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Pleasurable Ways to Surprise your Lady on her Birthday

Pleasurable Ways to Surprise your Lady on her Birthday.

Talking of birthday celebration and gifts, what could be sweeter than you sweeping your lady off her feet with an exciting surprise move? Have you ever wondered how you could take her out of this world with some romantic gesture?

Surprising her on her birthday is a great option. You might be wondering how you can achieve the level of surprise you intend or what to do exactly, then, you really need to pay attention to this article.

Charming Things you can do to Surprise you Lady on her BirthdayCharming Things you can do to Surprise you Lady on her Birthday

Leave her Notes: Drop some fancy notes for her with some heartfelt messages. Celebrate how special she is. Tell her how smart she is, how beautiful she is, or how proud you are of her. Tell her one of the reasons that you love her. Or, break out your (fabulous, I’m sure) drawing skills and express yourself that way.

Arrange a Shout-Out on the Radio: On her favorite radio frequency, arrange for her to get a birthday shout out. Many stations have regular times of the day when listeners can send messages to other people. Make it something short but sweet, and tell her to tune in when you know it’s going to be read out.

Post Wishes for her  in your Local Newspaper: Get the newspaper to print her some sweet birthday wishes. Grab a copy, leave it open on the right page, and draw a circle around your message so that she sees it.

Hide Little Gifts for her to Find: Do well to wake before her, hide something nice somewhere. It should be in a place she is sure to find. Let the gift be something precious and valuable.

Write her a Love Letter: In this modern day of devices and gadgets, the last thing she would expect is for you to write her a love letter on her birthday. Give her the shock of her life and watch her flow with joy.

Write a poem or a song: Good poetry always does the trick along with some sweet wordings of a song. But you don’t necessarily have to make it up yourself. There are plenty of poets out there who have probably already expressed the feelings you’re trying to get across. If you know she has a favorite poet, that’s a fantastic place to start.

On the song front, if you can play or sing, but fall at the composing hurdle, a heartfelt rendition of a love song to celebrate a special occasion will always go down well.

Gifts can be Classic, but Personalized: Go a little extra mile to make sure the gifts you have for her on her birthday are personalized and unqiue. Something customized will make a great gift. If she’s a fan of dark chocolate, make it a box of organic dark chocolate truffles. If she’s obsessed with sunflowers, get her a bouquet of them. As far as other types of gifts go, focus on the personalization.

Make a little treasure Hunt: Any gift can be made even more special if you make her follow some clues to find it. This could be around your/her flat or even outside if you have somewhere quiet where you can leave the clues and know they won’t be disturbed. It’s fun and you can make the clues personal to her or your relationship.

Make her a Modern-Day Mix Tape: Mix some unique tunes for her on her birthday. These should include her favorite artistes and songs.Tapes aren’t very practical any more, and CDs are increasingly retro, but you could still surprise her with a carefully crafted playlist full of songs you know she’ll love or that remind you of her.

Do that one thing you’ve always talked about: Is there something the two of you have been talking about doing for as long as you can remember? Why no chose this day to make it happen.

Take her to a Sunset Spot: When was the last time you watched the sunset together? Pack some yummy snacks and a bottle of something special and watch the sun go down in the company of the woman you love. Spoil her on her birthday with this lovely experience.

Get her Favorite Celeb to Message her: find her favorite singer, band, actor, sports star, or other famous personality, and ask them to record a really short video message for your girlfriend. Can you imagine the look on her face…? You never know, some celebs love to do nice things for their biggest fans.How to surprise her on her birthdayMake a photo Album or Scrapbook: A lovely compilation of memorable photos as a birthday gift is just sweet. Photos she never knew existed will really add to the fun. You can drop an enlarged photo along with this. A photo album is a wonderful gift on a special occasion. She’ll really appreciate the time and energy you put into it.

Build or make her Something: Create a mice article of furniture for her or any tangible thing at all. If you’re any good with a saw or crafty with your hands, then why not create something for her? Make it something you know she needs, and she’ll think of you every time she sees or uses it.

Adopt an Animal in her Name: Ladies definitely love pets. From cuddly koalas to fierce tigers, there are many organizations that allow you to symbolically ‘adopt’ an animal in order to raise funds. If your girlfriend is into saving wildlife or has a favorite animal, she’ll love this!

Cook a Special Meal: If you never cook, then something simple will suffice, but if you’re handy in the kitchen, take the time to find a new recipe and buy the ingredients. Take the stress of putting together her favorite meal on her birthday. It’s such a great gift.

Make her Breakfast in Bed: What a thrill to wake up on her birthday to a sweet scenting breakfast? Cereal, toast, pastries, coffee, fresh juice – go all out and take her breakfast in bed. It’s guaranteed to give her  the best start to the day and there’s always enough for you to share. Make sure to sweep away the crumbs from the bed afterwards!

Leave her a Treat in the Fridge: Lure her to the fridge after you must have dropped and appetizing something there for her. Buy her that desert you know she loves or have a meal ready and waiting for her in the fridge for when she gets back from work, so she doesn’t have to cook. A cold bottle of wine waiting in the fridge on a Friday evening isn’t a bad idea, either.

Recreate your First Date: Where did you first meet? Where did you first go for dinner? Rekindle the memories of that great day and watch her glow with happiness on her birthday.

Surprise her on her birthdayLeave her a Voice Message: Say some great things about her a leave it as a message. It’s such a great stunt. If you aren’t free to chat, but you want to send her something more special than a text, many messaging apps allow you to record and send voice messages. She’ll love receiving one of these and hearing you say nice things.

Scatter Flower Petals on the Bed: It’s cheesy, but it’s also effective. Buy some roses and take a few of the flowers apart to turn your bedroom into a romantic, snuggly place to relax in. If you have any flowers left, put them in a vase on her bedside table.

Hire a Horse-Drawn carriage: Take her to a big town or city near you and find a company that provides horse-drawn carriage rides. Enjoy the sights and share in the moment as you clip and clop along the streets.

You can relate how a lady’s love increases when you shower her with care and attention and when she knows you always have her back. Don’t miss the chance to impress her and make her wild for you. Do something nice and sweet for you lady on her birthday. Surprise her!

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