Great Slavic Names having Promising Significance

With the presence of humans on earth, there are several cultural backgrounds and languages that existed over time. The Slavic people of Europe make up a significant portion of ancient cultural communities. Also, these groups had their special language, the Slavic language from which peculiar Slavic names were coined. What do you know about Slavic names?

Great Slavic Names having Promising Significance

Before the advent of Christianity, there were many spiritual attachments and superstitions influencing the naming culture of the Slavic people. Children were given two names, one being the main name the other being a substitute name. The reason being so that bad omens and evil tendencies could not identify the baby in question. This had been a prominent practice with Slavic names.

Slavic people experienced a high rate of infant death so they invented this naming system as a solution to it. Thus, when a baby survives the initial seven to ten years, a new name was assigned after some traditional rituals. Slavic names having this rich historical make-up tend to be quite spectacular.

Presently, these mystical theories are no longer associated with Slavic names. However, the uniqueness of these Slavic names still stand out. Slavic names will make a viable option of suitable baby names in the current period. In this article, a compilation of splendid Slavic names has been put up.

Special Slavic Names for Boys and their Meanings

So you can have an idea of the structure and pattern of Slavic names, some very spectacular Slavic names for boys have been listed below.

Ala – Defending men, Excellence, Fragrance, esteem                     

Aleko – Old Greek – Defender of Men; A variant of name Alec and Alexander                     

Alexander – This Slavic name means “Defender of Mankind” and is one of the strongest Slavic baby boy names.

Alois – This strong Slavic name has the meaning, “Famous Warrior”.

Andrei – This name means “Manly”. It is quite popular in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

AndroOld Greek – Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas                        

Angel – A messenger     

Anna – Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God                          

Ante – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Anton – The name means “highly praiseworthy”.

Arron – This name has the meaning “inspired” or “lofty”.

Special Slavic Names for Boys and their Meanings

Blagoy – One who is sweet, pleasant, blessed    

Bohdan – This is a Slavic name that means “Given by God”.

Boian – One who is soldier or a warrior  

Bojan – This Slavic name means “battle” “fight” or “Struggle”.

Boleslav – A name that originates from the Slavic regions, it means “great glory”.

Boris – One who is a snow lepard                             

Borislaw – A variant of Borislav, meaning famous battle

Borka – This name is most often used in Bulgaria and other countries that speak Bulgarian. The name means “fighter”.

Boryslav – One who likes fighting for fame          

Bozidar – Božidar means “divine gift” and is said to be a calque of the name Theodore.

Branislav –  This name is popular in all the Slavic countries. It means “glory”.

Branko – A male name that is famous in South Slavic regions, it means “glory” and “protection”.

Bratumil – This is the name of Polish origin, and it means “love of a brother”.

Bunda – One with a furcoat         

Burian – The origins of this name are Slavic. It is said to mean “nearby the weeds”.

Casar – A ruler, an imperial person                           

Casimir – This name has Slavic roots, and it means “proclamation of peace”.

Caz – One who famously destroyes the peace   

Cezar – They are hairy                   

Checo – A small child      

Chryzant – This name is the Polish name of Chrysanthos and means “golden flower” and “chrysanthemum flower”.

Dalibor – To fight                             

Damek – Damek has roots in Hungarian, Czech and Slavic communities. It is said to mean “Red Earth’s son” or simply “Earth”.

Damir – This is a common name in the Southern Slavic regions. It means “iron”.

Danil – This name is common in Russia and Central Asia. It means “God is my judge”.

Darko – This name originated from the Slavic word for “gift”. It is very common in the Southern Slavic regions.

David – A beloved friend                              

Davor – God of war; one who has conqured joys and sorrows    

Dementy – This name has the meaning “subdue” or “tame”. It has Slavic roots.

Dimas – A compassionate and good thief who died with Jesus                                   

Dimitrios – Earth lover; they are a compassionate person                                             

Dmitri – Also spelt Dmitry, this name comes from Ancient Russia and means “devoted to Demeter”.

