Fantastic Scandinavian Girl Names Entailing Elegance and Grace

Scandinavia is a subregion in Northern Europe, with strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. Normally, just like most regions, there are peculiar Scandinavian girl names. Scandinavian girl names bear huge imprints of the cultural, historical, and mythological attributes of Scandinavia.

Fantastic Scandinavian Girl Names Entailing Elegance and Grace

More extensively, Scandinavia is similar to what is locally called the Nordic countries, which include the remote Norwegian islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen and Greenland, a constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Predominantly, Scandinavian girl names are very popular in these regions.

However, Scandinavian girl names are gradually permeating the global space with these names becoming increasingly popular. Recently, Scandinavia is used to refer to Denmark, Norway and Sweden, sometimes more narrowly to the Scandinavian Peninsula, or more broadly to include the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Finland and Iceland.

Consequently, Scandinavian girl names have can be found in many places across the globe. Certainly, the richness and uniqueness of Scandinavian girl names make them highly attractive and sort after. Accordingly, Wordingvibes has compiled a list of special Scandinavia girl names for you below.

Beautiful Scandinavian Girl Names with Meanings

Beautiful Scandinavian Girl Names with Meanings

To give you an idea of what Scandinavian girl names look like, we have put together this list.

1. Agnes – The meaning of this name is ‘a chaste woman’

2. Annika – Variation of Anna, which means Grace

3. Asta – For every parent, their life is situated in their child and thus this name is one of the top listed names as it means ‘love’.

4. Astrid – This Scandinavian name sounds very unique and it means ‘who is heavenly beautiful’.

5. Betla – A woman who finds God in her oath        

6. Bimasha – This is a very philosophical name which means ‘a woman from the sea’

7. Botill – This is one of the unique names which means ‘one who likes to order or command’

8. Brigid – A Celtic goddess of poetry and fire          

9. Britta – The meaning of this Scandinavian name is ‘strength’

10. Brynja – An armoured and protected woman                                     

11. Carianne – This name sounds very cool and sophisticated which means ‘a pure woman’.

12. Carina – Every child is so close to their parents, so one should opt for this name as it means ‘dear one’.

13. Crysten – Follows Christ                

14. Dagmar – Every daughter one day will be ‘a mother’, and that’s what this name means

15. Dagmara – Maiden; unmarried  

16. Dagna – This name comes from the land of Scandinavia which states ‘a special day’. Every day with your baby is a special day, life will take you for a roller-coaster round while parenting them.

17. Dagny – A speacial new day                        

18. Dahlia – This floral name has its origin from the widely known flower, Dahlia.

Beautiful Girl

19. Edda – This short, simple name means ‘clear vision of the future.’

20. Eirny – One who is born of new healing and is fresh        

21. Elizabeth – This is one of the popular Scandinavian girl names and is commonly used. It means ‘a person who is blessed by God and provides them with all happiness of life.

22. Elna – A creative as well as creative person                          

23. Else – This is a short but classy name which means ‘noble’. This name can be used as it is or as a short form of the name Elizabeth.

24. Elvi – this name means noble friend.                      

25. Erica – forever strong or ever queenly.                  

26. Erika – This is a very powerful name as it means ‘one who rules the world’

27. Erilyn – a combination of two words Eric and Lynn.                          

28. Erleen – noble woman. 

29. Erth – a German word for earth.                               

30. Ertha – an Old English word for earth.                     

31. Eryn – a poetic form of referring to Ireland.                         

32. Erynn – a word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland.                  

33. Esabell – This is another very popular and commonly heard name. If you are from a religious family then this name is the best option for you which means ‘lady who is devoted to the Almighty’.

34. Eslanda – an Irish word for truth.                              

35. Estrid – a beautiful goddess.                       

36. Etna – the name of a 5th century Irish saint.                        

37. Eyre – One who lives at the gravel bank river                      

38. Freya – A baby comes with lots of love and happiness in a family. So this is one of the most suggested names as it means ‘Goddess of Love’.

39. Freyja – A name given to the lady of love, beauty and death                       

40. Gamela – Resembles an older or elder person.                                  

41. Gefion – One who bestows treasures.                  

42. Gefjun – This is one of the unique names being used or heard. It means ‘prosperity’ which is very important in life.

43. Gerd – A plot of ground where plants are cultivated.                      

44. Gersemi – For every parent their daughter is the jewel, they are beyond any value. Thus, one should opt for this name as it means ‘a jewel or a precious gem’.

45. Hanna – This is one of the highly popular and most used names from the lands of Scandinavia used all over the world.

46. Hanne – This is an amazing name to flaunt by keeping your daughter’s name. Women with this name are generally very charming, graceful and elegant.

Sweet Scandinavian Girl Names

47. Jakobina – May the Lord watch over her                               

48. Jennsen – A baby is a gift of God to every parent. This name means ‘favour or a gift’, one can go for this name to show their love and affection to their daughter.

49. Kai – A child is the world of every parent. By giving your daughter this name you deliver your love as Kai means ‘earth’

50. Kajsa – The name Kajsa means Pure                       

51. Karalee – Karalee name means Pure, Fair                                             

52. Karalie – In this modern world, it is tough to find a true soul whom one can trust. Individuals with this name are generally found to be ‘a very genuine soul and trustworthy’

53. Karalyn – Karalyn name means Pure, True or Bright         

54. Karlie – This is a classy name which sounds very sophisticated. It means ‘a free woman’ who is self-independent and is confident to face all hurdles of life.

