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37 Romantic and Sweet Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

37 Romantic and Sweet Happy New Year Messages and Wishes.

Happy New Year Messages and Wishes : Send your sweetheart romantic messages on New Year’s Day to remind her or him about your love.

Happy New Year Messages and Wishes The promise of a New Year filled with new possibilities and optimism for the future calls for inspiring New Year messages that inspire and uplift your friends and family’s hearts and souls.

Romantic Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

  • Today my love begins a new stage in our lives: I wish you a year full of magic and that is what you deserve: Thank you for being yourself.
  • There is very little I can ask from God this New Year as He was kind enough to have sent me the best possible gift already – You!
  • On this New Year’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other, supporting each other through our love.
  • This New Year I promise to fill each coming day with loving memories to store them in your heart forever.
  • We’ve been together one more year in which we have shared many things, it has been a wonderful year in which we’ve been able to strengthen our relationship.
  • This New Year I want to have only one resolution, but one to be kept for life – I promise to love you more and more.
  • Today I woke up remembering the first time we met, I wish you a happy new year and I’m sure it will be a year of goals met, a big kiss my love.
  • My New Year gift for you: my heart wrapped with love and passion. I hope that you will treasure it for many years to come!
  • My love with all my heart I hope this new year would be excellent for you, and that life would provide all that you need
  • e things you need and the heavens give you many blessings, and the world would give you pleasant things and especially I’ll always give my unconditional love. A big kiss for you my love.

Sweet Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

  • This New Year I wish to be the smile on your lips, the wind in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes, the love in your heart – I just want you to keep me close, just as I keep you in my soul.
  • This New Year God sent an Angel my way to make the world a blissful place for me to be in, and that Angel is You!
  • With you by my side, I know for sure that I shall have a fabulous New Year. You are my Good Luck Charm, my Guardian Angel.
  • New Year is the perfect time to celebrate all that one cherishes … I celebrate you and our relationship. I love you, honey.
  • My only wish this New Year is that may our love grow in leaps and bounds and never face any obstacles. I dreamed of someone who would complete me … then one day I opened my eyes to find you stepping into my life making my dream come true. Happy New Year, my dear!
  • No distance could ever keep me from reaching out to you to embrace you, to kiss you and wish you a Happy New Year.
  • Your beautiful sight heals my wounds, your smile cures my ailments, and your touch rejuvenates my spirits. All I truly need to face the New Year.
  • All I truly wish is to start the New Year in your arms and seal my undying love with a kiss.
  • No winter wind can keep away warmth from filling up my heart as I look forward to start a brand New Year with you as my love.
  • Your love has already made my life a magical one. So, as New Year starts, my humble tribute to you are three simple words – I love you.

Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

  • I want you to know that I love you more today than yesterday, our lives became one and resulted in our matchless love we feel. Happy New Year my love, please smile all the time, and I will try to make you always happy.
  • May our love give us the strength to overcome each and every darkness, and make beautiful beginnings together this New Year.
  • Thank you my love for making all my days start in a happy way with your company. Happy New Year and may God always be with us and take care of our love. Cheers for this beautiful day and for our love.
  • I love you with all my heart, and because of it I want to show you that is true by promising that all things will work much better this new year: Happy new year my love.
  • Even having some differences, the past year I also had many joys, which motivated me to love you every day. I sincerely hope that this New Year comes filled with patience and joy. Love of my life, have a happy year.
  • My dear, your love is the blissful light that will illuminate all my days with happiness this New Year. I love you today and forever.
  • Starting this day, I will no longer be the same person that you’ve been with during the past years. I promise to change for the better so that I can let you feel loved more and more each day of this New Year!
  • It is fun to live a life with you. Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together. I love you and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

Cool Happy New Year Messages and Wishes

  • My most precious wishes came true the day I met you and I feel so blessed. May the New year bring us more happiness, more joyful moments and the fortitude to face all challenges together. I love you, my dear.
  • My Life, I greet you for the New Year and I wish this year the life would give you many nice surprises. Today my love has grown faster than ever before and no one can erase it from my heart. God always bless us as a couple.
  • When we express our feelings of love and affection life becomes much prettier, so we advise you to send a message to all your loved ones: the beginning of a year is a great time to greet people and it won’t cost you anything. Happy New Year.
  • This New Year I wish that our bonding be increased manifold, our differences reduced to fractions and our lives filled with peace and harmony.
  • Let’s be bold, break the mold, and spend time ridding ourselves of the old. I’m looking forward to another year of crazy adventures with you, my friend.
  • Hey, buddy, it’s a new year, and I’m ready to start breaking our resolutions together! ~ Friend, I just met the New Year and its carrying loads of good things for you.
  • You are the perfect friend, so you don’t need to make any New Year’s resolutions, but I know you’ll help me with mine, because that’s the kind of loyal friend you are. Here’s to another year of fun together.
  • Friend, may messages of hope inspire you as you seek joy in the New Year.
  • May the New Year bring you vigorous health, a joyful heart, and the kind of wealth found only in friendship and love.

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