Dobrogost – This name means “good guest”.

Dobromir – This Slavic name means “good peace”.

Donat – This name has Slavic roots and has the meaning “given” or “gift”.

Dragan – A dear and beloved person; precious person                                   

Dragomir – One who likes to care about peace                                  

Dusan – A content soul; satisfied              

Emond – this means someone who is the protector

Erik – a ruler of the world.                           

Fadey – This name comes from Russia and Ukraine. It means “brave” “bold” or “praise”.

Fedir – Gift from above                

Felix – A man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success                            

Feodor – A heavenly gift                              

Gavril – This name means “one who worships God” or “God is my strength”.

Gavrilio – God is my power and strong point.     

Gektor – This name means “steadfast” and “anchor”.

Gideon – Gideon is a Biblical male name of Hebrew origins. It means He that Bruises or Breaks, a Destroyer.       

Ivan – This is one of the most common Slavic names. It means “God is gracious”.

Ja – Name that means “Me”

Jadran – This is a Slavic version of the name Adrian and is said to mean “from Adria”.

Jaka – Jaka means “supplanter”.

Jans – Slavic – God has been gracious; God is merciful; God has shown favor                        

Jarek – One who is strong and fierce       

Jarick – A strong, fierce one        

Jarmil -One who is fierce

Jaromil – A strong one  

Jaromir – In Polish, it is said to mean “good reputation” or “prestige”. In Upper Sorbian, it means “peace”, and in Old-Ruthenian, it means “world” and “peace”.

Jaroslav – One who is gloriously energetic

Jaroslaw – Fierce and glorious                                    

Jarrick – A fierce and dear one   

Jonco – Hebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John                            

Josip – Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph                   

Jovan – The name means “God is gracious”.

Juraj – Juraj is a Slavic name meaning handy, quick                           

Jurji – One who is a handy person                                            

Map of Slavic Region

Karel – Karel name means Strong, Manly, Masculine                       

Kasimier – Kasimier means He Enforces Peace                                   

KolarOccupational name derived from the Slavic kolar meaning “cartwright”; Wheelwright      

Kole – Kole means Victory of the People                              

Kristjan – A follower of Christ                                     

Laciann – Laciann means The Famous Ruler                                         

Lazlo – This name means “rule of glory” and has Slavic roots.

Lech – From the name of Slavic tribe Lendians                                    

Lel – The one who takes what he wants                

Lyubomir – Bulgarian form of Lubomir, meaning loving and world.                            

Matvey – Slavic name for Boy given by God                         

Mieszko – well known gentel man.                                         

Milen – Slavic – Gracious; Favor; Grace; Fame; Glory; A variant of Milan                  

Milo – A merciful soldier                              

Miloh – one who forgives easily                               

Milos – The name Milos has its roots in Old Slavic. It is derived from the Slavic word “Milu” which means “dear” or “gracious”.

Mirek – A peaceful nature, ambassador of peace                             

Miroslav – The one who is glorified through the peace                  

Mislav – The thought of glory.                   

Nicholai – This Slavic name means “one who conquers the people” and “victorious”.

Niklaus – This Slavic name means “the People’s Victory” and is a great name for any little boy.

Noah – Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.          

Slavic Art

Oleg – Oleg has roots in East Slavic and is a very commonly used name in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The name means “blessed”, “holy” or “sacred”. It is also said to mean “Holy Light”.

Ondrea – Possessing qualities befitting a man or having abilities suitable for a woman.                   

Plamen – Slavic – Flames; Fire; Fiery        

Pyotr – This Russian name means “rock” or “stone”.

Radek – One who is happy                          

Radomil – Graciously willing        

Radomir – One who is peaceful                 

Radoslaw – He who loves peace                               

Radu – The happy one                   

Reija – One who has wings                          

Rostislav – One whose glory grows                         

Rudolf – He is legendary like a wolf         

Sagan – The one who is a wise person                    

Sashmir – A peaceful defender                 

Savaric – The powerful old or aged ruler                                               

Shathar – A man who workis in the mines            

Slavko – Glory   

Stanislas – A man who achieves glory     

Stanislaus – A person who became glorious and famous                               

Stanislav – With Slavic origins, this name means “one who achieves fame” or “one who achieves glory”.

