Exquisite Serbian Names too Spectacular to Ignore for Kids

Exquisite Serbian Names too Spectacular to Ignore for Kids.

Serbian Names: Although Serbia appears to occupy a very tiny geographical space, this nation is not lacking in variety or history. Serbia has some unique characteristics evident in all spheres of life. In naming patterns, Serbia names tend to be well thought and honored.

Exquisite Serbian Names too Spectacular to Ignore for Kids

Serbian names do not come like the regular, conventional names we have around. Additionally, the peculiar production of some sounds in their language makes these names more attractive. A good number of Serbian names draw their origin from their Slavic roots and language.

Therefore, Serbian names appeal greatly to people all over the world especially those well acquainted with their history, struggles, evolution, and their rich culture and tradition. If you have a crush on the Serbian lifestyle, their language, or whatever, you might love to take on one of their names too. Maybe for your kid or as a nickname. Below is a valuable list of Serbian names and what they mean.

Dazzling Serbian Names for Girls with Meaning

Dazzling Serbian Names for Girls with Meaning

1. Adrijana (ade-ri-yana) – the Serbian feminine form of the name Adrien, meaning “sea” or “water”.

2. Aleksandra: Greek origin, meaning “defender or helper of man”.

3. Amelia -This is an English variant of a Latin name which means ‘work, industry, industrious’. It is a feminine form of a Roman name derived from a Latin word. The first woman who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean was Amelia.

4. Ana: Hebrew origin, meaning “favour” or “grace”.

5. Anja – Anja is one of the most alluring variations of the name Ann/Anna. It means ‘grace’. The name Anja is common is several European countries, not just Serbia.

6. Bojana (bo-yana) – Serbian origin, meaning “battle”.

7. Branka – Serbian origin, meaning “to defend” or “to protect”.

8. Delilah – The name is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘weak, poor’. This name is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. The name revived after falling out of popular favor in the 18 Century.

9. Dijana (di-yana) – Serbian form of the name Diana, meaning “heavenly, divine, shining one”.

10. DragaSerbian name, meaning “dragon”. Draga Ljočić was the first Serbian female doctor and a major figure in the Serbian women’s rights movement.

11. Dragana – Slavic origin, meaning “precious”.

12. Elena – Greek origin, meaning “bright shining light”.

13. Eliana – It originated in Hebrew. The name is a variant of Latin surname which means ‘sun’. The name has a beautiful meaning ‘My Lord has answered’.

14. Evidokija (ev-ee-doh-kiya) –  Greek origin, meaning “she whose fame or judgement is good”.

15. Faith – It is a delicate name that reminds one of a virtue that refers to having absolute trust and confidence in God. An American country singer is a famous bearer of the name.

16. Galina – Russian and Slavic origin, meaning “calm healer”.

17. Gorana – Serbian origin, meaning “mountain woman” or “woman from the highlands”.

18. Hana – Hana is a variation of the name Hannah. Honestly, we feel Hana is a more striking and different. Hana means many things to many people. This flower meaning name spells as Hanae in Japanese and Hannah in American. Some consider Hana as the short form of Johanna.

19. Irina – Russian origin, meaning “peace”.

20. Isabel – An Italian variant of a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning ‘My God is abundance’ or ‘My God is an oath/vow’. This has been used interchangeably with Elizabeth and is a standalone name for centuries.

21. Isidora –  Serbian name meaning “gift of the Goddess Isis”. Isidora Sekulić was a major female writer in Serbian literature.

22. Iva – Slavic origin, meaning “God is gracious”.

23. Ivana – Serbian origin, meaning “gift from the heavens”.

24. Jana – Jana is a feminine version of the name Jan. This cross-cultural name is famous not just in Serbia, but also in Holland, Ireland, and Scandinavia. You have to pronounce Jana as Yah-nah or Jan-ah.

25. Jelislaveta – a Serbian name with Hebrew origins, it means “God is my oath”. Jelislaveta Načić was the first female Serbian architect and the first female chief of architecture in the capital city, Belgrade.

26. Katarina – Katarina is the Serbian version of Katherine. It sounds extremely pleasing to the ears. If Katarina is too ordinary for you, then you can consider the unusual Ekaterina. The name means ‘pure’.

27. Katya – Russian origin, meaning “pure”.

28. Ksenija – a Serbian name derived from Greek, meaning “hospitality”. Ksenija Atanasijević was the first major female Serbian philosopher.

29. Layla – The name means ‘night’ in Arabic. It has an Arabic or Persian origin meaning ‘amusement, play’. This was a popular literary character in Arabia and Persia and a wonderful song as well.

