?

66. If your childhood dreams would come true, what would you be doing right now?

67. If you would be able to record 2 memories and keep them forever, which ones would you choose?

68. What type of an old man do you think you’ll become when you grow old?

69. Is there something you hate doing, but you have to do it every time?

70. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever used?

Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him

71. Is there a movie that everyone saw but you? (follow-up with why)

72. How do you think your ex would describe you?

73. Is there something you hide from your friends because it’s a guilty pleasure?

74. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did as a child?

75. What’s your recipe for a happy day?

76. What’s something you just can’t seem to figure out about women?

77. Were you ever curious to wear girls’ clothes?

78. Do you watch a movie you don’t like until it ends or leave it there?

79. Tell me the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you.

80. How was your first kiss?

Silly Messages

Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

81. What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? What made it so awesome?

82. Do you read erotica? If so, what kind?

83. Do you like to read? If so, what are some of your favorite books?

84. Conversely, what’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

85. What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?

86. Do you prefer to be gentle or rough in bed? (Or a bit of both?)

87. How do you like to be touched?

88. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

89. Will you tell me the lamest joke you know?

90. What do you think is the weirdest way to meet someone?

Fun Questions to Ask your Boyfriend

91. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in public?

92. What’s the weirdest phase you’ve gone through?

93. What would you do if you were a woman for a day?

94. How would you describe the last ‘ick’ you’ve got from someone?

95. What’s something that’d ruin your career if your boss would find out?

96. What’s something stupid you believed in as a child?

97. How would you describe the worst first date there could be?

98. Do you have messy visitors, or are you a messy one?

99. Is there something you thought was amazing until you tried it?

100. Would you date the female version of yourself?


Awesome Questions

101. Do you have any talents that aren’t common to most people?

102. Tell me about one of the best meals you ever had: What type of cuisine was it? Where did you eat it, and who were you with?

103. What’s a weird food combination you really like?

104. If you could change the ending to a movie or book, which would it be? What would you change?

105. Tell me about one of the most memorable trips you ever took?

106. What would you want to do when we got there?

107. If we could go anywhere together right now, where would you want to be?

108. What was the best concert/live music experience you ever attended?

109. What about hidden talents? Are you able to do some cool stuff, but don’t tell anyone about it?

110. Is there any type of food you absolutely hate or refuse to eat?

Flirty Messages

Unique Questions

111. What’s something that you miss? Would you want it back, if you could have it?

112. What’s the best gift anyone has ever given you? (yourdoctors)

113. What’s something that you want to let go of: either an item you’ve been carrying around with you for a long time or a negative emotion you’re ready to move on from?

114. How about desert island survival: what five things would you want with you?

115. What would you miss the most if it suddenly disappeared from the world?

116. If you could meet that person, what would you ask them? What would you talk about?

117. Who do you think is one of the most interesting people alive today?

118. What are the three top items on your bucket list?

119. If you woke up and found that you were the last person on earth, how would you feel? What would you do first?

120. Do you have any weird quirks?

Freaky Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

121. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

122. If you could be a woman for a day, would you be? What would you do with your time?

123. Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

124. What about the opposite: what’s an immediate turn-off for you?

125. Is there anything that’s guaranteed to turn you on?

126. How about if you could be any animal for a day, what would it be?

127. What do you like best about being a man? How about what you dislike the most?

128. What was one of your favorite films or TV shows when you were a kid?

129. Do you have any role models? If so, who and why?

130. What’s something wonderful you learned from a family member, even if you don’t get along with them?

Freaky Messages

Short Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

131. Which traits do you appreciate most in a partner?

132. What trait do you like best about yourself?

133. What about the opposite: are there any people you absolutely don’t want to be like? Why not?

134. Are you happy with the way you look, or would you prefer to look different?

135. Do you get along well with your family?

136. In the same vein, did you used to like or respect a famous person, but now you don’t? What happened to change your opinion of them?

137. Tell me something that always makes you smile?

138. Do you like to get dressed up for Halloween?

139. Do you like to play games for fun? If so, which ones?

140. Are you a fan of cosplaying? (Either just for fun or in the bedroom…?)

Fun Texts

141. If you had the chance to be an extra in a movie, what kind of film would you want to be in?

142. Is there anything else you still want to learn how to do?

143. Are you someone who likes/needs a lot of alone time? Or do you prefer a company?

144. Have you ever been to a protest? If so, which one(s)? If not, would you?

145. Is there anything that you’re looking forward to in the near future?

146. Do you have any hobbies?

147. How many languages do you speak? Do you want to learn more about them?

148. What is a social justice movement that you feel really strongly about?

149. What do you like best about the way I look?

150. Do you find yourself drawn to a certain “type”, aesthetically? Or do you like variety?


What is a Good Question to ask a Guy while Texting?

▸ What is your favorite movie of all time?

▸ How do you usually spend your weekends?

▸ What is the most important thing you’ve learned in life?

▸ What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said or done in front of someone you liked?

▸ What’s the last concert you went to?

Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

What are Interesting Questions to Ask a Guy?

▸ What’s your all-time favorite movie that you’ve seen a million times?

▸ What did you want your job to be when you were a kid?

▸ If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world and money wasn’t an issue, where would you go?

▸ What would you do if you won the lottery?

What Questions do Guys like to be Asked?

▸ What’s been your highest point in life so far?

▸ What’s been your lowest point in life so far?

▸ What makes you emotional?

▸ What makes you stressed?

▸ Do you believe in a higher power?

▸ If you had the power to know the date of your death, would you want to know?

How do I Keep Texting Interesting?

▸ Shift the conversation back to the other person

▸ Ask open-ended questions

▸ Avoid giving dry, short answers

▸ Ask the other person about their day

▸ Send a meme or GIF

▸ Prepare topics ahead of time

▸ Mention something they posted on social media

▸ Refer back to a previous conversation

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