Fitting Retirement Plaque Wording: Construction and Expressions

Fitting Retirement Plaque Wording: Construction and Expressions.

Retirement Plaque Wording: After some very hardworking and stressful years at a job, no on would love to receive any shabby looking or poorly scripted retirement plaque.

Granted, it is not a very easy task to script and design a retirement plaque, from the choice of words to the pattern and all. To keep yourself on tract you need some guide and some examples as well.

Relevant Guidelines

In creating a suitable retirement plaque, consider the following tips.

  • Refer to Previous Plaques: Experience will always be the best guide. Compare and refer to previously prepares retirement plaques. The company must have sent off staff in time past, this will give you a fair idea of what to include and what not to, and possible designs to adopt, plus relevant rules to apply.

  • Ensure Formality and Professionalism:  For a corporate firm or any kind of firm, it is most acceptable to keep the language and tine of the plaque as formal as possible.

  • Be Brief: It’s not a notepad or a letter. The plaque doesn’t need to look all covered with words. A concise depiction of the key ideas and intentions is just perfect for plaques. This will give room for them to be bold enough. Some short messages can be scripted if possible.

Samples of Writings/Wordings for Retirement Plaques

A well drafted template will give you much ease when trying to create a retirement plaque. Take some clue from the followings samples.

For 28 Years of Excellence

TMLT Pro Services Would Like to Thank

Karl Dew

We Wish You All the Best in Retirement, Karl!

June 12, 2019


Stephanie Michaels

For 30 Years of Service

At Wording Vibes Ltd

Congratulations on Your Retirement!

March 25, 2019

Congratulations on Your Retirement


Mike Dan


Lily Stores

We hope you enjoy your well-earned rest and relaxation after 21 years of hard work and dedication. You will be missed.

August 22, 2019

In Honor Of

Ruth Elvis

For 29 years of teaching and countless lives touched. Congratulations on your retirement!

December 16, 2019

Retirement Plaque Expressions

Retirement Plaque Expressions

A short description or title can add more meaning to your retirement plaques.

Happy Retirement!

You Have Inspired Us All

Best of Luck on Your Retirement

We Wish You a Long and Happy Retirement

Best of Luck as You Begin This New Chapter in Your Life

You Made a Difference

Thank You For Your Hard Work and Dedication

The Best is Yet to Come

In Appreciation For Your Years of Dedication and Commitment

You Will Be Missed

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