Telugu Moral Stories and their Priceless Lessons for all Ages

Telugu Moral Stories and their Priceless Lessons for all Ages.

Telugu Moral Stories: If there is one thing that makes most of us want to go back to our childhood days, it is the wonderful moral stories. The well constructed moral stories had a way of reaching us with their deep lessons. Most societies have developed their unique moral stories.

Telugu Moral Stories and their Priceless Lessons for all Ages

This is also the case with Telugu. It happens that there are a lot of Telugu moral stories to draw inspiration from. You can equally reinvent these Telugu Moral stories and folk tales to suit the unique features of your locality including your culture and traditions.

Going forward, we are going to provide you with some amazing Telugu moral stories you can share with your kids.

Some Beautifully Crafted Telugu Moral Stories

Telugu surely boast of a great degree of traditions. These traditions have been conveyed in their stories centered on morality and character. Enjoy these.

1. True friendsTelugu Moral Stories about Friends

Sri Krishna and Sudhama were childhood friends. Krishna grew, grew, and became wealthy. But Sudhama lives in a small hut with his wife and children. Eventually the child’s appetite was so bad that it could not even be satisfied.

Sudhama’s wife advised him to go to Krishna and ask for help. Sudhama was too embarrassed and ashamed to approach her friend and ask for help.

Sudhama’s wife gave Krishna her favorite beets. The tribe was amazed at the splendor of the city of Dwarka. The gatekeepers at the palace saw the incarnation of Sudhama and did not send him inside.

But this information, that is, when Sudhama heard that he was waiting at his door, Krishna was overjoyed, stopped what he was doing, ran eagerly, hugged Sudhamani affectionately and invited him inside.

Not only that, but very lovingly and respectfully, Sudhama washed his feet, sat down next to him and laughed at the sweet memories of his childhood.

Sudhama was ashamed to give the betel nuts he had brought to Lord Krishna, the great king and rich man. Noticing this, Krishna asked, took it in his hand, opened the lid and ate it.

Sudhama was very happy for the love and support of Lord Krishna. He took leave and returned to his hometown.

Once upon a time his hut was gone and a good building, children, wife appeared to be well dressed and lavish. Sudhama thought he was lucky. He did not open his mouth and say anything, did not ask for help, but Krishna knew and gave him what he wanted. That’s true friendship, he thought.

Lessons: True friends do not work with the floor. They consider it their duty to keep you comfortable. The same true friendship.

2. Nanna, that’s a wolfNanna, that's a wolf on Telugu Stories

In a small village on a mound. A farmer took his youngest son with him to herd sheep. The farmer went to work on his farm a short distance away, telling the boy to look after the sheep and howl as soon as the wolf came.

For a while the child felt nothing. “Baboy wolf, that’s a wolf,” cried Nanna, teasing them. Upon hearing this, the farmer and his friends grabbed the sticks and ran, “Which wolf?” Asked. The boy laughed and said, “Abbey, Uttine Aricha!” Said. “It simply came to our notice then. Do not spoil our work, ”the farmer rebuked and left.

Cassette was naughty again, shouting “Baboy wolf”, all of them came running with sticks, and the kid laughed out loud again and said “Bbey! Uttine Aricha”. “No one will believe you if you do such stupid things,” he said and resumed his work.

In the casket actually a wolf came and jumped on a lamb. The boy shouted in fear “Nanna! Baboy the wolf is killing the sheep, come quickly come, ”said the sixth great.

“This brat is screaming again,” said the farmer, ignoring the voice. The wolf stared at the lamb and dragged it into the forest. The child was seen sitting next to a bush and crying in fear.

When the farmer’s son came home from work, he saw her crying and asked, “Why are you crying?” Asked. When he saw his father, he said, “Why did you not shout that the wolf had come? I sat here in fear. Why not? ” Said angrily. The farmer said, “No one believes or cares about the liar,” and consoled him, and the two sheep went home.

Lessons: No one believes liars. No one will believe if they tell the truth.

Elephant – Friends


Elephant - FriendsAn elephant wanders alone, hoping to find friends, and looks at a group of monkeys and asks, “Will you befriend me?” Asked.

