A Grand Catalog of Sanskrit Names for your New Born Baby

A Grand Catalog of Sanskrit Names for your New Born Baby.

Sanskrit Names: In these days where we cherish class and uniqueness, Sanskrit names can rightly fit our desires. If you wish for a deep, profound and meaningful name for you kid, you need to take a closer look at Sanskrit names.

A Grand Catalog of Sanskrit Names for your New Born Baby

With their strong attachment and attention to their cultures and traditions, the Asians assign names to their kids with care. The special history of the Sanskrit language makes their names quite interesting.

Always, these Sanskrit names come with great messages and lessons. The Sanskrit speaking people accord much significance to these names.

Therefore, if you are wishing for a special, unique and awesome name for your baby, try Sanskrit names. Below is a compact list of rare Sanskrit names you can select from.

Positive Sanskrit Names for Baby Boys

Positive Sanskrit Names for Baby Boys

1. Achyut – A name for Lord Vishnu, imperishable, indestructible

2. Aadit – Aadit, meaning ‘peak’, is a wonderful name and will be perfect if you are looking for something that is not run of the mill.

3. Aagam – Some Sanskrit names for boys may sound ordinary and common, but hide great meaning inside them. One of these names is Aagam, which means ‘arrival’.

4. Aagneya – The name Aagneya means the ‘son of fire’.

5. Adi – Are you looking for a Sanskrit name that is not too complex? Try Adi, which means ‘first’.

6. Adhrit – A name for Lord Vishnu, one worthy of respect

7. Advait – Unique, an identity of Lord Brahma

8. Adyant – Beginning to the end

9. Arit – One worthy of praise

10. Aryan – Noble and civilised

11. Asav – Nectar, exciting, stimulating

12. Ashvath – A name for the sun, as strong as a horse, a holy tree

13. Atulya – Incomparable, unequalled

14. Avyay – Imperishable, Name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva

15. Ayushman – Blessed with a long life

16. Balaaditya -The name Balaaditya means the ‘young Sun’.

17. Bandhul – A very unique baby boy name in Sanskrit, Bandhul means ‘pleasing’

18. Bharat – niversal monarch

19. Bhavesh – Lord of world, A name for Lord Shiva

20. Bhavin – Blessing, illustrious

21. Bhuvanesh – Lord of the world

22. Chahel – The name Chahel is attractive. The sweet and short name means the one who is ‘good cheer’.

23. Chaitanya – The universal soul or spirit

24. Chandak  – The name Chandak means the one who is like ‘the moon’.

25. Chandan – Sandalwood is an important part of Hindu rituals. The aroma of sandalwood is not just pleasing, but is also considered a symbol of purity and chastity. Chandan means ‘sandalwood’.

26. Chandra – The endlessness and mystique of the space may just be the inspiration your son needs. Chandra means ‘moon’.

27. Chetas – onsciousness, mind

28. Chitraksh – Beautiful eyes

29. Chittin – Intelligence, splendor

30. Daiwik – The name Daiwik for your baby boy means the one who is here ‘by the grace of god’

31. Daksh – The name Daksh means the one who is ‘capable’. It also refers to the son of Lord Brahma, one among the holy trinity.

32. Dakshesh – Able and dexterous

33. Darsh – name for Lord Krishna

34. Deepak -Deepak Chopra, the Indian American author and spiritual thinker can be credited for taking this name to the global level. Deepak means ‘light’.

  1. Deo – Are you looking for a short and unique name? Deo is what we suggest. It is short, sweet, and means ‘Godlike’.

36. Deodar – Deodar is the name of the ‘god tree’, native to India. It means ‘divine wood’.

37. Deva – Deva, the term used for a deity in Hinduism, is also a popular name with Indians. It means ‘one who wishes to excel’.

38. Deval – Here’s another name for believers. Deval too means ‘Godlike’. It is a simple Hindu baby name in Sanskrit, fit for families who believe in brevity.

39. Dharma – Dharma, embodying the principles of the cosmic existence, would make a fitting name for your son. It means ‘truth’.

40. Dhanush – Dhanush is a popular name in South India, but remains obscure in the rest of the country. The name means ‘bow’.

41. Divit – Here’s another beautiful choice for your son. Divit sounds good, is easy to pronounce and has a great meaning too! It means ‘immortal’.