30. Leposava – Serbian origin, meaning “beauty”.

31. Lidija (lid-ee-ya) – Serbian form of the name Lydia, which means “beautiful one” or “noble one”.

32. Madeline – An English variant of a Hebrew name, meaning ‘from Magdala’ which was a sea village. It is the name of a heroine in a children’s series too.

33. Maga  – a Slavic name that means “blood relative”. Maga Magazinović brought modern dance to Serbia and was a key figure in their women’s rights movement.

34. Maja – Maja is undoubtedly an intriguing Serbian name for your angel. You have to pronounce it as “mah-yuh” or “mah ih ah”. The name relates to the Goya’s painting “The Naked Maja”. The meaning of Maja is ‘splendid’.

35. Malina – Malina is a sweet sounding name for your little sweetheart. It means ‘raspberries’, the fruit. The name is a feminization of Malcolm or a variation of the Greek name Melina. Malina is popular in Serbia.

36. Milena – Milena sounds a lot like Malina but has a different meaning. The meaning of Milena is ‘love, warmth, grace’. The name has a continental appeal to it. Did you know that Milena is the short form of the famous actor Mila Kunis? Another famous bearer of the name is Milena Govitch of the film ‘Law and Order’. Mila will make the best nickname for this name.

37. Mileva -a Slavic name that means “gracious” or “dear”. Mileva Marić was the only female student of Albert Einstein, many people believe she did a lot of behind the scenes work in discovering the Theory of Relativity.

38. Milicia – Serbian origin, meaning “kind” and “dear”.

39. Milunka – the feminine form of Miloš, meaning “kind”. Milunka Savić famously took her brother’s place in the Serbian army during the Second Balkan War and worked hard to ensure the orphans of the war had a place to go.

Pretty Serbian Names for Girls

40. Mina – this name has many meanings across different cultures, in Serbia it can mean “protection” or “guardian”.

41. Nadežda – a Slavic name meaning “hope”. Nadežda Petrović was an iconic Serbian expressionist painter.

42. Nadia/Nadiya – Slavic origin, meaning “hope”.

43. Nevena – Slavic origin, meaning “flower”.

44. Nikolina – Greek origin, meaning “victorious people”.

45. Nina – Russian origin, meaning “flower”.

46. Olga – Russian origin, meaning “holy”.

47. Petra – Petra is an impressive Serbian name with a Slavic feel to it. It is a feminine form of the name Peter. This is one of the best serbian girl names, that relates to the ancient city in the Jordan.

48. Rachel – It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘ewe’. In the Old Testament, this was the name of Jacob’s favorite wife. Though initially popular in the Jewish community, it gained preference in English speaking communities later.

49. Radmila – Serbian origin, meaning “happiness” and “sweet”.

50. Rebecca – A Greek name, Rebecca is a Latin and English version of it. The name is mentioned in the Bible and recently has become a classic favorite in the UK and the US. This is also the name of a Dutch – American model and actress.

51. Ruslana – Russian origin, meaning “lion”.

52. Ruža (roo-ja) – Serbian origin, meaning “rose”.

53. Sanja (san-ya) – this name has many meanings, in Russian, it derives from the name Alexandra, which means “defender of men”. In Serbian, it comes from the word “sanjati”, meaning “dreamer”.

54. Slađana (slad-dyana) – Serbian origin, meaning “sweet”.

55. Sofia – The name of a capital city, Sofia is a Scandinavian and Spanish variant of a Greek name. It means ‘wisdom’. There is a reference to the second oldest church as well.

56. Svetlana – Russian origin, meaning “light” or “holy”.

57. Tamara – Russian origin, meaning “palm tree”.

58. Teodora – Teodora is an attractive Serbian name. And it has an equally attractive nickname. We feel the Teodora has more phonic appeal than its English form Theodora. The nicknames you can consider for Teodora include Dory, Dora, and Teo. The name Teodora means ‘gift of God’.

59. Tijana (tee-yana) -Serbian origin, meaning “silent”.

60. Valentina – It is a Latin name which has its Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Russian variant meaning ‘strong, healthy’.  It is a much-preferred name for girls.

61. Valerie – It is a German and English variant of a Latin name. This too means ‘strong, healthy’. It is a feminine form of a family name in Rome.

62. Vesna – Slavic origin, meaning “spring”.

63. Viktorija – Serbian form of Victoria, meaning “triumphant”.

64. Violeta – Serbian origin, meaning “violet”.

65. Vladana – Serbian origin, feminine form of Vladimir which means “to rule”.

66. Xenia –  Greek and Slavic origins, meaning “hospitality”.

67. Zara – This is an Arabic variant of an Arabic name. It means ‘God remembers’. It is a preferred name that has extensively been popular in the last five years.

