List of Peeps Puns Jokes and Saying 2021 Update

List of Peeps Puns Jokes and Saying 2021 Update.

List of Peeps Puns Jokes and Saying: What would Easter be without peeps? Having a list of peep puns is a great idea for Easter. Check out this silly list of peeps puns, jokes, and sayings for “peep” -le of all ages.

peep puns

Nearly everyone born since the 1950s remembers getting those colorful little marshmallow chicks and bunnies in their Easter baskets.

They’re still popular today, largely because of their nostalgia value – and the fact that they’re so darn kitschy.

In fact, you could say that peeps are to food what ugly Christmas sweaters are to clothing. As a holiday tradition, they’re hard to explain. All we know is that we find them endlessly amusing.

List of Chicks Peep Puns

When most people think of peeps, they probably envision the little marshmallow chicks that made them famous. Here are some funny/punny sayings that go with this type of peep.

  • Why didn’t the peep cross the road? Because it was a little chicken.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? To get by your side.
  • Hope you enjoy this cheep gift.
  • For one of my favorite chicks.
  • To a real cool chick.
  • To the hottest chick in town.
  • You’re a big clucking deal.
  • I heard you get all the chicks.
  • I heard you were looking for some real sweet chicks.
  • You might not be a spring chicken, but you’re pretty sweet.
  • You and I are birds of a feather.
  • Don’t you hate candy gifts with fowl puns attached to them?

List of Bunny Peep Puns

Another classic peep shape is the bunny. Here are some hare-brained puns to accompany a gift of bunny peeps. (Lorazepam)

peep puns

  • For some-bunny very special.
  • To my little honey bunny.
  • I heard you wanted to dye your hare.
  • This peep was sent by hare-mail.
  • I heard you like hip hop.
  • You make me want to hop up and down.
  • Take one of these when you’re having a bad hare day.
  • For my sweet funny bunny.
  • Hope you have a hoppin’ good Easter.
  • I heard eating these can cure your receding hare line.
  • Hoppy Easter!

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