Simple and Lovely Short Girl Names that are Intelligible

Simple and Lovely Short Girl Names that are Intelligible.

Short Girl Names: Your name doesn’t need to be long and multi-syllabic for it to be classy and stylish. Though most persons usually feel a brief, the short name doesn’t carry much weight and does not convey the needed message. However, a carefully chosen short girl name can serve all these interests.

Actually, girls don’t really need that “sentence name” to appear elegant and attractive. Some persons love short girl names. Despite the fact that droll and the dwelling on the name may not be there with short names, but short names also come with their own spice. They are sharp, firm, and bold.

Basically, short girl names appeal to lots of persons recently. Something short, simple and classy will do just as fine as the extensively stretched names. We will give you more details of this recent trend of christening female kids with short girls names. Consider the list of short girl names below and their meanings.

Fabulous Short Girl Names and Meaning

Fabulous Short Girl Names and Meaning

1. Ada – The name Ada is of German origin and means ‘adornment’ and ‘nobility’.

2. Adele – This pretty name has a long history. Adele was the name of William, the Conqueror’s daughter. Then we had Saint Adele. Its current popularity can be attributed to the British-American singer Adele.

3. Agnes – It is a holy name for the Catholics. In Spanish and Portuguese, Agnes is spelled as Ines, which is another cool possibility.

4. Aine – Aine is a sweet and simple Irish name, derived from the noun aine, which means ‘radiance and splendor’. In Irish mythology, Aine was one of the wives of Fionn Mac Cool and the queen of Munster fairies.

5. Aliz – Rather than going for the typical classic Alice, you can opt for its Hungarian version to spice up the things. It’s unique but sounds classic.

6. Althea – Althea is one of the few least-used Greek names in the US. It has a girly and relaxed feel, making it suitable for a surfer chick. Althea means ‘healing’.

7. Amber – This romantic English name originates from the prized gemstone that is formed from the fossilized tree resin. It came into focus in the US through actress Amber Heard.

8. Amede -Amede is a beautiful, heart-centered name with the roots same as Amedee and Amadeus. This name means ‘to love’. Pronounce this name as ‘Ah-me-DEH’ for the Creole effect.

9. Amy – Amy is a “Little Woman” classic. It skyrocketed in popularity in the 19th century, along with other Little Women names. Amy means ‘beloved’.

10. Anais – Let’s face it! Anais is a super pretty name. In mythology, Anahita was the symbol of knowledge and healing. Italy and Greece transformed it into Anaitis. French further cut it to make Anais. It makes an elegant alternative to Anna.

11. Analia – This short and sweet baby girl name appeared in the top 1000 name list in 2009, with #331 spot.

12. Anya – We can’t decide which one we like more, Anna or its Russian form Anya. Anya is sweet and simple, but has spunk. No wonder, it was picked for the strong-willed and sharp-tongued character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

13. Arya – Game of Thrones fans would instantly recognize this name thanks to the spunky daughter of Ned Stark. This Indian origin name shot up the charts following the premiere of this series. It means ‘noble goddess’.

14. Ava – This three-letter name has a sizable appeal. It has links with birds, desire of the heart and even beginning, considering it’s related to Eve. Ava Gardner was once its sole owner, but it has now been claimed by several girls.

15. Ayn – This small and tart name shares its association with Atlas Shrugged writer Ayn Rand. It’s a Finnish form of Ann and means ‘grace’.

Beautiful Girls

16. Bay – If you want a winsome one-syllable name for a mouthful surname, you can pick Bay. It’s short, smooth and timeless. Bay means ‘reddish brown’.

17. Beck – This girl’s name has an English origin and it means ‘brook’ or ‘stream’.

18. Belle – Belle and its cousin Bella have seen a recent rise, thanks to the super popular Isabella and the Twilight franchise. Also, the name of the Disney princess, Bella was a top 100 name in the 80s and is still going strong.

19. Bess – This name has a Hebrew origin and the meaning of the name is ‘Oath of God’.

20. Beth – Beth is a short form of the name ‘Elizabeth’; the meaning of this Hebrew name is ‘God is satisfaction’.

21. Bijou – Bijou, the French word for ‘jewel’, is as pretty as a precious stone. It’s eccentric and luscious and sounds magnificently vintage when you pronounce it with a French accent.

