25 Romantic and Funny Games for Couples, Boyfriend and Girlfriend

25 Romantic and Funny Games for Couples, Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

It is a marvelous feeling to be in love. Among partners, the love sensation is reciprocal. In a partnership, though, there are occasions when couples go through a rough patch. Then you need to spice things up if your partnership is in trouble.

If your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend enjoys playing games to give the relationship a boost, you can come up with some cute and funny games.


Cute and Funny Games


The game is typically played by forming groups, and titles can be as clean or naughty depending upon who’s playing. If it’s just you and your mate playing, you can create titles that are more intimate and special to only the two of you.

Ideas can incorporate most loved motion pictures, inside jokes, statements, and special interests. You can have a go at playing with other couples, but you might want to keep it a little more appropriate.

 Two Truths and a Lie

This love game is very revealing and juicy among couples. You will get to know much about your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s past life.

You can decide who among the two of you will go first. It does not matter who goes first because either way, you will still enjoy the game. Your boyfriend or girlfriend has to make three statements, one of them being a lie.

You, on the other hand, should figure out which among the statements is the truth or a lie. Take turns playing the game. The beauty of this game is that you can play it through the phone while you are at home.

Guess the Movie

One of the easiest games to prep for. You can simply do up a power point with images cut out from famous love movies, or create a tent cards with famous movie quotes. The winner gets a favor, how great is that?

Never Have I

This is a common game known to many. It can be played by two or more players. This game is fun, especially when couples are out drinking together.

You do not have to drink with your boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy the game. You can order a cold or a hot beverage and start playing the game.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend can start by making a statement of something he or she has never done before.

For instance, “never have you ever enjoyed kissing.” If the statement made by your boyfriend or girlfriend contradicts your own experience, then you take a sip of your beverage.

Cooking Challenge

Cooking Challenge is great for relieving some of the stress of large family get together. Choose one recipe for both of you, and each creates the same dish while still cooking at the same time in the kitchen.

Bring both dishes out and see which one party guests like the most. This game reveals your relationship’s competitive side but also helps to know if you can work together in the same space while completing a common goal.

Blindfold Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Blindfolding your boyfriend or girlfriend is an exciting game that couples play all the time. It is exciting since you get to do whatever you wish on your boyfriend or girlfriend without much objection.

You can blindfold your boyfriend or girlfriend first. Then, he or she will lie on top of the bed and wait. You have seven minutes to do as you wish to your blindfolded boyfriend or girlfriend.

No Response

No response game is fun. Only two people can play this game. The questions asked can be very personal and intimate, as you want them to be. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend should order a drink or a beverage.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend can start by asking a very personal question for example, “did you like how I was kissing you?” If you enjoyed the kiss then, you can take one sip. If not, then two sips.

This game will help the boyfriend or a girlfriend to know each other better and create a stronger bond. Mostly, couples who are new to each other play this game.

Truth or Lie

Truth or lie is another version of two truths and a lie. In this case, your boyfriend or girlfriend will just tell one lie and one truth.

In return, you have to figure out which statement is a lie or truth. This game can be very personal as the players wish. You can also play this game through the phone if you are on a distant relationship.

Sticker Stalker

This cute and fun game is about putting as many stickers to strangers as you can without their knowledge. It is exciting and exhilarating to the couples.

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend must compete to place as many stickers on strangers. You can visit the mall or the supermarket to do the naughty deed.

Whoever places the most stickers is the winner. You can reward your spouse by kissing him or her.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a game known to many. It can involve many players or between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend.

As a couple, you can make the game as X-rated as you wish. Each one of you has to take turns asking the other a truth or dare question.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend responds with truth, you ask a question. If your partner responds with a dare, you command a dare.

This game requires couples to be creative to make it exciting and fun. The questions and the dares commanded can rate from being sexy, naughty, or disgusting to mention but a few. This game is best played in the comfort of your home.

Stare Game

Most children like playing the staring game. However, it can be exciting to play it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This game can be played anywhere.

Whoever diverts the eyes first is the looser. The staring game helps a couple to bond and know each other physically.

You can spice up the game by making funny faces while staring at each other. Of course, one of you will burst into laughter!

