Samples of 50th Birthday Invitation Wording 2020 Update

Samples of 50th Birthday Invitation Wording 2020 Update.

Samples of 50th Birthday Invitation Wording: Of course, not everyone greets their 50th birthday with enthusiasm (to put it mildly).

50th birthday invitation wording


Still, regardless of how the birthday boy or girl feels about turning 50, it’s cause for celebration as far as friends and family are concerned. Throwing a 50th birthday bash is a great way to bring people together and recognize a special person.

There’s a long to-do list when you’re organizing this type of party, but one top priority is sending out invitations, thus this article will help you come up with the great 50th birthday invitation wording.

General Tips

It may be an extra-special birthday, but the basics of writing a good invitation still apply: There are just a few key points that are particular to 50th birthday party invites:

Send your invites early: For a big birthday like this, some guests may be willing to travel long distances to attend. Of course, it’s easier to make travel plans if you know of the event well in advance.

If you can’t get your invitations done early enough, consider calling or emailing important invitees to give them a heads up.

Use “over the hill” jokes with caution: Anyone turning 50 has to expect a little teasing. In fact, it might be awkward if no one tried to crack a single “old fart” joke.

Still, before you include such jokes in your invite, pause to think about how the guest of honor might react. In many cases, gentle teasing is the best option.

Keep your secrets: If it’s a surprise party (as many 50th birthday parties are), make that fact as clear as possible in the invitation.

Remember that anyone who has contact with the guest of honor could potentially spill the beans. The chances of keeping your secret improve when you use prominent and emphatic language to drive home the point.




Even with the above tips, you might be hard-pressed to come up with your own wording from scratch. Fortunately, it gets a lot easier when you look at some actual examples. Feel free to use the following wording samples as templates, or just browse them for ideas.

Samples of 50th Birthday Invitation Wording  For Her

50th birthday invitation wording

  • Still Fabulous at 50
    Join Us For Wine and Appetizers in Celebration Of
    Joan’s 50th Birthday!
    Some Things Get Better With Age
    Join Us For a Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Honoring
    Gail Smith

For Him

  • He’s Officially Over the Hill
    But He Still Hasn’t Had His Fill
    Join Us For Beer and BBQ As We Celebrate
    Rick Cohen’s 50th Birthday!


  • Vintage Dude Alert
    Brandon McKay is Turning 50!
    Join Us For Cocktails and Conversation to Mark the Big Day

Samples of 50th Birthday Invitation Wording Surprise Party

50th birthday invitation wording

  • Can You Keep a Secret?
    Leslie Black is Turning 50!
    Please Join Us For A
    Surprise 50th Birthday Party
    Did We Mention It’s a Surprise? Don’t Spill the Beans!


  • Please Join Us For A
    50th Birthday Bash
    In Honor Of
    Jan Nelson
    Saturday, February 9, 2018 at 8 pm
    The Nelson Home
    1234 50th Street SW, Lakeville
    RSVP to John Nelson (123-4567 / by Feb. 1)
    No Gifts – Your Presence is Present Enough!


  • Nifty at Fifty!
    You’re Invited to a 50th Birthday Potluck For
    Dan Joyner
    Please Bring Your Favorite Dish to Share


  • Can You Believe It?
    Juanita is Turning 50!
    Let’s Help Her Celebrate 5 Decades in Style!


50th birthday invitation wording

  • There’s Something in the Air…
    Yes, Greg Berman is Officially an Old Fart
    Join Us As We Celebrate His Five Decades on the Planet


  • The Half Century Club
    Not As Much Fun As the Mile High Club
    But Still Pretty Awesome
    Join Us As We Come Together to Celebrate
    Ann Holton’s 50th Birthday
    Welcome to the Club, Ann!


  • 50 Years!
    5 Decades!
    Half a Century!
    Now That I Have Your Attention, Please Join Us For A
    50th Birthday Party
    In Honor Of
    Bill Wong


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