22. Blair – This name is suitable for both the genders, but currently, it’s on the rise for girls. It’s derived from a Scottish place name and means ‘plain’ or ‘field’.

23. Blue – This name has an English origin, and it generally represents the colour blue.

24. Bo – The name Bo is of Old Norse origin and its meaning is ‘to live’. It also means waves in Chinese.

25. Briar – Briar is a spunky, cute and cool sounding name meaning ‘thorny’. The meaning may not be very pleasant but the name definitely is.

26. Brie – The name has Latin roots and the meaning of the name is ‘marshland’. Bree and Brianna are the two variations of this name.

27. Brooke – If you’re looking for a retro moniker that sounds cool as well, Brooke could be your pick. Brooke was once one of the hottest names, thanks to Brooke Shields.

28. Bryn – This name has a Welsh origin and the meaning of the name is ‘hill’.

29. Buffy – This will sound great on your little one as a nickname. It’s cute, frilly and full of life, just like the character Buffy from the series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Beautiful Short Girl Names

30. Cher – This short and sweet name of French origin and means ‘beloved’.

31. Chloe – We bet most of you didn’t know that this simple and sweet name was Greek in origin. Meaning ‘green shoot’, Chloe refers to the blooming plants.

32. Cia – It’s a unique but pretty short girl name. This moniker is a favorite with parents who like names with deeper meaning. Cia means ‘of the moon’.

33. Claire – This classic moniker, with analogs in English, French and Italian, has seen a recent revival. Its straightforward meaning, ‘clear, bright’, will go down well with traditional parents.

34. Clor – This American invented name is extremely rare, which is a good thing. At least, there won’t be five Clors in your daughter’s school.

35. Coco – Any name that begins with Co has to be coy and cute. But this one’s stylish as well since its namesake is the founder of Chanel. Courtney (Monica) Cox and David Arquette picked this name for their little girl.

36. Cora – Thanks to author James Fenimore Cooper for bringing this beautiful name to notice. Cora is originally associated with the daughter of Greek God Zeus, but in today’s time, it gained popularity through the British television series Downton Abbey.

37. Dawn – Dawn is the time when the day breaks and the sun rises. So we feel it will make a simple, yet beautiful name for your daughter.

38. Dell – ‘Dell’ has its roots in Old German and it means ‘noble kind’. This is also another version of ‘Adelaide’.

39. Dove – This pretty name has an American origin and the meaning of the name is ‘A bird of peace’.

40. Edie – Keira Knightley was probably inspired by the 60s fashionista Edie Sedgwick while choosing this name for her daughter. Edie means ‘riches’.

41. Ella – Ella, the Old German name, meaning ‘other’, originated as a short form for Elena and Eleanor, but now stands on its own at the 18th spot in the US.

42. Elsa – Most of you must be familiar with this name via Elsa from Frozen. But did you know that’s originally a short form of Elizabeth? This name means ‘oath of God’. Elsa is elegant and beautiful, perfect for your little princess.

43. Emma – Emma is the moniker of several great literary characters, including the famous Emma from Jane Austen’s novel. This name has been on the top 10 list for decades. ( It isn’t uncommon, but is definitely classic and charming.

44. Eos – This is a Greek name and it means ‘dawn’.

45. Erin – Erin is an easy, breezy name native to Ireland. It means ‘peace’. It’s moderately popular in Ireland and US.

46. Esme – This name is of Persian and French origin and the meaning of the name is ‘emerald’, ‘beloved’, and ‘esteemed’. Esme in Old French means ‘to love’.

47. Etta – Etta has an English origin and the meaning of the name is ‘estate ruler’.

48. Eva – Eva is the Spanish variation of Eve and means ‘life’. Despite being just a letter away from its super popular cousin Ava, Eva could not attain the same stardom. We’re not saying it isn’t popular. In fact, it’s one of the top 100 names in the US, all thanks to actress Eva Longoria.

49. Eve – This tiny name is well used throughout the world. In the Bible, Eve was the first woman on earth.

50. Erin – ‘Erin’ has an Irish origin and the meaning of the name is ‘from the island to the west’.

Short Lovely Gilr

51. Faith – This Biblical name has a millennial cred, thanks to the dark slayer from the television show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

52. Fawn – ‘Fawn’ is an English baby name meaning ‘young deer’. It is also believed to have been derived from the name ‘Fauna’, the Greek mythological deity of nature and fertility.