The monkeys said, “Abbo! How big are you? Can jumps swing like us holding branches? That is why we cannot be friends, ”he said.

The elephant saw the rabbit. “Hi rabbit, will you befriend me?” Asked hopefully. “You are so big, can you get away with small burrows and holes like me? How can we be friends? ” Andi.

After that the elephant met a frog. It also asked for friendship. “You’re so big, you can’t jump like me. I can’t be friends with you, ”she said.

If a fox was seen on the way, it was also asked, and it did not appear. In the meantime, all the animals in the forest are running wild. “What happened? Are you running away so scared? ” Asked a bear. “Alas, the tiger is hunting animals.” Said and fled. The elephant bravely wanted to protect all his friends. The tiger stood up and said, “Please don’t kill my friends.”

“Take care of your work… Why their sphere?” The tiger. The elephant hit the tiger hard and scared him, saying that his word was not vignette. The tiger slowly slipped out of there. All the animals were very happy to know this. “Your shape is right. You are still our friend. ”

Lessons: Friendship has no rules. Friendship is friendship no matter what form or shape it takes!

Four cows

The four cows were very friendly and friendly in a lush green pasture. Grazing together, turning together. Since they were always a group together, tigers and lions could not come to their nest.

For a while, there was a scuffle between them and the four cows went to graze separately on all four sides.

This is the right time, the tiger and the lion hid in the bushes and killed each other.

Lessons: Unity is strength.

A Picinari story

A Picinari story

In one village there was an old pizzeria, that is, one who did not like to spend money except to hide it. There was a small garden behind his house. He hid his gold coins in a hole under the rocks in the garden and placed stones on top of them. But every day before going to bed he would secretly count the gold coins and hide them there again.

One day a thief, who was secretly observing all the daily affairs of this pizzeria, remained silent on the tree until the day, counting the gold coins and hiding inside, and when he went inside, stole the coins as a guppy. Marnadu looked at the old man and started crying loudly.

Neighbors gathered and asked what had happened and found out. “Someone hides money at home. Outside of what, did you even put it on the ground? Can’t you just buy something with it? ” Said.

To which the pizzeria replied, “Shall we buy? I do not use that gold at all. Only to hide it, ”he said. On hearing this he threw a stone into the lame and said, “If so, do the same. Is it worth it when you don’t use it? Anyway, the golden one. Both are worthless when you don’t use them, ”he went on.

Lessons: Unused money is the same whether it is used or not.

Duck – Golden Egg

Duck - Golden Egg

A farmer in a field. There was a duck near Wadi. It was laying a golden egg every day. He was selling the golden egg and was having a good time.

But after a while Wadi wanted to become the richest of all the rich people around him. Immediately he had an idea. ”This duck lays only one egg a day. How many eggs are there in its stomach? I can take it all at once and I can be very rich. I will cut its stomach and remove all those eggs. ”

The idea came too late and he took a knife and cut the duck’s stomach. There is not a single egg inside. The duck was slightly dead. He went on to inquire as to how good it would have been if he had brought the egg daily nicely, now that the barn had been deceived in the first place.

Lessons: Greed always outweighs sorrow. Think before you act

Midas touch

Midas touch

The name of the ancient Greek king was Midas. That king is very fond of gold. That king has a lot of wealth. He also has a neat daughter.

One day while the king was counting gold coins a lucky goddess appeared in front of him. The king was very supportive and respectful. Rejoicing in his manners, the goddess of fortune, wished him any blessing. Without thinking at all, the king asked, “If I touch anything with my hand, it will turn to gold.”

The goddess knew that this was not such a great boon, but asked, and the king gave the boon. The king, with great joy, touched an apple on the opposite side. It immediately sparkled and turned into a golden fruit. Yet while the fool was happily gilding the objects in the royal palace, Vallammai came there.

Gaba Gaba went and grabbed him with ecstasy. After all, that sin turned into a lifeless golden toy. When the king saw this, he wept and prayed for the goddess of fortune.

“I do not have the strength. I want my child to return to normal, ”he prayed. Everything that turned out to be gold came back into its original form. The king looked at the girl and smirked. The king came to his senses. He learned to live comfortably and contentedly with what he had.