42. Dushyant – Destroyer of evil

43. Dvij – Dvij means ‘born twice’. It is a short name that encapsulates all that’s beautiful in the Sanskrit language. Elegant and concise, Dvij is the perfect name for boys.

44. Eashan – If you are looking for a name that is unique, but has a traditional meaning, go with Eashan, which is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

45. Edi – The very short, sweet and unique name Edi means ‘healing’.

46. Ehimay – This unique and beautiful sounding name Ehimay means the one who is ‘all pervasive’.

47. Ekaveer – A unique hero

48. Ekaksh – A name for Lord Shiva; one with an excellent eye

49. Falit – Looking for a Sanskrit name with the letter F? Falit means ‘productive’.

50. Gagan – Sky; the heavens

51. Gaurish – A name for Lord Shiva; a lofty Himalayan peak

52. Girivar – The king of mountains; a name for the Himalayas

53. Gyanav – Full of knowledge

54. Hardik – Heartfelt; friendship

55. Harit – Green, fragrant plant

56. Hridyanshu – Light from the heart, moon

57. Indranuj – Younger brother of Lord Indra

58. Ipsit – Desired

59. Ishan – The sun as a form of Lord Shiva

60. Itish – A name for Lord Shiva; supreme ruler

61. Jagrav – Awakened; awareness

62. Jaitra – Triumphant; superior

63. Jaivant – Victorious

64. Jatasya – One that has taken birth

65. Kairav – White lotus opening at moonshine

66. Kanishk – An ancient king

67. Karunesh – Lord of mercy

68. Kaushtubh – Legendary gem

69. Kush – Son of Lord Rama; sacred grass

70. Lakshay – One who’s always on target

71. Lakshit – Recognised; characterized

72. Lalit – Beautiful

73. Lekhit – Written

74. Manan – Thoughtful

75. Manav – Man; youth

76. Mokshit – Free; liberated

77. Mridul – Soft; calm

78. Mukund – Precious stone; a name for Lord Vishnu

79. Naman – Salutations

80. Nandish – A name for Lord Shiva

81. Naren – Naren sounds peppy, modern and exotic. It means a ‘superior man’.

82. Nihit – All life is sacred as it is a gift of god! Nihit is a good name if you believe in the power of the divine. Nihit means ‘God’s gift’.

83. Nilay – Resting place; refuge

84. Nirav – Silent

85. Nirbhay – Fearless

86. Ojas – Brilliance; bountiful energy

87. Ojayit – Courageous

88. Oman – Protector

89. Oorjit – Power; strong

90. Parth – Prince

Sanskrit Names

91. Pradyut – Shining; illuminated

92. Pragyan – Wisdom, supreme intelligence

93. Pratham – First; foremost

94. Prayag – Place of sacrifice

95. Rachit – The name Rachit means the one who is like an ‘invention’. It also means ‘written’.

96. Rajiv – Rajiv, meaning ‘one whose eyes are like lotus flowers,’ is one of the few names that could easily cross the cultural boundaries.

97. Ram – Ram is one of the most familiar and assertive Sanskrit names. It means ‘pleasing’

98. Rakshit – Protected

99. Ranajay – Victorious

100. Rathin – A charioteer

101. Saatvik – Pious; pure

102. Saket – A place of pilgrimage

103. Samarth – Able ; efficient

104. Sambhav – Born; existence

105. Sarthak – Meaningful; significant

106. Sashwat – Eternal; a name for Lord Shiva

107. Savar – A name for Lord Shiva

108. Shivansh – Part of Lord Shiva

109. Tanmay – A name for Lord Shiva

110. Tarak – This moniker, with the ‘Tara’ in it, has a sci-fi vibe to it. It means ‘star and protector’.

111. Tarush – Conquerer

112. Tathya – Tathya has a wonderful and symbolic meaning. It means ‘truth’.

113. Tavasya – Strength

114. Trinabh – A name for lord Vishnu

115. Tushant – Here’s another baby boy name that is not typically masculine. Tushant means ‘flower’ in Sanskrit.

116. Uddhav – Festival; sacrificial fire

117. Udit – Lofty; ascended

118. Udyat – Star; rising

119. Utkarsh – Superior; attractive

120. Vedant – Complete knowledge of the Vedas

121. Ved -Ved means ‘sacred knowledge’ and represents the Vedas, which are the source of wisdom, tradition, and religion for most Hindus.