68. Zora – Serbian name, meaning “dawn”.

69. Zorica – Slavic origin, meaning “dawn” or “aurora”.


Bold Serbian Names for Boys with Meaning

Bold Serbian Names for Boys with Meaning

1. Aca – Serbian origin, short form of Aleksandar which means “defender of man”.

2. Aleksandar – Slavic origin, meaning “defender of man”.

3. Andrej – Andrej is a form of the name Andrew. It is one of the most appealing Serbian boy names. The ending ‘Drej’ adds to its overall sophistication. Andrej means ‘manly and strong’.

4. Benjamin – It means ‘son of the south’ and ‘son of the right hand’ which is an English variant of a Hebrew name. Benjamin was the name of a Catholic saint.

5. Blaža (blah-ja) – Serbian origin, meaning “sweet, good”.

6. Bogdan – The name Bogdan will surely make your kid stand out of the crowd. It comes from the Slavic word ‘bogu, which means ‘god’ and dan, which means ‘given’. Therefore, the name means ‘given by God’.

7. Boris – a Slavic name with many meanings including “wolf”, “battle”, “glory” and “fame”.

8. Branko – Serbian origin, meaning “protection” and “glory”.

9. Cvetko (s-vet-co) – Serbian origin, meaning “blossom”.

10. Damir – Slavic origin, meaning “peace giver”.

11. Dario -this name has many meanings across different cultures including “upholder of good”, “affluent” and “rich”.

12. David – David is a universal name. It is as popular in Serbia as it is in United Kingdom, United States, and Russia. The name David comes from the Hebrew word, which means ‘beloved’. David was the greatest king of Israel. And who can forget his legendary victory over the giant Goliath.

13. Dragoš (drag-osh) -Slavic origins, meaning “dear, beloved”.

14. Dušan – a Serbian name that means “soul”. Dušan Čarls Simić is a prestigious, award-winning Serbian poet.

15. Emil -Latin origin, meaning “rival”.

16. Emir – a Slavic name that means “command” or “local king”. Emir Kusturica is an award-winning Serbian artist, director and architect.

17. Gavro – Serbian name, meaning “able-bodied child of God” or “messenger of God”.

18. Gerašim – Slavic name, meaning “respectable” or “honourable elder”.

19. Goran – Serbian name meaning “highlander” or “mountain man”.

20. Gradimir – Slavic origin, meaning “builder”.

21. Henry – An English version of Germanic two names, Henry means ‘the ruler’. Four French kings and six holy Roman emperors had this name apart from famous authors, novelists, and industrialists.

22. Igor – Russian origin, meaning “warrior”.

23. Isaiah – ‘God is salvation’ being the meaning of this name, it is a variant of a Hebrew name. It was the name of a prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible.

24. Ivan – Serbian name, meaning “God is gracious”.

25. Ivko -Slavic name, meaning “gift”.

26. Ivo – Celtic origins, this name means “yew”. Ivo Andrić was a famous Serbian writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.

27. Jablan – Slavic name, meaning “poplar tree”.

28. Jakov – Hebrew origin, meaning “supplanter” or “held by the heel”.

29. Jayden – A made-up name, used specifically in the US, refers to the precious stone jade, meaning ‘stone of the flank’, believed to cure colic. It is a variant of Hebrew name meaning ‘He will judge’.

30. Karl – this name has connections in many different cultures, in Serbian, it means “free man” or “husband”. Karl Malden is the first Serbian Oscar-winning actor.

31. Kazimir – Slavic origin, meaning “destroyer of peace”.

32. Konstantin – Slavic origin, referring to the name of the Roman Emperor Constantine, meaning “constant” or “steadfast”.

33. Krazimir – Slavic name meaning, “beautiful” or “world peace”.

34. Krisitijan (krist-ee-yan) – Serbian form of the name Christian, meaning “follower of Christ”.

Strong Serbian Names

35. Maksim – Serbian form of the Latin name Maxim, meaning “the greatest”.

36. Matija – Matija is the Serbian form of the name Matthias. In the Bible, Matija was the Apostle, who replaces Judas, the traitor. The pronunciation of the name is as “Ma-ti-ha”.

37. Matija (mat-eey-ya) Serbian name, derived from Matthew meaning “gift of the Lord”.

38. Maverick – The meaning of this name is ‘dissident or independent’. It has originated from an English word referring to unbranded cows. It refers to a rancher who refused to brand the cows.

39. Mihajlo – the Serbian form of Micheal, meaning “he who is like God”. Mijhajlo Pupin was a founder of NASA.

40. Milan – Slavic name meaning “kind”.

41. Miloje – Miloje is the Serbian name coming from the Slavic element ‘milu’, which means ‘gracious’. It is a diminutive of the name Milojica. Miloje is one of our favorite Serbian boy names.