53. Faye – ‘Faye’ has an English origin and the meaning of the name is ‘fairy’.

54. Fern – The name has an Old English origin and it is a nature-inspired name. If you love nature, then you must consider this name for your baby girl.

55. Fleur – ‘Fleur’ has French roots and the meaning of the pretty short name is ‘flower’.

56. Gia  – With an Italian origin, the meaning of this name is ‘God’s gracious gift’. It is considered to be a short form of the name ‘Gianna’.

57. Grace – This moniker stands for generosity and goodness. In Latin, this name is related to the grace of God. Grace has seen resurgence on the baby name charts, partly due to celebs picking it for their daughters.

58. Gretl  – This Greek name comes from the name Margaret and means ‘pearl’. It has several spelling variations, including the popular Gretel and Gretal.

59. Gwen – Gwen is a lovely name, meaning ‘fair’ or ‘blessed’. You get the option of using it as a nickname for Gwyneth or Gwendolyn. Or use it as a given name.

60. Haven – This uplifting name is chosen by parents who see their daughter as a long-awaited gift. In English, this name means ‘place of safety’ and ‘shelter’.

61. Hazel – Hazel is a fashionable and trendy short baby girl name, originating from the hazel tree.

62. Helen – We think mountains are excellent inspiration for baby names. Strong and mighty Helen is inspired by Mt. Helens. It means ‘bright’, ‘shining light’.

63. Hope – There’s no better sentiment to bestow on your baby girl than Hope. Hope has always been low-key in terms of popularity but it never entirely left the public eye.

Pleasing Short Girl Names

64. Ida – Ida is considered a successor to Ava and Ada by the baby names experts and even we agree with them. It means ‘industrious one’.

65. Isla – Isla, pronounced as ‘Eye-la’, is the name of a river flowing through Scotland. Its prominent bearer is Hollywood actressIsla Fisher.

66. Iva – With Slavic, Italian, Czech roots, the meaning of the name is ‘God is gracious’. This is also considered to be a short form for Slavic names ‘Ivana’, ‘Ivanka’, or ‘Ivka’.

67. Ivy – This is a short English name meaning ‘faithfulness’.

68. Jade – ‘Jade’ is a Spanish name meaning ‘stone of the side’ and it is a short simple girl’s name.

69. Jane – ‘Jane’ is an English baby girl’s name and the meaning of the name is ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.

70. Jazz – The name Jazz is of American origin. Jazz is a style of music, if you’re looking for a musical name for your little one, ponder over Jazz.

71. Jill – Jill is sleek and clear as a crystal. This moniker is associated with innocence and sweetness ever since Jill from the nursery rhyme took a fateful trip to get a pail of water.

72. Joss – Joss originated as a nickname for Jocelyn, but is now a charismatic name for both girls and boys. Its namesake would be the British soul singer Joss Stone.

73. June – This is a Latin name and the meaning of ‘June is ‘young’.

74. Juno – This name will stand apart among several names in the crowd. In Roman mythology, Juno was the protector of marriage.

75. Kace – The name Kace is of Irish origin and it means ‘watchful’ and ‘alert’.

76. Kady – Kady means ‘first’ and it has an Irish origin. It is also believed to be the variation of Katy or the short form of the name ‘Kadence’.

77. Kai – This gentle, soft and well-traveled name has meanings rooted in Welsh, Japanese, and Hawaiian.In Japanese, it means ‘from the sea’ and in Hawaii, it stands for ‘ocean’. But its origin is in Wales, where it means ‘keeper of the keys’.

78. Kate – Kate, sitting pretty on the #222nd spot, is by far the most attractive and stylish short forms of Katherine, Kathryn and even Catherine. Did you know that the real name of Duchess of Cambridge is Catherine, not Kate? She’s mostly known by her nickname.

79. Kit – ‘Kit’ is an English name and it means ‘pure’. It is a unisex name but more popular as a girl’s name.

80. Kira – When we heard Kira for the first time, we were surprised to know to it’s a Russian name, since most of the Russian names have a hard sound. This delicate name means ‘farsighted’.

