Sore Signs He’s Intentionally Taking You for Granted

 Sore Signs He’s Intentionally Taking You for Granted.

Signs He’s Taking You for Granted: As annoying, disheartening and humiliating as it can be, some men still go ahead to ridicule their partners and take them for granted.

There are many ills bedeviling most relationships today and taking a partner for granted is gradually taking the center stage. It’s cruel that the same one you claim to love is the one you are being hurtful to.

Men, very aware of how fragile and vulnerable their mates can be, even go ahead to take full advantage of their weaknesses. Dear lady, you have the right to be respected and you surely have at your disposal the tools to make him treat you as is due a lady. Start by detecting when and if he is taking advantage of you. Read the signs suggested below.

A Few Degrading Signs He’s Taking You for Granted A Few Degrading Signs He’s Taking You for Granted 

Your Advice is not sought: You wouldn’t want to take any action without the consent of your partner. Someone who recognizes your true importance in their life will be sure to seek your input before making any major decisions. Failing to do so is a sign that person has begun overlooking your influence, thereby taking you and your perspective for granted.

He only Reaches out When he is In Need: If your partner is only texting you sporadically—particularly when they want something—it’s a sign you’re being taken for granted. While this might be an appropriate method of communication for more casual relationships, it’s wholly inappropriate for a committed one. More akin to a booty call, the messenger is expecting you to respond on their time, not taking into account your own.

He Makes you Secondary to His Other Endeavors: When all his attention is channeled to work and other engagements, it’s a sign he doesn’t value you as much as he should. Once you’ve become “more like the ‘side hustle,'” it’s time to reevaluate the current arrangement.

He is not Committed to his Words: unfulfilled promises and a general lack of commitment shows a depletion in the degree of value. The fact is, people keep their word when dealing with others whom they value and respect. As soon as someone shows a willingness to diverge from promises made, it’s a sign they’ve ceased to value you correctly.

No More Pleasantries: No matter the age of the relationship, there should always be a observance of basic pleasantries. While a long-term relationship does foster a more to-the-point style of discussion, that’s no excuse to treat the other person as simply a means to an end—in this case, dinner.

He Cheats: If your partner cheats, it’s a sure sign you are being taken for granted. He doesn’t fear losing you and definitely doesn’t attach much respect to you and your union.

His Conversations Become too Brief: For two people deeply into each other, there is always something to talk about, even if it’s to repeat old jokes.  When someone truly values the other person’s feelings, they make sure not to continually cut conversations short, leaving the other feeling unwanted. At the very least, they would call back later to finish up the talk.

He Puts His Friends Before you: His most important and number one friend should be no other than you. Once this fails to be the case, there is a problem. As important as friends are, most understand that relationships often come first—at least while you’re in them. The fact is, friends will always be there no matter what, so if a partner begins valuing their friends’ needs over yours. This  means they believe you are also certain to stay put—and thus no longer require the attention you deserve.

He Stops Dressing to Impress you: Sure, it’s not necessary for your partner to dress to the nines each and every time you go out. Still, it’s a sign you’re being taken for granted when they don’t bother changing out of their sweatpants all Saturday. Just because you’ve shown you’re committed doesn’t mean they have license to cease caring about their outward appearance.

He Doesn’t Appreciate Anything You Do: You slave in the kitchen all night to make his favorite meal to celebrate his big promotion at work, and what does he do? He calls to cancel on you because he’s going out with friends from work.  All he cares about is his new paycheck and the flaunting it to his coworkers.

You’re The Only One Making Contact: Sure, you guys talk. Well, when you call and text him. That is, as long as he responds or actually picks up the phone. He’s very hard to reach these days even though you know he’s never without his phone, which makes you wonder why he can’t just pick up when you call, or at least text you back.

He’s Just Kind of Rude to you All the Time: So much, so much abusive words, no care, he simply doesn’t give a damn about you any more. He doesn’t appreciate you, doesn’t care what you’re up when you’re not together. Doesn’t want to do anything with you except order pizza and getting intimate. Kind of makes you question whether you want to be with him down the road, doesn’t it?

He Stops Making Sacrifices: Being in a relationship means making sacrifices. You can’t both always get what you want, no, but, with a little hard work, you can both end up more satisfied than you’d ever be alone. If your partner seems to lose sight of this—prioritizing all of their needs over yours, and not even opening up to the possibility of compromise—it means they’re taking you for granted.

You’re The Only One Trying To Make Plans: And speaking of you being the one to initiate contact, you are also the one who is always trying to make the plans. You’re the one constantly asking him to go out instead of hanging home, and it’s getting exhausting.

He’s Forgotten How To Pay You A Compliment: Gone are the days he used to tell you how nice you looked in his favorite dress. He doesn’t tells you how nice you look or what a good job you’ve done on anything – dinner, work project, a client meeting with his clients. Nothing.

Abhors Intimacy with you: Physical and psychological intimacy are just too essential to sustain a relationship. Once he refuses to accord you this level of intimacy, it means he doesn’t see you as he should. Intimacy is a sign your partner believes that you would never leave or cheat on them. And however true that may be, that’s a clear-cut sign they don’t value your needs.

he is taking you for grantedHe Gets Distracted When You Are Talking To Him: Nothing could be more important than your lady trying to share something with you. If he can’t give attention at these kinds of times, something needs to be done. After all, it’s only in a committed relationship that one gets to hear such inner thoughts. There’s simply no excuse to be so inattentive.

He Hasn’t Introduced you to their Family: A real sign of intention is for him to make you known to all his friends and family, he clearly doesn’t have much regard for you if he is yet to do this. It’s a direct message that you’re “side entertainment and not ‘the one,'” she explains. If you were, their mother would be clamoring for a meet-and-greet, and they’d be more than happy to oblige.

He Takes Advantage of Your Free Time: True respect demands that he acknowledges your need fpr your own space and time and doesn’t encroach on it unnecessarily. After all, free time is a precious, limited commodity, and household errands should be split evenly amongst the two of you. If your partner begins piling it all on your time, it’s a sign they’ve ceased giving your desires the credence they deserve.

They Show Up Late: What kind of a man stands his lady up? While nobody is punctual all the time, they should be making a concerted effort to be there, especially if it’s something you truly care about. If they begin a pattern of doing otherwise, they’re prioritizing—and valuing—themselves over the needs of the relationship.

He Gets More Than He Gives: A true symbol of love is giving. He wouldn’t even let you be asking for it first because he wants to please you and see you happy. A relationship is a two-way street. So even if you both have different ways of showing affection, the efforts behind them should eventually balance out. If instead you give and they receive, it’s a sign they’re “selfish and emotionally unavailable,” and taking your love for granted.

We have already agreed that some men can be outrageously mean and insensitive to their female lovers leading to friction and discord in their relationship. If you as a lady is experiencing this or is suspecting a development of such, you can decode any of such using the signs given above so you will know how to manage the situation.

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