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Sleepover Invitation Wording that Will Set the Night Rolling

Sleepover Invitation Wording that Will Set the Night Rolling.

Sleepover Invitation Wording: Most sleepovers are just get-togethers between two or three kids, with invites coming over the phone. But for a larger gathering – what you might call a “slumber party” or “pajama party” – a written invitation is in order.

It doesn’t have to be a paper invite, but it should be well-written, with fun wording that clearly conveys all the important details of the event.

You don’t have to lose sleep coming up with the perfect wording all on your own, though. To get you started, here are some sleepover invitation wording samples.

Simple Text

Here’s an example of more casual wording that would be appropriate for an email. Note that it’s addressed to an individual, as a mass email could lead to confusion about which kid in a family is invited.

Hi Denise,

Valerie is having a sleepover on March 11 and would love for Alexandra to be there. Here are the details:

Valerie’s Spring Fever Sleepover

Saturday, March 11

Drop Off: 6 PM

Pick Up: 10 AM

1234 Pajama Street, Hartsville

Bring: Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Favorite Toy(s)

Please let me know by March 5 if Alex can make it, so I can make plans for food and so forth.


sleepover invitation wording


The Halloween season is a perfect time to get together and tell some scary stories. Here are a few examples of invite wording for a Halloween slumber party. (skypointcloud.com)

You’re Invited To

Anna’s Not-Too-Scary Halloween Slumber Party

Wear Your Halloween Costume!

Calling All Little Monsters!

You’re Invited To A

Spook-tacular Halloween Pajama Party

Scary Movies, Whispered Secrets, and Pillow Fights

These are the Things That go Bump in the Night!

Please Join Us For

Tina’s Halloween Sleepover Party

sleepover invitation wording


A slumber party can be a cozy way for kids to celebrate the holidays even if the weather outside is frightful. Here are some invitation wording examples for a Christmas sleepover.

Silent Night? Not So Much!

Please Join Us For

Jen’s “Holla” Day Sleepover

Wear Your Favorite Christmas PJs!

Don We Now Our Festive PJs!

You’re Invited To A

Christmas Slumber Party

Bring One Wrapped Gift (Max $5 Value)

We’re Ho-Ho-Hoping You Can Make It To

Sarah’s Holiday Pajama Party

We’ll Have a Jolly Good Time!



What better way to celebrate a birthday than to invite a few of your best friends over to spend the night? Here are some invite wording ideas for a birthday pajama party.

Sleeping Bags, Flashlights, and Secrets Told

Gloria is Turning 10 Years Old

Please Join Us For a Birthday Sleepover

You’re Invited To A

Super Spectacular Slumber Party

In Celebration of Amanda’s 10th Birthday!

It’s Jake’s 7th Birthday!

Let’s Get Rowdy With A

7th Birthday Sleepover!

Please Join Us For A

Pajama Party

In Honor Of

Samantha’s 6th Birthday

Bring a Pillow and Your Favorite Doll or Toy!

It’s a Birthday Party, so Let’s Have Fun

It Will be Daylight Before We’re Done!

Please Join Us For

Kevin’s 10th Birthday Sleepover Party

You’re Invited To

Andrea’s 11th Birthday Party Sleepover

We’ll Eat Pizza, Watch Movies, and do Our Hair

We Really Hope to See You There!


sleepover invitation wording

Here’s some general slumber party invitation wording that you can tweak for almost any situation.

You’re Invited To

Mina’s “Who Needs Sleep?” Sleepover

Saturday, July 21

Drop Off: 5 PM

Pick Up: 11 AM

The Evan’s Home

1234 Slumber Way, Fordham

RSVP to Karen (123-4567 / [email protected]) by July 15

Please Join Us For

Josie’s All Night Pajama-rama

Bring a Sleeping Bag and Your Favorite Pillow

Why do they call it a sleepover?

Because you only SLEEP when it’s OVER!

You’re invited to Madeleine’s for a night of pillow fights, food, movies, and more

No boys allowed!

Popcorn, Pizza, and Pillow Fights

It’s Going to be One Pajama-rific Night!

Please Join Us For

Emily’s Splendiferous Sleepover

Ryan’s having a sleepover, so save the date

We’ll watch movies, play games, and stay up late

You’re Invited To

Hannah’s Midsummer Sleepover

Trust Us – This Slumber Party Won’t be a Snoozefest!

OMG! BFFs in PJs! LOL!

Grab Your Sleeping Bag, Slip on Your PJs, and Join Us For

Amanda’s #Awesome Sleepover Party

Grab Your Favorite Blankie and a Flashlight

Because You’re Invited to Amy’s House to Stay Overnight!

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