81. Klara – Klara has been moving up the charts lately, but is still unique enough to be a special name. This name conjures images of a bright and idealistic girl.

82. Lace – Lace is a feminine and tantalizing variation of the super popular English name Lacy. It’s derived from the French nobleman’s surname brought to the British Isles during the Norman conquest.

83. Lacy – It is a beautiful but rare name for your daughter. It means ‘from Latius’s estate’.

84. Lake – The name has an English origin and a nature-inspired name. This name would be perfect for your little girl – it’s unique and short!

85. Lana – The name has a Gaelic origin and the meaning of the name is ‘little rock’. It is also considered to be a short version of the name name ‘Alana’ or the Russian name ‘Svetlana’.

86. Lark – Lark has an English origin and it means songbird’. This name is a great option for parents looking for nature-related names.

87. Leda – Literature buffs would know Leda as the mother of Helen of Troy. But did you know that this name means ‘happy’? It would be perfect for girls with a sunny disposition.

88. Lea – ‘Lea’ means ‘meadow’ and it has an English origin. An alternative of the name is ‘Lee’.

89. Leigh – Leigh is basically the feminine spelling of the name Lee. It borrows its glamor quotient from Vivian Leigh, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Winds. Leigh means ‘meadow’.

90. Liesl – Sound of Music fans would recognize Liesl as the name of the eldest Trapp daughter in the movie. It’s derived from Elizabeth and means ‘God is my oath’.

91. Lily – Probably one of the sweetest sounding baby names ever. And no matter how many botanical names come and go, this name will never go out of fashion.

92. Lisa – Lisa is the short form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means ‘God is my oath’.

93. Litzy – This short form of Elizabeth came into forefront via Mexican singer and actress Litzy. This Spanish short form of Elizabeth is well used in the US. It isn’t in the top 1000 spot, but is expected to make a comeback soon.

94. Liv – This is a Nordic name derived from Old Norse, and it means ‘protection’ or ‘shelter’. In Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian, the name means ‘life’.

95. Lois – Lois has various meanings in different cultures. It’s said to be a Teutonic name meaning ‘holy’. But in German, it means ‘female warrior’. And in France, it’s considered a form of Louise.

96. Lou – ‘Lou’ means ‘renowned warrior’ and it has a French origin. It is also short for ‘Louisa’ and ‘Lucy’.

97. Lula – In 2014, just 87 girls were named Lula in the US. So it would make a unique moniker for your daughter. In its heyday, Lula was the 43rd most popular name. It means ‘famous in war’.

98. Lux – This short and simple name has a wonderful meaning. Lux means light.


99. Mabel – If you find vintage names like Violet and Sadie too common, you can use Mabel instead. It is sweet but not sugary. And it has a cute meaning as well ‘lovable’.

100. Mae – If you want a month-inspired baby name for your daughter, you can pick Mae. It’s short, sweet and not too much into-the-face. This name currently sits in the 589th position. So it’s still not that common.

101. Malia – Malia, the Polynesian and Hawaiian form of Mary, is a historical name in some cultures. This name sounds as peaceful and flowing as its meaning ‘calm’.

102. Mia – This multicultural name is the sixth most popular name in the Social Security List in 2016, which explains how much people love it.

103. Meg – ‘Meg is a name of English and Greek origin. The meaning of Meg is ‘pearl’.

104. Millie – This adorable name is the diminutive of upstanding name Millicent. It means ‘gentle strength’.

105. Myra – An extraordinary name for your extraordinary daughter, Myra means ‘poetic invention’ in English.

106. Nell – Nell is one of those cute, vintage names that have taken off in the last few years. It’s stylish yet distinguished, and works well, both on its own and as a short form of Helen or Eleanor.

107. Niamh – A brilliant moniker,it’s short, stunning, distinctive and rolls off the tongue. And it means ‘radiant and bright’, a fitting name for your girl.

108. Opal – Opal is a regal name, with shimmering beauty. This lustrous gem gleams like a star in the darkness. Since it’s an October birthstone, you can use it for your October baby.

109. Paige – This moniker often pops up regularly in movies and television shows. Paige, meaning ‘attendant’, exudes sophistication and elegance, no matter what century it is.

