60 Romantic First Anniversary Wishes for Husband 2020 Update

60 Romantic First Anniversary Wishes for Husband 2020 Update.

First Anniversary Wishes for Husband: Marriage is a beautiful and loving relationship, and looking back on your husband’s magical first year would no doubt motivate you to share how unique it was with him.

First Anniversary Wishes for HusbandIf you need a gentle romantic poem, a little zippy rhyme, or a sweet and easy feeling to remind him of how much you love him and how excited you are for the years to come, the following husband’s 1st wedding anniversary wishes will help you know what to say.

Romantic First Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • The past year was amazing, and the future will be bright simply because you are in it. Happy anniversary to my husband and best friend.
  • If the first year of marriage is supposed to be a tell tale sign of how the rest of a couple’s life is going to be, ours is going to be beautiful and awesome. Happy anniversary, I love you.
  • We’ve learned to compromise, to persevere, and to be wise. I’m thankful that you see me through such loving husband eyes! I wish you every good thing on our first anniversary.
  • Thanks for wiping my tears, calming my fears, and filling our marriage with encouraging cheers. You are the best husband. Happy one year anniversary.
  • Husband, isn’t it beautiful how you fill my heart with love until it overflows, and then I am able to fill yours? Marriage has been all I hoped it would be, and I am grateful for a wonderful first year with you.
  • The sacrifices you make for our marriage have not gone unnoticed. I give you all my love on our one year anniversary, beloved husband.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever need a vacation – because every day of our life feels like a honeymoon. Happy first anniversary.
  • The calendar says that a year has gone by since our wedding day. Dear husband, I have enjoyed every second of our marriage, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.
  • Hubby, we are the perfect match, and I’m thankful to be hitched with you. Let’s celebrate our first year in style.
  • Our first anniversary is like a delicious starter in the elaborate menu of the rest of our lives. Wish you a yummy one!

Sweet First Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • At the end of our first year of marriage, you are as attractive as you were at the beginning. I adore you, my beloved husband.
  • Our marriage has been an amazing source of joy. It’s only been one year, sweet husband, but I can’t wait to spend all my days with you.
  • Tonight I want to celebrate by getting drunk on your love, dizzy under your spell. You have spoiled me during this first year of marriage, and now it’s time for me to show my appreciation to the man I love so much.
  • You have made me the happiest wife in the world. Our first year of marriage has uplifted and fulfilled me, and I could not be more thankful for you.
  • Anniversaries will come and go, but my craving for your hugs will always grow.
  • Hubby, you are the best. Husband, you cause all my biggest smiles. Happy one year anniversary to my favorite guy.
  • One year has passed so quickly and I don’t even know how. Maybe because I have never had so much fun in my life until now. Happy anniversary.
  • One year ago was a great day for a wedding, And since then our love has only been spreading. Happy anniversary, my lovely husband.
  • Your beautiful love, trustworthy and true, Fills me with joy at saying, “I do.” Happy one year anniversary, my fantastic husband. For a whole year of days, Your unselfish ways Have tended my heart And not failed to amaze. I love you more each day, my precious husband.
  • I get weak knees when I see you smile, but I get wings when I know that I’m the reason. Happy anniversary.

1st Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

  • Over the last one year I have realized that marriage is not just about love, hugs and cuddles but it is also about fights and arguments. But even fighting and arguing with a sweet husband like you… feels like a cute thing to do. Happy 1st anniversary.
  • We now have one year of marriage memories, It’s time to start on two. Husband, you have made my life complete, And I can’t wait to live it out with you.
  • You have been an awesome husband throughout the first year of our marriage. I hope you plan to maintain these standards in the future too. Happy anniversary darling.
  • Sweet hubby, on our first year anniversary, you are invited to a party for two. Let’s celebrate all night.
  • For some, take ages to find true happiness. I found mine in just one year. Happy anniversary sweetheart.
  • Dear husband, this year you have filled my heart with a joyous romantic love song. Your steadfast supportive devotion has made our marriage grow strong.
  • Husband, I appreciate your passion and patience, your goodness and graces, as we have journeyed down the path of marriage for one year now. Happy anniversary to the one I will always love.
  • Sweet husband, you still make me swoon, With my heart singing a most tender tune. Our first year has been happy and bright And I can’t wait to celebrate tonight.
  • We tied the knot a year ago, and the strength of that bond has been felt every day. Thank you for holding me together, precious husband.
  • I’m still your bride; you’re still my groom; it’s been one year, but it’s still a honeymoon! Happy anniversary!

