Wonderful Ideas for Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation Wording

Wonderful Ideas for Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation Wording.

Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation Wording: Sometimes these couples are just so engrossed in family businesses and activities, combined with the increasing responsibilities of marriage, they tend to forget to celebrate themselves and how long they have come still united in love.

They even spend their anniversary without any reference to the significance of the day. We can bring back their memories of early beginnings and romantic times with a lovely surprise anniversary party.

Though you may have some difficulties in planning the event especially in keeping the whole plan discrete, you sure wouldn’t have issues with selecting the proper Surprise anniversary party invitation wording with these tips and samples.

Wonderful Ideas for Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation WordingSurprise Anniversary Party Invite Guidelines

To get a great package of anniversary party invitation wording you may have to reference some interesting samples while also putting into perspective some cardinal rules.

  • Be Particular and firm about the Secrecy of the Party: The Core idea of this party is to take those we are celebrating unawares. So, there must be emphasis as much as possible about the secret nature of the party. This must be reflected on how you word the party invitation.

  • Send Reminders: Let those who you want to be in the party be kept current and updated about the progress of the event and also keep them alert about the type and nature of the party.

  • Make the Details as Clear as Possible: So there will not be any cause to ask unnecessary questions and betray the purpose of the party, the wordings should be explicit and definite enough.

Surprised anniversary party decorationSurprise Anniversary Party Invitation Wording Samples

You can go ahead and study the examples below and get the right ideas of what to put up.

  • SHHH! You’re Invited to a Surprise Party Join Us As We Celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary Of Kim and Tom Walker. Please Join Us For Dinner and Drinks. (optimamedicalaz.com) On Saturday, August 22 by 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. @ The Event Room at The Upscale Restaurant 1234 Downlow Road Vineyard Hills, Vermont. R.S.V.P. to Dawn Walker (123-456-7890/[email protected]) by Aug. 10

Surprise Wedding Anniversary party

  • Please Join Us For A 10th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Party In Honor Of Betsy Olson and Jill Ryan on Saturday, November 5 at 7 PM @  The Hungry Hungarian 1234 Twisty Lane, Beltonville RSVP to Jeremy (123-456-7890/[email protected]) by Oct. 20 Remember: It’s a SURPRISE party, so keep it a secret!

  • SURPRISE! Will and Amy Have Been Married 30 Years! Let’s Help Them Celebrate With A Surprise Anniversary Party

Surprised anniversary party room

  • Can You Keep a Secret? Well, we Hope So, Because You’re Invited To A Surprise 50th Anniversary Party Honoring  Sarah and Andy Wentworth

  • Don’t Spill the Beans! We’re Throwing A Surprise 40th Anniversary Party In Honor Of Loretta and Bill Williams

  • TOP SECRET. You’re Invited To A Surprise 30th Anniversary Party For Tonya and Matt Greiten. Leaking this information to Tonya or Matt is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

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