122. Veer – We’d suggest you this name for its meaning. Veer means ‘brave’ or ‘warrior’.

123. Vibhuti – Holy ash; prosperity; glory

124. Vibodh – Intelligence, awakening

125. Vidyot – A flash of light

126. Viraj – Sovereignty; majesty

127. Vrishank – A name for Lord Shiva

128. Yash – Fame; honour; respect

129. Yatin – Yatin means ‘ascetic’. It is a common name with a rather old-fashioned meaning, but it is beautiful

130. Yug – An era

131. Yuvan – Young king; heir apparent

Beautiful Sanskrit Names for Baby Girl

Beautiful Sanskrit Names for Baby Girl

1. Aadrika – Name of an celestial being (apsara)

2. Aaratrika – Lamp used for worship (arti)

3. Aarunya – Like other major cultures from around the world, the sun holds a pivotal position in Hinduism. Aarunya is a proof of this. It means the ‘first rays of the sun’.

4. Aayushi – Lineage, duration of life

5. Abha – Not all baby names in Sanskrit are long and complicated! Abha is a short name. It means ‘brightness’ and reflects the joy your daughter has brought into your life.

6. Abhitha – Goddess Parvati reflects the feminine part of creation, according to Hindu mythology. She symbolizes strength, purity, love, and creativity. How about making your daughter Parvati’s namesake? Name her Abhitha, which means ‘Goddess Parvati’.

7. Aditi – Most Indian girl names end with the letter A. If you are looking for a simple Sanskrit baby name that doesn’t end with an ‘A’ try Aditi. It means ‘universal’.

8. Aishani – A name for Goddess Durga; a cotton-silk tree

9. Antara – The second note in Hindustani music

10. Arunima – Red glow of the early morning sunlight

11. Avni – The earth

12. Bala – Bala, meaning ‘the little one,’ sounds like Bella.

13. Beryl – Meaning ‘gemstone’, Beryl has not yet made it to the popularity charts. Go for it if you want to walk the road less traveled.

14. Bhama – Your little one has made your life brighter. Bhama means ‘filled with brightness, splendor, and luster’. An apt name for your little sunshine!

15. Bhargavi – A name for Goddess Parvati or Lakshmi; sacred durva grass

16. Bhanavi – Belonging to the sun

17. Bhavika – Full of emotion and expression

18. Bhoomi – The earth

19. Chaitri -The full moon in the month of Chaitra

20. Chandrika – Moon; moonlight

21. Charvi – A beautiful lady

22. Chetaki – A name of a raga; jasmine flower

23. Chitragandha – Of various fragrances

24. Daksha – Competent; Shiva’s wife; the earth

25. Devangi – Like a Goddess

26. Devanshi – Part of a God; divine

27. Devaki – Divine

28.Devika – Little Goddess

29. Dheemayi – To meditate upon

30.Eeshani – A name for Goddess Durga

31. Eni – A river or stream

32. Esha – Wish

33. Gatha – Song of praise; a religious verse

34. Gauravi – Pride, respect

35. Gayatri – A name for Goddess Durga; a sacred verse

36. Gitika – A short song or hymn

37. Gomeda – Who needs precious stones when they have a child as beautiful and precious as a diamond? Gomeda means ‘one who is like a gem’.

38. Gunanidhi – As a parent, you worry not just about your baby’s health, but also about giving her the right values. The name Gunanidhi means ‘stockpile of good qualities’.

39. Gunjitha – There is nothing prettier than the sound of nature. Your baby’s laughter is music to your ears. The beautiful name Gunjitha means ‘humming of the bees’.