Stanko – Diminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.                   

Stannes – He who achives glory in military                            

Stanway – One who becomes himself along the way

Stanweg – To live next to a stony road                   

Teodor – A gift of God   

Tihomir – Derived from the Slavic elements tih, which means quiet and mir, which peace.            

Tomislaw – Suppress or torture, a Croatian king

Vaclav – With Czech origins, this name means “Wreath of glory” or “more glory”.

Vadim – Ruler                                   

Veles – Derived from Volos it means an Ox. God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickery                  

Veselin – Cheerful and happy soul.         

Vlad – Old short form of Slavic names beginning with the vladeti. It means rule   Boy                       

Vladimir – This name has been historically seen throughout the regions of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania. Vladimír is the more common name these days, but it is actually a shortened version of the ancient Slavic name, Vladislav. Vladislav is an ancient Slavic name that means “glory” or “rule”. The name also means “great ruler”.

Vojtech Voj – means War, and Tech means Eager                              

Volodya – Ruler of the world                                      

Volos – Ox or God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickery                                              

Vova – Ruler of the world                            

Yakov – The name means “supplanter”.

Yaromir –  Man of peace                                              

Yasha – The name Yasha means “one who defends man” and “supplanter”. This name is popular in Slavic countries, especially in Russia.

Yavor – Bulgarian form of Javor, meaning maple tree      

Zander – The name has roots in Slavic and Greek cultures and means “defender of man”.

Zdravko – Derived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy

Zelimir – This name has Slavic origins, and it means “Wish for Peace”.

Zeljko – This name comes from the Southern Slavic regions. It is said to have been derived from the word želja, which means “desire”. It means “desire for peace”.


Pretty Slavic Names for Girls

Pretty Slavic Names for Girls

The elegance in these Slavic names for girls is actually very captivating . take a look at some of them.

Agneza – This Slavic name is said to mean “chaste” and “pure”. It is considered the Croatian version of the name Agnes.

Ajla – halo, circle of light, moonlight                        

Ala – Defending men, Excellence, Fragrance, esteem                     

Aleena – Variation of Alina which means Bright and Beautiful                     

Alexandra – Shelter provider Of Mankind                            

Aliana – Slavic – Bright; Beautiful; Hebrew – Brightness; Ornament; A variant of the name Alina   

Alyona – This Russian name means “Light”.

Anastasia – This regal Russian name means “Resurrection”, and it is one of the most popular Slavic baby girl names.

Anca – This Romanian name means “favour” or “grace”. It is more popular in countries that speak Romanian.

Andrea – Feminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strong                

Angelina – The holy angels of God sent from heaven

Ania – Ania means “gracious” and “merciful”.

Bela – Time; one who lives inside heart                 

Belias – A white woman                               

Beyla – Beyla, in Slavic, means “by God”. The name was made popular through Norse Mythology as Beyla was the servant of Freyr.

Bisera – Derived from the South Slavic word biser pearl.                               

Bohdana – Given by God              

Bohuslava – A woman who always glorifies the almighty                               

Bojana – This name originates from Serbia. It means “battle” and is strong, yet a feminine name for little girls.

Boyana – Bulgarian form of Bojana, meaning battle                         

Bozhidara – Bulgarian feminine form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift                        

Bronia – This is a Polish name that means “protector of glory”.

Bunda – One with a furcoat                         

Calina – This name has Russian origins. It means “snowball tree”.

Catta – The one woman that is pure                        

Charna – Dark                    

Chesna – This name means “peace” or “to bring tranquillity and peace”.

Chessa – The one who is at peace            

Daiva – This name of Slavic origins means “supernatural entity” or “beloved”.