1st Anniversary Wishes for Your Hubby

  • You have been selected as the winner for unlimited hugs and kisses from your wife on the occasion of your first anniversary. Offer will remain valid permanently.
  • Hug me, hunky husband. It’s been an awesome year. Happy 1st anniversary!
  • In the first year of our marriage, life has given me a crash course on how to be happily immersed in the beauty of love. I love you, happy anniversary.
  • Husband, because of you, our first year of marriage has been amazing. I love you so.
  • Darling, you’re still dreamy. Happy first year to my gorgeous husband.
  • It was a beautiful year; let’s celebrate. I love you, my husband, friend, and soul mate.
  • The romance of this dance called marriage has filled my heart with song. And celebrating our anniversary in my dear husband’s arms is just where I belong. May all our years be as good as the first one.
  • My beloved husband, marriage is a beautiful bond that keeps us from being apart. The memories of our first year of bliss are forever stored in my heart. Happy first year, hubby!
  • With the rate at which we’re making priceless memories, we’ll need at least a couple of more lifetimes to let them soak in. Happy 1st anniversary.
  • One year ago, I won the prize, For life with you has opened my eyes To wonders and dreams and happy ever after. Thank you, sweet husband, for the kisses and laughter.
  • Let’s bring out the cake and pop open the bubbly, Our first year of marriage has been nothing but lovely. Thanks to you precious hubby.

Cute First Anniversary Wishes for Hubby

  • Life is full of reasons to be happy but I don’t need them. All I need is you. Happy anniversary.
  • What a beautiful year of marriage we have enjoyed, my precious husband! We’ve had one whole year of wedded bliss, and God has set us on a blessed path.
  • Through the guessing, there’s blessing. Whatever marriage holds, it will never get old. We made it through our first year, and it has been a wonderful adventure, dear hubby.
  • Our first anniversary is testimony to the fact that proposing to me was the best decision of your life… and accepting your proposal was the best decision of mine. I love you.
  • One year ago today, God allowed me to marry my best friend. I will love you to the end, my cherished husband.
  • To the husband of my dreams, Our first year of marriage was beautiful and blessed. Happy anniversary, I can’t wait for the rest.
  • A year of wedded bliss, Each day sealed with a kiss, I never knew that marriage Could be as sweet as this. Happy first year, husband.
  • May our first anniversary set the scene for a romantic love saga which unfolds in its true glory in the years to come. Happy anniversary.
  • Our First anniversary – the moment when both of us can start showing our true colors as the gloves finally come off. Good luck.
  • To my handsome hubby, We two little lovebirds have feathered our nest, Celebrating one year, happy and blessed. My heartthrob and honey, my husband and friend, Happy anniversary, dear. May our love never end.

First Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Cool 1st Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  • The bubbly is doubly nice, And oh, how you do entice. I’ll bring the champagne and you bring your lips close to mine, hubby. Happy first year of marriage.
  • Our first wedding anniversary will last just for one day, but its sweet memories will last forever.
  • This is not just a wedding anniversary, but also a reminder of all the beautiful promises we’ve made to each other. Happy anniversary.
  • What a happy and harmonious first year of marriage we have enjoyed, sweet husband. I look forward to the many more to come.
  • A lot of people have misunderstood me but I don’t care. All I want is for you to know that I love you, and nothing else matters. Happy anniversary.
  • We’ve had our ups and downs, but our first year of marriage has been the best year of my life.
  • Your love has been passionate, undying and deep, A year of sweet joy my soul longs to keep. Happy anniversary to the man who makes my heart leap.
  • To my best friend and husband on this romantic occasion, my love for you has grown daily, and I wish you great happiness on our first anniversary.
  • It’s been a whole year since we ran under the rice, And this time with you has been everything nice. Happy anniversary to the best husband ever.

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