Rock Paper Scissors

This may be a childish game but it can help you and your boyfriend or girlfriend pass time in a fun and loving way.

This game does not require any creativity or equipment. The beauty of it is that you can play it anywhere.

All you need to do with your spouse is to use your hands. You can decide to reward the winner with a special gift or by kissing.

Sing Song Ping-Pong

Sing song Ping-Pong game is a singing game. Your boyfriend or girlfriend must be in the mood of singing to enjoy the game.

One partner can start the song by singing one line. The other partner should be creative enough to finish the song with the last word and start another song with the same last word.

The same goes on by taking turns. Whoever fails to finish the song is the loser.

Phone Scavenger Hunt

Be ready to have a good walk if you choose to play phone scavenger hunt game. Scavenger hunt game helps the couple to create a stronger bond.

You need a phone to enjoy this fun game. You need to text your boyfriend or girlfriend for some clues. For example, where did your first romantic kissing moment occur? Your partner is supposed to follow these clues to make the game exciting. The texting in this game can be through normal messaging or online texting.

Mystery Sounds

This fun game needs couples who are fanatics of the media. Mystery sound is all about recording different sounds and tunes. You then send them to your boyfriend or girlfriend through online messaging or just normal texting.

Your partner is supposed to guess the lyrics, tunes, or sounds. Remember to make the game as fun as you can.

Dare or Remove It Game

Just as the name suggests, it is a dare to remove your clothes game. You need a phone to enjoy this game.

You can send your boyfriend or girlfriend a dare. In return, your spouse should accomplish the dare. If he or she fails, he or she should remove a piece of cloth and take a photo with the cloth off. It is a romantic exciting game for couples who make the game fun and loving.

One Word One Answer

​​​​​​For couples who want to go through a memory lane, this is the game for you. One word one answer is a game that involves two players who know each other very well.

One of you has to start by mentioning one word. The other partner has to respond with one answer. By doing this, you come up with words that tell your love story.

A Surprise Case

This romantic game involves several pieces of papers containing romantic messages in a case or box. You and your loved one can play it by choosing a piece of paper at a time and doing exactly as it says.

For instance, you can write kissing for two minutes or cuddling for three minutes and so on. You can play this game in the comfort of your home with minimal distractions.

Double Date Charade

If you have common friends who are a couple, this is the game for you to get to know each other better. Double date charade is all about planning a date outdoor or indoor.

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend get to serve drinks, wine, or appetizers and see which couple gets to win.

This is a great way to pass time as couples. You will also get to know each other better. Remember to keep the cute game fun and loving.

Dirty Queries

​​​If you and your partner are in the mood for playing dirty, dirty queries is the best game. This game will allow you and your partner to bond in a special dirty way.

Dirty queries game helps the shy spouse to get used to his or her partner. You get to ask a dirty question and your partner must answer it without shying away.

Board Game

There are many interesting board games such as chess, monopoly, and scrabble to mention but a few, which spouses can play together.

You and your spouse can choose a favorite board game to unwind the evening with. U can keep the game interesting by keeping tab of the winner. You can decide to reward the winner with a romantic date or a gift.


Twister is a physical game. It allows the couple to share time together. No sex or creativity is involved. It is all about flexibility and bending your body to touch as many portions as possible without falling.

Your partner will also do the same. This game is fun and exciting. You can spice up the game by involving as many couples as possible.


Learn How to Play With Your Partner

You should try both of these games and have a fun time while you are learning how to play with your partner.

Some individuals feel that if they want to make their relationship spicy enough for both of them, they need to play games.

Some individuals would prefer to play games before bed with their partner, and others would prefer to play these games as part of their everyday lives. You have a lot of influence over the games you play for lovers, and you can learn about your partner and get them to play.

Benefits of Games for Lovers

Enjoying adult-only games for lovers doesn’t just pass the time, help celebrate, or alleviate boredom; they foster togetherness and reduce stress.

Keep lines of communication open, build a healthier, happier relationship, and increase oxytocin by setting aside at least one hour per week of adult-only fun.

Oxytocin, a hormone the brain uses to carry messages between brain cells which plays a significant part in social behaviors, bonding and forming attachments.

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