Danika – This name means “Venus” or “Star of the Morning”. The name has origins in Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian.

Darva – This Slavic name has the meaning “sweet” or “honeybee”.

Daryna – The gift of God               

Dasha – The name is Russian in origin, and it means “Gift of God”.

Deanica – A beautiful morning Star

Dinara – This name means “treasure”.

Divna – This Slavic name means “fascinating” or “Wondrous”.

View of a Slavic Region

Elena – Greek name Helen; bright one                  

Elgiva – A holy and sacred human being                

Emika – in Slavik this name means charming                        

Endellion – fire or soul

Estera – a Polish word for star    

Eva – life or living one    

Evelina – This name has meanings variating from “Life” to “Light”. The Russian meaning of the name is “Life”.

Evka – The mother of life                             

Evonnia – This Slavic name means “Yew”.

Faina – This name is of Slavic origins and means “crown”, “shining” and “brilliant”.

Feo – She is the gift of Gods

Feodora – She who is a gift of heaven                    

Feodosia – A gift of the god                        

Fiala – A violet woman                                  

Galina – This name has Russian origins. It means “tranquil” and “calm”.

Idania – This Slavic name means “hardworking and “prosperous”.

Iryna – Iryna has Ukrainian roots and means “peace”.

Iskra – “Iskra is derived from a South Slavic word meaning “”spark””.”     l                              

Ivan – Gift of God            

Ja – Name that means “Me”                       

Jalena – The bright one                                 

Janika – Slavic name meaning God is gracious                     

Jarmila – One who loves spring                 

Jaromira – Famous Spring; Feminine version of Jaromir                                 

Jaroslava – She who is energetic and fierce

Jasey – God is gracious                                  

Jasika – Slavic name for girls                                        

Jasna – A clear one                          

Jasoslava – This Slavic name has the meaning “glory of light”.

Jehona – Refers to an imitation or repetition.                     

Jenicka – God has shown his kindness towards me.                         

Jereni – Free from disturbance 

Jovana – This girl’s name has roots in Serbia and Macedonia. It means “God is gracious”.

Juliana – it means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.                             

Kajla – The name Kajla means Chain Golden Chain                           

Kalin – The name Kalina means Like a Flower in Slavic, in Aboriginal orgins the name means To Love        

Kamilia – Kamilia means Attending the Ceremony or Sweet Flower

Katerina – This popular name has its roots in Bulgaria and Russia. Some of the meanings of the name are “pure”, “each of the two”, “one hundred”, and “far away”.

Katinka – Katinka means Transparent, Clear, Pure                            

Khoza – The name means Goat                                 

Kitka – Kitka means a Bunch of Flowers                                 

Klara – This name is the Slavic form of the name Claire. It means “clear” and “bright”.

Korva – Korva means Cow                           

Krasimira – Feminine form of Krasimir. It means beautiful peace.             

Kristina – This is the Slavic version of the name Christina. It means “A Christian” or “one who follows Christ”.

Krpanaka – The name means Ptchwork                 

Kryska – Kryska means a Follower of Christ                                          

Beautiful Slavic Names

Lada – In Slavic mythology, the name means love, goddess of beauty, and marriage.

Ladeca – The name means a Mainden                                    

Ladina – The name means Domination and Glory                                              

Lala – Slavic – Tulip; Arabic – Intoxication; Wine; English:Spanish – Emerald                              

Lenka – The one who illuminates, bright one      

Lexa – The defender of mankind                                              

Lida – A person from Lydia, a region in Asia Minor            

Lilijana – Slavic variation of names Lily and Elisabeth        

Lizaveta – This name has roots in Russian as well as Hebrew. It means “the promise of God”.

Ljuba – A Slavic word that means Love   

Lonna – A bright, almost blinding light    

Ludie – Graceful, favorable people                          

Ludivine – One who is friend of the people                         

Ludmila – Loved by the people                 

Lumina – Bright as a Sunshine                    

Luxana – This Slavic name means “from the light”.

