Retirement Card Messages Celebrating Hard Work and Dedication

What is your take on retirement card messages? It has always been said that you can never put a price on the value of service someone has rendered to you? Do you agree to this or you feel retirees can be duly compensated for their efforts. What about trying retirement cards? Though retirement card messages may not represent wholly how much you appreciate and celebrate their years of hard work, retirement card messages go a long way to show deep acknowledgment and respect.

Immense Retirement Card Messages Celebrating Hardwork and Dedication

In reality, most people don’t fully understand how auspicious it is for someone to complete his or her years of active service. The least you can do is to send in goodwill in form of retirement card messages. Actually, it may not be obvious to persons who haven’t served what a great feat it is to finally rest in retirement.

However, if you have a recent retiree friend, colleague, parent, or associate, you should consider sending some cool retirement card containing sweet messages and wishes. Consequently, this article is aimed at giving you an array of retirement card messages you can script on your customized retirement card. Check the content below and make a choice.

General Retirement Card Messages

General Retirement Card Messages

1. I’m wishing you a long, healthy, and happy retirement!

2. It’s great to see someone retire who is as deserving as you. Make sure you work just as hard at relaxing as you have in your long career.

3. We’re glad that you are retiring, and we are looking forward to spending more time with you. Best wishes!

4. For the person who gave their best, cheers to your retirement! May you have the best and most fulfilling one. Enjoy!

5. Your new job is to ensure that you enjoy your retirement. The hours are flexible, and you have complete autonomy.

6. I’m glad you get to retire while you still have many good and capable years of life left in you! Congratulations!

7. I wish you a happy retirement filled with fun and happiness.

8. Don’t forget to spend a little of your extra time with us. We’re so happy for you!

9. Cherish every moment you’ll spend outside the work. It’s time to enjoy your life. Happy Retirement!

Short and Precise Retirement Card Messages Celebrating

Short and Precise Retirement Card Messages Celebrating

1. This certainly calls for a huge celebration!

2. Here’s to a wonderful new chapter

3. All of your hard work has paid off – enjoy!

4. Cheers to a fantastic future!

5. This is where it gets good!

6. Now you’re as free as the breeze!

7. Life begins at retirement

8. Congratulations on your retirement

9. Best of luck with your new adventure

10. Time to start ticking off the bucket list

11. These are the golden years

12. Time to relax and enjoy yourself

13. Congratulations on your well-deserved 7-day weekend

14. Tools down. Feet up. You deserve it!

15. Wishing you health and happiness for the future

Funny Retirement Card Messages

1. No matter how many college degrees, skill development courses and professional accreditation you have received, there is one more qualification you will still receive after your retirement – Master of Doing Nothing. Congratulations!

2. A time to enjoy the finer things in life… like grey hair, velcro slippers and incontinence

3. What do you call a person who is happy on a Monday? Retired

4. It’s funny how young pensioners seem when you become one

5. From the bottom of our hearts, we’re going to miss you. Best wishes to your retirement! Feel free to call and visit when you get bored playing around.

6. The best way to overcome stress in the workplace is to retire

7. Retirement can be a great joy if you can figure out how to spend time without spending money

8. When you retire, time is no longer a matter of urgent importance and your colleagues present you with a watch

9. Retirement – the pay is rubbish but the hours are great!

10. Every hour is happy hour when you’re retired

Grandad and Kid

11. There are all sorts of things that you will have to learn how to do off the clock now, like making coffee.

12. Hobbies are important when you retire. ‘Wine’ doesn’t count

13. Retirement means no pressure, no stress, no heartache… unless you play golf!

14. The trouble with retirement is you never get a day off

15. Retirement – the only real excuse you’ll ever have to spend your entire life’s savings. Have fun!

16. Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing without worrying about getting caught

17. You can be taken out of the workforce, but the workforce can never be taken out of you. I am confident you’ll never stop working on things you love to do.

18. When you retire you switch bosses; from the one who hired you to the one who married you

19. Move over coffee! Today is the day for champagne!

20. It’s nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese

21. Best wishes in your retirement. Here’s to watching your grandkids instead of the bottom line.

22. Now that you’ve gone through birth, crawling, walking, school, and many years of work, you can finally relax!

Retirement Card Messages for Colleagues

1. It’s been a pleasure to have worked with you all of these years

2. We will never forget everything you taught us – you are an inspiration to us all

3. You’ve given so much to this company and we thank you for your dedication

4. The office just won’t be the same without you

5. Don’t forget to stay in touch. We’ll miss you!

6. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished over your career!

7. Your work years are over. Now the real fun begins…

8. It will be truly impossible to replace you


9. Office parties will never be the same ever again

10. You always made the most amazing cup of tea

11. The best memories are the ones we are able to make together

12. Wishing you a long and restful retirement from all the team

13. Wave goodbye to the 9 – 5 and hello to one really long weekend

14. You’ve been a wonderful inspiration over the years – enjoy your retirement

15. Hooray! Now you’re your own boss

16. Sorry that you’re leaving but we wish you all the best

17. For all of your dedication and hard work over the years, you deserve the most amazing retirement

Congratulatory Retirement Card Messages

Congratulatory Retirement Card Messages

1. Congratulations on your retirement. You truly deserve all the relaxation coming your way.

2. Congrats to the retiree! You deserve it!

3. Congratulations are in order. We’re so excited for all the fun memories coming your way, but we’ll miss you when you’re gone!

4. Congratulations! I hope retirement brings you the chance to do whatever it is that you always wanted to do but didn’t get to. All the best!

5. Congratulations not only on your retirement but on all the incredible years of work you put into getting there.

6. I want to wish you a heartfelt congratulations on all the hard work to put in leading up to this retirement. You deserve it!

7. Congratulations on beating me to retirement. I’ll try not to hold it against you.

8. Congratulations, now the fun begins. Best wishes on your new chapter in life.

9. Congratulations on gaining two new best friends upon your retirement. Their names are Bed and Couch. You will be hanging out with them a lot.

10. Congratulations on your retirement! If you get bored, you know you can call and hang out with us.

11. Congratulations! I hope you use this opportunity to soak up all the sunshine and fun memories you can!

12. I can’t believe you’re retiring! Congratulations and enjoy every minute!

To some, the gesture of sending retirement card messages might seem intangible. On the contrary, retirement card messages serve to boost the morale of the retiree, motivate him or her to do more and equally, give assurance of goodwill.

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