Distinctive Signs He is Making Love to You Affectionately

Distinctive Signs He is Making Love to You Affectionately

Signs He is Making Love to You: You must have heard once or twice that making love is distinct from having sex. Well, grammatical you may not be able to spot the difference, but practically there is a big distinction. Realistically there is more to sexual expression than the repeated entry and withdrawal.

Most times, ladies are left to wonder if the intercourse meant anything to the guy or it was a release of hormonal burden. Honestly, there may not be direct criteria to determine this. However, you can decode, as a lady, some vital signs he is making love to you and not just satisfying his lust.

Keen attention is however critical in detecting these signs of love making. You need to be alert to everything he does, prior to the lovemaking, during the love making, and after the lovemaking.

Henceforth, no need to be left whimpering or howling in pains about not getting as much out of the exchange as you feel he did or feeling used. You only need to watch out for some of these signs and decide whether to always open wide the gates, or get a firmer padlock to your treasure house.

Clear Signs He is Making Love to You

1. You Are Really Into Kissing

You Are Really Into Kissing

Is it hot in here or is it just me? With lovemaking, there’s a lot of kissing involved. Don’t underestimate kissing; it’s very intimate and sensual. If there’s no kissing, there’s no lovemaking—bottom line

2. There’s A Lot of Eye Contact

There’s A Lot of Eye Contact

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that lovemaking is all about eye contact. If he’s avoiding eye contact, something’s wrong. If he wants to make love with you, he’ll make sure you see he’s looking into your eyes. He wants you to make sure you’re enjoying the experience just as much as he is.

3. He Makes You Feel Beautiful

You know it’s lovemaking when your partner makes you feel beautiful in bed. He might express it directly or look at you as if you were a wondrous thing.

If he cares enough about you and wants you to feel like you’re the only one for him, this will come naturally to him. Sometimes the whole lovemaking experience will leave you feeling like that, and that’s not something a man who wants just sex can achieve.

4. He Soothes You

When you have an insecurity or concern about going to bed with a man, he should be able to calm and reassure you that you truly matter to him. It’s normal to have some reservations before being intimate with a man, especially if this is a new relationship.

You know he’s making love, not using you as an object for releasing sexual tension, when he is not pushy, and he helps you soothe your anxiety.

5. He Shows His Vulnerable Side

Like women, men get vulnerable or insecure. Showing some shyness is a good sign because it means he is not afraid to reveal his weak side and that he is not jumping in bed with you on a whim.

The guy might be worried about performing at his best, or he might have concerns about his body. Either way, not being afraid to expose vulnerabilities indicates that he has his guards down with you, and it happens only with people one feels emotionally close to.

6. Heavy on the Foreplay

Heavy on the Foreplay during Love making

Lovemaking isn’t just sex. Lovemaking is all about the foreplay; that’s where the magic really happens. If he really wants to make love with you, he’ll be taking his time through foreplay and exploring every inch of your body because he knows if you’re going to orgasm, it’s all about the foreplay.

7. He Requests for Your Input

You might be shy about it at first, but he encourages you to be honest with him so you can both enjoy the company of one another in bed without holding back. When you’re telling him what you like, he is attentive and encourages you to be as open as possible.

8. He Tries to be Hygienic

A man who wants to make love knows how much of a turn-off smelly armpits and bad breath could be. So, if he tries to smell fresh, then it is a sign that he is giving importance to your likes and dislikes.

9. He Wants to Please You

He Wants to Please You

Lovemaking isn’t just about him ejaculating; it’s about the two of you experiencing pleasure. If he is really making love to you, he’ll focus on making sure you receive pleasure as well. He wants his partner to be satisfied, so he’ll put in the extra effort.

10. He Uses a More Engaging Sex Position

He would want to be more into you, look at you be able to reach all of you. If he only has sex with you doggy-style, odds are you aren’t making love. The positions he uses when making love are important. Lovemaking is about eye contact and intensity. Of course, if the sex makes its way into doggy-style, that’s fine. But usually, lovemaking is done in missionary or cowgirl – face to face positions.