Lyuba – The one who loves                         

Lyudmila – A dear person who loves and feels deeply                                    

Lyudmyla – One who is nice to everyone                              

Madja – A splandid, noble one                                  

Magda – A maiden from the tower                          

Maja – She who is splendid         

Malyna – A woman sweet as a raspberry                              

Margosha – This name is of Russian origin. It means “pearl”.

Maria – Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child        

Marjam – One who is happy                                       

Marjeta – A Slavic form of the name Margaret meaning pearl     

Matryona – This is the Slavic version of the name Matrona. It means “Lady”.

MayIndian – The day of the May                              

Mila – With roots in Russia, the name Mila means “dear one”.

Milabelle – A beautiful girl, full or grace                                

Milada – A gracious young girl, The lovable girl                                   

Milana – Slavic – Union; Favor; Grace; People

Milaslava – One who likes or wants to be glorified                                           

Milica – A graceful lady, An alluring one                

Millan – The Loving and Gracious person                              

Miloslava – This Slavic name means “one who loves glory”.

Mischa – This Slavic name means “Who is like the Lord”.

Morana – A Goddess of winter and death                            

Myroslava – One who is destined to be glorious, glorious             

Nadege – This Slavic name means “hope”.

Nadezda – A hope or a belief     

Natalya – This pretty name is perfect if your baby girl is born on Christmas. The name is of Russian origins and means “Christmas Day” or “birthday of Christ”.

Neda – The one who was born on the Sabbath day.                                        

Nijole – The people who always conquest success.                         

Nikita – This name has Russian roots. It means “Unconquerable”.

Noah – Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.          

Beautiful Slavic Names for Girls

Oksana – In Russian and Ukrainian, this name means “Praise God”.

Olga – This Slavic name means “Holy” or “blessed”.

Olya – A sacred place or sacred spirit.                     

Ondrea – Possessing qualities befitting a man or having abilities suitable for a woman.                   

Peryn – Variation of a habitational Surname from the place Peryn; A variant of Slavic God Peroun             

Radka – Slavic – Happy; Peace; Great; Famous; A feminine equivalent of Radko                  

Radomila – A happy and dear person     

Radomira – Slavic – Happy; Peace; Great; Famous;            

Rusalka – A wood’s spite                              

Sable – The black one                    

Siwa – A name of the Goddess of love and fertility                          

Slavenka – A Slavic woman.                        

Sorana – One beautiful as a dawn            

Stacia – A short form of anastasia                             

Stanuie – One who becomes                                     

Stara – One who is old                   

Stasya – Strength, fame or firmness        

Svetlana – This is a very popular Slavic name. It means “light”.

Svitlana – A variation of Svetlana, meaning pure and light             

Tamora – Variation of the name Tamara, meaning palm tree       

Tanja – A fairy princess                  

Tatia – A fairy queen                                      

Tatiana – This name is believed to mean “Fairy Princess” or “Fairy Queen”.

Teodora – God’s gift       

Tiana – This Name of Russian origin means “Princess”.

Trpimira – The name is derived from elements trpi endure, bear, suffer and mir meaning peace or world.            

Valentina – Strong, vigorous, healthy                                     

Valeska – This Slavic, Russian name means “victorious leader” and “glorious leader”.

Wendelin – This Slavic name means “great glory”.

YaroslavaSpring glory                 

Zayna – This lovely Slavic name means “beauty”.

Zhivka – Feminine form of Zhivko, meaning life or alive.                

Zlata – This name has origins in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Slovene. It means “Golden”.

Zorka – A form of Zora, meaning dawn.

Zoya – This beautiful name is of Russian and Ukrainian origins. The name means “life”.

Previously, these names were attributed with the prospects of providing protection for carrier of the names. Presently, these names still hold great significance and have quite profound meanings. Slavic names are among the top ranking exotic names that are in high usage and popularity.

You can see that these Slavic names are simply awesome. You can share it with your friends.

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