110. Paris – Paris, the cosmopolitan city of France, played and still plays, a crucial role in films, cuisine, art, literature and of course, fashion. This name got a boost via the socialite Paris Hilton.

111. Park – The name ‘Park’ means ‘Cypress Tree’ and this name is of Chinese origin.

112. Plum – The name is believed to have been used as a name for someone living by a plum tree, or a seller of plums and it has an Old English, German origin.

Pretty Short Girl Names

113. Quana – Quana is a refreshing Native American name meaning ‘fragrant’. To make it more distinctive, you can either snip the ‘n’ or add an ‘h’ at the end.

114. Quinn – Quinn is derived from a Gaelic surname and means ‘counsel’. A girl with the name Quinn might have a career as a famous lawyer.

115. Rain – It cannot get more classic and cleaner than this. Rain originates from the Old English word ‘regn’ and signifies good future. It is a sign of abundance and blessing in Native American and Asian beliefs.

116. Reeve – This name immediately brings to mind Christopher Reeve, one of the first actors to play Superman on screen. Could there be any better way to bring power and strength to your young lady?

117. Rose – Rose has been one of the most popular floral monikers since centuries. It does sound a bit old-timey, but it is still sweet and gives a classic feeling for a newborn.

118. Ruby – Ruby is one of the most familiar gemstone inspired baby names, and one of the sultriest as well.

119. Ruth – Ruth is a Hebrew baby name and the meaning of the name is ‘companion’ or ‘vision of beauty’.

120. Sam – Sam, short for Samuel or Samantha, from a Biblical name, means ‘God has heard’.

121. Shea – ‘Shea’ is an Irish name meaning ‘dauntless one’ or ‘the stately’.

122. Sia – This strong name, meaning ‘victory’, came into prominence via the Australian singer Sia Furler. And now since Cheap Thrills is a super hit at global level, the popularity of this name will increase further.

123. Skye – This name of Scottish and English origin, simply means ‘sky’.

124. Suzy – Suzy or Suzie, this name sounds cute no matter what how you spell it. It means ‘graceful lily’.

125. Taya – Who would know that the fifth fastest rising name in the US is a made-up name? Last year, it jumped 1107 placed to land at #982 spot. It means ‘perfectly formed’, ‘princess’.

126. Tess – Tess is one of the most fashionable forms of Theresa. It’s sassy and soft at the same time.

127. Teva – The Scottish name Teva, meaning ‘twin’, would be a perfect name if you have twin baby girls. How would Steva sound for the other baby?

128. Thea – Thea is originally a mythological name but can also be used as a short form for Anthea, Theodora, Galathea and Timothea. It was one of the top names in Norway in the years 2006 and 2007. Currently, it’s one of the top 50 names in Sweden. It means ‘goddess’.

129. Una – In an epic poem, Una is the personification of beauty, truth, and unity. This name means ‘one’, ‘also’.

130. Velma  – This edgy and cool name was given to less than 13 girls in the year 2014. So the time is perfect to grab this cute short name for girls. Velma means ‘desire to protect’.

131. Vera – Vera stems from the Latin word for ‘true’. So your girl will be bound to tell you the truth.

132. Vivi – The name means ‘life’ and it has a Latin origin.

133. Xena – ‘Xena’ is a Greek baby name and it means ‘hospitable’ or ‘welcoming’.

134. Xia – The name Xia is of Chinese origin and it means ‘the glow of the sunrise’.

135. Zelda – The legend is definitely resurfacing in the form of a baby girl name. Last year, Zelda jumped 512 spots, to secure the 647th place.

136. Zen – This short uncommon girl name has a Japanese origin and the meaning of the name is ‘living’ or ‘religious meditation’.

137. Zoe – Zoe has been one of the top 1000 names in the US Social Security Administration list since 1880. It means ‘life’.

138. Zuri – Zuri is one of the fastest rising names in the US. It’s originally a Swahili name, meaning ‘good, kind’. It’s a gender-neutral name, but sounds feminine to our ears.

Apparently, it is not about the length, but about the influence and content. After all, some of the most valuable treasures come in very short, tiny, and small packages. Therefore, you are at liberty to pick one of the listed names above for your beautiful girl child.

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