55. Khristene – The name means She is of Chrisian Faith                      

56. Kirci – A blossom of a cereal herb amaranth        

57. Klara – Klara means The Clear, Bright One            

58. Kristin – Kristin means She Who Follows Christ                  

59. Kristina – A woman of Christian faith                                      

60. Laila – This name shows that it has its roots in Sweden, Norway, parts of Russia or in Finland, and it means ‘night’

61. Laris – To be crowned with laurel             

62. Linnea – This is one more name from Scandinavia which comes after a flower. People generally love to be with or feel comfortable with individuals named Linnea.

63. Lisana – my God is perfection                    

64. Lise – Swedish form of the name Lisa                     

65. Liv – This short and quiet name is very impactful which means ‘life’. A daughter is the life of her parents and thus is too precious.

66. Lynnea – The name sounds beautiful and delicate as its meaning is, it means ‘a flower’. Names kept after a flower is in trend these days.

67. Mari – The name states ‘calmness, love and affection’. It is a form of the name Marie.

68. Nessa – Peninsulas, outcrop, point, cliff.                                               

69. Nessarose – The rose of the peninsula  

70. Nora – Many might say the name sounds old-fashioned but it’s evergreen. The name is related to honour and sounds very decent, respectful and elegant.

71. Norell – From the northern land or part.                               

72. Nysse – Spell variant of Mohammad that means the graceful of all. 


Lovely Scandinavian Girl Names

71. Odda – It is one of the beautiful nordic girl names which means ‘a person to is perfect or complete from every aspect’ in their life

72. Oddlaug – A Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of Moses that means derived of water.                       

73. Oddny – The “Chosen one” or “preferred one”. Also the head of a village or society in Arabic.                    

74. Oddrun – A spell variant of Mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon.                      

75. Oddveig – Moksha is a Sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved.       

76. Olafur – This name means ‘protection’, and indicates responsibilities.

77. Olav – If you are a parent who is concerned about their family morals and culture then the name is suggested to you as Olav, the name means ‘ancestor’s descendant’.

78. Oletha – The person who is remarked by simplicity, having a humble opinion of himself.                               

79. Olga – The holy light                       

80. Onni – This name reflects ‘luck, success and happiness’

81. Onnika – Light reflection of nimble or shine.                       

82. Paley – One with the pale eyes 

83. Pernilla – Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra     

84. Petronella – Latin – Country bumpkin; Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of Petra 

85. Quinnie – Every parent wishes that their child will grow and gain all wealth and happiness in life. Therefore, this name seems best as it means ‘one who lives a royal life’.

86. Rakel – Hebrew – Ewe; A variant of Rachel           

87. Rheta – Scandinavian – Advice; Speaker; A variant of Reta and a spelling variant is Rhetta                Girl                        

88. Rigmor – Germanic – Rich; Powerful; Ruler; Spirit; Courage; Maid; A variant is Rigmora                    

89. Rona – Hebrew – Joy is mine; Old English – Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of Rhona            

90. Ronja – A baby brings a lot of emotions in a family or between a couple. This name means ‘a joyful song of God’ and similarly, she can be your bundle of joy always.

91. Roselen – Name after flowers are highly on-trend now, from the name itself one can judge it is formed from a rose

92. Runa – This name is from Old Norse and means ‘secret lore’. It is the female version of the boy name Rune.

93. Ruth – A woman who is a good friend                    

Charming Baby Girl

94. Sanna – The meaning of the name is ‘a flower, lily’. Your daughter is as pretty and delicate as a flower and so Sanna is an appropriate name for her.

95. Signy – One who brings new victories                    

96. Sigrid – This uncommon name can surely add an identity for your daughter. It means a person who brings victory in whatever she does.

97. Sigrun – To achieve secret victories         

98. Sigurd – A kid who has victory in her name can never be defeated. She will be growing as a strong human to handle all the odds of life easily.

99. Silka – A dim-sighted woman. Short of Cecilia                     

100. Siv – This name means ‘bride’ in Old Norse and Siv, also called Sif, was the wife of Thor, God of Thunder

101. Smilla – Your baby is your bundle of joy, looking at her brings a smile on your face. This name in literal term means ‘a person who always has a beautiful smile’.

102. Sofia – Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman                

103. Somerild – One who is a traveler in the summer                               

104. Sunnie – From the name itself, we can figure out what it means ‘a gift of Sun’

105. Sunnild – he is like the Sun          

106. Susannah – She is just like the lily flower                               

107. Svea – A girl who is Swedish        

108. Synne – She who is of the Sun                   

109. Synnove – A girl who was the Sun’s gift; To be gifted by the Sun                

110. Thora – This is a female name that honours Thor, the God of Thunder

111. Tonje – One of the unique Scandinavian baby girl names is Tonje. It means ‘one who is invaluable’, for every parent their child is precious to them and thus the name is highly suggested.

112. Tralloni – The servant or the serf

113. Tuva – The name sounds so unique, it means ‘beautiful’ and yes, every daughter is very special and gorgeous in the eyes of their parents.

114. Uzma – Though this name is short but is very impactful, meaning ‘luxurious and supreme’

Sometimes exotic names seem to be very fabulous and sweet. Not as if these names do not exist in other forms in our individual languages and cultures, it is simply how apt they express their meanings and how spectacular they sound that thrills most of us. As can be seen, Scandinavian girl names are simply fantastic.

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