11. He Will Take It Slow

When a man is into you, he will take his time and enjoy every moment with you. There is undeniable chemistry between the two of you and your sexual relationship is filled with passion, so by taking it slowly, he wants to ensure that the passion lasts as long as it can. When a man has deeper feelings for you, quickies and pounding to get to the end result will not be in the picture.

12. He is More Focused on Your Pleasure than His Own

He wants to know that he is able to get you to come, so he will do everything in his power to make sure that happens. He might even ask you upfront if you finished and if you enjoyed it because your pleasure will be his primary concern if he cares for you. If not, he will just make sure his needs are met by not taking you into consideration whatsoever.

13. He’s Honest with You

If a man really wants to be with someone or make love with someone, they’re honest. He’s not interested in playing games with you; he wants to be himself around you, which is an important sign.

14. He Would Like to Experiment

He Would Like to Experiment

If your man wants to try new things in bed, then he is not there to satisfy his bodily needs but wants to go beyond that. This is a sign he enjoys your company and wants more of it.

15. You Feel More Vulnerable

Making love to someone means you’re letting someone in, not just into your physical treasure house. You’re opening yourself up to this person and giving yourself to them. And if you want to make love with someone, this is something you must do.

16. He is Concerned About Your Safety

If we want to be honest, all the twisting, turning, and pressing can inflict a significant amount of pain. Even though most times, couples during intercourse try to ignore and overlook these little discomforts probably because of pleasure.

However, a man that truly loves you will be interested in how u r doing. He will ask how you are feeling; if he is causing you pain or discomfort. He won’t be all about getting to his climax, but on how well you are involved and enjoying the act.

17. You Don’t Necessarily Always Have Sex

When you hang out with each other, it doesn’t necessarily end up with sex. But, you’re hanging out with him, there’s not this expectation for sex to happen. This means, though he enjoys sex, he also enjoys spending time with you and getting to know you.

18. He Communicates While He’s making Love

If your partner communicates with you during or before sex, that’s a sign he really cares about you. A person who doesn’t give a damn about you won’t care about your thoughts or opinions. They are going to do their thing, not giving a damn if you’re having a good time or how you’re feeling. He is in it this once, so why would he care?

Communication doesn’t have to mean he is actually talking to you during sex; communication happens through body language. If he is making love to you, he will read your body language like a book and give you exactly what you want.


19. There’s Not So Much Dirty Talk and Foul Language

People who are into you can still talk dirty, but that’s usually kept for sex. During foreplay, he’s into the sweet talk. While he’s exploring your body, he’s giving you sensual and sweet compliments, and he’s not looking to be mean or insult you.

20. He Pays Attention to Every Part of You

When a guy wants to make you feel like a queen and show how precious you are to him, he will make sure to touch more than just the intimate parts of your body. He will take his time to lavish your entire body with attention. These are gestures of more than physical attraction to your body, and it can even mean that the guy is in love with you.

21. Your Boundaries Are Respected

Your Boundaries Are Respected in Love Making

A man who is making love to you will always respect your boundaries. He will never probe your limits or do things to you without first knowing that you are ok with it. Your choices, both inside and outside the bedroom, will matter to him more than satisfying his own fantasies and desires.

22. He Makes You Feel Comfortable

When a man is making love to you, you will be at ease so you can savor every moment. You will know that the guy is making love to you if he goes out of his way to ensure you feel comfortable. After all, the intimate experience is not fun if you feel overly conscious and cannot relax.  A man who wants more than sex will know how to make you feel comfortable with him, or at least he will try to do so.

23. You Have After-Sex Cuddles

You Have After-Sex Cuddles

Some people aren’t into after-sex cuddles; some people need some space, which doesn’t mean they’re not into you. But he loves to cuddle with you after sex and wants to hold you tight in his arms

24. You Feel a Mental Connection

Lovemaking means there’s a mental connection between you two. You’re connected with him, and when you have sex with him, you feel loved and connected. You’re the only person who can know if you have those feelings or not.

So dear, if your man truly loves you, you will see it while he is making love to you. If he does not, you can still detect it. Love making can furnish us with a lot is hidden truths. During love making, you can glean off a lot of information about your partner from the way he handles this particularly intimate moment.

Consequently, knowing these signs he is making love to you can be useful in deciding the way forward for your union.

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