42. Miloš (mill-osh) – Slavic name meaning “lover of glory”.

43. Miro -Serbian name, meaning “peace” and “world”.

44. Miroslav -German footballer Miroslav Klose is the most popular name-bearer for the Serbian name Miroslav. The name originates from Slavic elements ‘miru’, which means ‘peace’ and ‘slava’, which means ‘glory’. Miroslav was also the name of the 10th-century king of Croatia. So it will make a perfect name for your little prince.

45. Nathan – A variant of a Hebrew name which means ‘He has given’. Nathan is sometimes used as a nickname and in the Old Testament; it was the name of a prophet who served King David.

46. Nemanja (neman-ya) – Serbian name meaning “persistence” or “not to let go”.

47. Nikola – Serbian name with Greek origin, meaning “victory of the people”.

48. Novak – a Slavic family name, meaning “new”. Novak Đodović is one of the best male tennis players in the world.

49. Novica – Latin origin, meaning “just”.

Splendid Serbian Names

50. Oleg – Slavic name, meaning “holy”, “sacred” or “blessed”.

51. Ozren – Slavic name meaning “to look”, also the name of three mountains in Serbia.

52. Paja – this is the Serbian form of the name Paul, which means “small” or “humble”. Paja Jovanović was a famous Serbian painter in the 1800’s.

53. Perica – Serbian form of Peter, meaning “stone”.

54. Radimir – Serbian name meaning “joy” and “peace”.

55. Relja (rey-ya) – Serbian name, meaning “wing”.

56. Rodavan – Rodavan is another great name you can consider for your baby. It comes from the Slavic element ‘rad’, which means ‘happy’ and van, which means ‘soul’. Hence, the name Roda van means ‘happy soul’.

57. Ryker – The name is of Dutch origin and is a Danish variant of a Germanic name. The meaning of the name is ‘brave, hardy’ or ‘power, rule’. It means ‘to become rich’.

58. Sergej (ser-jay) – Serbian name, derived from the Latin name Servus, meaning “servant”.

59. Simon – Simon is a Hebrew name and it is a Greek variant. It means ‘he has heard’. Simon was the name of some Biblical figures that were responsible for carrying the cross of Jesus during his crucifixion.

60. Slobodan (slo-boa-dan) – Serbian name, meaning “freedom” and “liberty”.

61. Spiridon – Spiridon is the Serbian form of the Greek name Spyridon. Many Serbian parents like this name. It means ‘spirit’.

62. Steven – A Greek name Stephanos means ‘crown’ and the name is a variant of an English name.  An American filmmaker is a famous bearer of this name.

63. Tadej – Serbian name with Greek origin, meaning “heart”, “courageous” and “friend”.

64. Tobias – It is a Hebrew name of Greek variant. It means ‘God is good’. The name waned in its popularity in the medieval ages and then resurged later.

65. Todor – Slavic name, meaning “gift of God”.

66. Vasko – this is a short form of the name Václav, meaning “more glory” or “wreath of glory”. Vasko Popa was a famous Serbian writer and academic figure.

67. Velimir – Serbian name, meaning “great” and “peace, prestige”.

68. Vlade – derived from the Serbian name Vladimir, meaning “to rule”. Vlade Divac is one of the first Europeans to have a major role on an NBA team.

69. Vladimir -Slavic name, meaning “of great power” or “ruler of the world”.

70. Vlado – If you are looking for a fresh and trendy name for your son, then Vlado should be your choice. Vlado is a short form of the Serbian name Vladimir. It has a musical kind of vibe to it. The name means ‘born to rule’.

71. Vojkan (voy-kan) – Serbian name, deriving from the name Vojislav which means “he who wins fame in war” or “famous warrior”.

72. Volter – this Serbian name means “ruler of the army” or “leader of the army”. Volter Bogdanić is a Serbian journalist and three-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

73. Zayn – ‘Beauty’ or ‘Grace’ is the meaning of this Arabic originated name. This name is mostly used by boys and is a unique name gaining popularity.

74. Zivko – Names starting with the letter ‘Z’ sound glamorous, don’t you think so? We like the kind of ring or zing a ‘Z’ sound has. Zivko sounds perfect. It means ‘living’.

75. Zivko – Serbian name meaning “life” or “alive”.

76. Zlatan – Slavic name, meaning “golden”.

77. Zoran – Serbian name, masculine form of Zora which means “dawn”, “daybreak” or “aurora”.

Truly amazing are these names. Some persons who have been here even testify to their beauty especially when these names are called in their native forms. Serbian names are gradually becoming very popular globally. You can join the trend and pick up one of these.

Do you know of any parent that is expecting a baby soon? Are they having challenges choosing a befitting name? Then, help them out by sharing this article with them.

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