40. Hansika – A little swan

41. Harshita – Joy and delight


42. Hasini – Delightful; name of an apsara

43. Himadri – A Himalayan mountain

44. Hritika – Abiding in the heart; truthful and modest

45. Idhika – The earth

46. Iditri – One worthy of praise

47. Iha – Request; desire

48. Iksha – Sight

49. Ishani – Silk-cotton tree; name of Goddess Durga

50. Jahnavi – The river Ganga

51. Jigyasa – Desire to know and learn

52. Jiti – Victory

53. Jivantika – A medicinal plant; bestower of long life

54. Kalyani – Auspicious and prosperous

55. Kaveri – A sacred river of India

56. Kavya – Poem

57. Laasya – Dance performed by Goddess Parvati

58. Lakshanya – Having auspicious marks or signs

59. Lakshita – To see, recognise

60. Lavani – Grace; beauty

61. Lavanya – Charming

62. Madhavi – Spring is the season of beauty and celebration, just like your daughter! Name her Madhavi, which means ‘born in springtime’.

63. Madhuri – Are you a fan of the popular Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit? Then this name will have a special place in your life. Though common, Madhuri is still a great choice for girls. It means ‘sweet’.

64. Malavika – A Himalayan plant; name of the heroine of Kalidas’s play, Malvika Agnimitra

65. Malini – Here’s another popular Sanskrit name for girls that is still worth a million bucks! Malini means ‘aromatic’.

66. Manisha – Wisdom is often underrated. It is not something you learn from books. It comes with experience. Manisha is a beautiful name that means ‘wise’.

67. Manishitha – You sent out a wish to the universe, and it came true in the form of your daughter! A blessed baby like her deserves a special name like Manishitha, which means ‘wish’ in Sanskrit.

68. Manya – Worthy of respect and honour

69. Mihira – The sun, moon, wind and clouds

Sanskrit names for Ladies

70. Nalini – Sacred lotus

71. Namasya – Adoration; reverance

72. Navya – Newness; fresh

73. Nitya – Eternal

74. Nivedita – One who is entrusted with dedicated service; compassionate

75. Ojasvi – Bright; lustrous; like gold

76. Omana – Protector and helper

77. Oormila – Wife of Lakshman

78. Prabhodhini – The 11th day in the light half of Kartika in the Hindu calendar; a medicinal plant

79. Prabhodita – The enlightened one

80. Paridhi – Realm; the halo round the sun or moon; the ocean surrounding the earth

81. Pratyusha – Sunrise; dawn

82. Rangana – Happiness and merrymaking

83. Rasika – Graceful and elegant: juice of sugarcane

84. Revati – Royal jasmine; a particular ragini in music; prosperity

85. RiddhiGood fortune and prosperity

86. Ritvika – One who recites the Rig Veda; priestess

87.Samiha – Wish; desire; incomparable

88. Samiksha – Intellect and insights

89. Shambhavi – Goddess Durga; relating to Lord Shiva; a name of a river

90. Shloka -A Vedic chant or hymn

91. Sukanya – A beautiful lady

92. Surabhi – Beautiful; fragrance; springtime

93. Swara – Musical tone; music

94. Talika – Palm of the hand; a medicinal plant; a gemstone or ornament

95. Tapasi – A female ascetic

96. Tarini – A form of Goddess Durga

97. Tavishi – Courage; a heavenly virgin

98. Tatvika – Real; true

99. Trushita – Desirous; thirsty

100. Udita – One who has risen; lofty and luminous

101. Ujvala – Bright and dazzling; radiant

102. Upasana -Worship and adoration

103. Urmika – A small wave

104. Uttarika – Saviour; deliverer

105. Utkarsha – Utkarsha is a classic Sanskrit name and sounds melodious. It is pretty unique and will make a good name for your daughter. It means ‘energetic’.

106. Vaasvi – Night-time;

107. Vamika – A name for Goddess Durga

108. Vardaniya – One who is prosperous, happy and thriving

109. Varnini – A lady of repute and honour; turmeric

110. Vaidehi – A name for Sita; a medicinal plant

111. Vela – Vela is a simple baby name meaning ‘shore’ or ‘coast’.

112. Venya – If you are looking for a Sanskrit name that sounds trendy yet reflects your faith, Venya is the right one for you. It means ‘wished for’.

113. Yaalini – Melodious

114. Yamini – Nocturnal, night

115. Yashasvini – One who is successful and illustrious

116. Yashtika – A string of pearls

117. Yoshita – A beautiful lady

Generally, it wouldn’t hurt anyone for your kid to stand out. Assign some wonderful Sanskrit names to your kids and observe how impactful they can be to them.

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