Lessons: Do not fight greed. It is good to be content with what we have.

Farmer – well

An innocent farmer bought a well next door to get water for his farm. Going to the well for water, the neighbor said, “You bought the well but not the water.

Prevented from touching the waters. Desperate to know what to do with the frustrated farmer, Raja Akbar went to the minister wise Birbal in the durbar.

He called everything, the Birbal farmer, the man who sold the well. He asked why he did not agree to take the water. The deceiver replied, “I sold the well but not the water in it.”

The wise Birbal said, “Everything is fine. Why did you use your water and hide in the well? Quickly drain the water, empty it and give it to Wadi Wadi Wadi, ”he ordered.

The man apologized and realized that he had been deceived in the first place.

Lessons: Cheating is not good. If cheated, the blow will fall somewhere.

Good Association, Bad Association

Telugu Stories on Good Association, Bad Association

Two tortoises nest on a tree and spend time happily with their young. One day, the mother parrot and the father parrot went out looking for food. Meanwhile a boa constrictor stole baby parrots.

One of them escaped from a tortoise and stood on a tree in an ashram, listening to the good words taught by the sages there. Another dragonfly was kept in a cage by the boy. It was used to grow in the home loggia. It learned the same thing as long as it listened to curses and bad words.

One day a passerby was sleeping under a tree near his house. Seeing that, the dragonfly said, “Orey fool! Why am I here? Put out your tongue! ” That scared me. He died and fled. After traveling, he joined the ashram. The tortoise there said, “Welcome passerby. You can rest here until you are exhausted, ”she said sweetly.

Surprised, the boy said he met a tortoise like you on the way but it was talking very harshly. “Oh, maybe it’s my brother’s parrot. My language is like this because I associate with saints. That’s my older brother learning the language of the hunter and talking like that. We will be prepared as we are in a relationship, ”said Ramachiluka.

Lessons: If you want to be good, you have to be good.


Man – Cat storyTelugu Man - Cat story

Once a cat is trapped in a tree bush, unable to get out, screaming. He heard a shout of “Maw, maw” and he tried to get it out of the mess. But the cat did not understand it, and when the man approached, he fell on his hand, frightened.

Another saw it and said, “Leave the pony alone, it is an animal, it knows how to get out of itself.” But first he did not leave. Tried again and again and saved the cat from that entanglement. “Yes. The cat is an animal. Its purpose is to scratch and injure those who fall into its trap. But I am a man. My sincere pity, kindness, ”he said.

Lessons: Treat everyone the way you want them to treat you, as well as you. To abandon the values ​​of your humanity.

Four friends

Telugu Four friends Story

There are four friends in a college. They do not like to read. Exactly before the exams, the party went on all night, and Marnadu did not pass the exams, but after eating, he went to the big college and said,

“If I went to a wedding last night and came back, the car tire was punctured. We were so tired of pushing it, now we don’t have the patience to write the test, ”said a fabricated story.

The college elder said, “Okay, write the exam next week. The tribe rejoiced that they had overthrown him with four deceitful gossips.

The next week they came ready for the exam. The four of them were given the same question paper to sit in separate classes. There are only two questions for 100 marks:


Which tire was punctured?

To this, each friend wrote one answer: 1. Right tire 2. Left tire. Rear right tire 4. Rear left tire.

Lessons: You may think you are very intelligent… but there are those who are beyond you.

Dog – Well Story

Telegu Dog - Well Story

Anaganaga was a dog in a barn with his six Buzzie puppies, teaching them good Buddhas and having a cozy pastime. One day, a well was found with the children in tow. She pointed to the well and said, “Don’t go near this well, it is very dangerous.”

The puppies came to that well one day playing. One of them said, “Why did Amma say that?” We have to see this, ”she thought and hung herself in the well.

Seeing her shadow in the well, she realized that there was really another puppy inside and started yelling at it. Inside the dog reflected like this and jumped into the well to fight with it. Before long, the dogs began to fall into the water, shouting for help.

One of the beggars said, “Alas! It’s a pity the dog fell into the water, “he said.

Lessons: Listen to the words of the elders. Can be questioned if desired but should never be despised.

How to Control Anger

Once upon a time there was a father and a son. Noticing that the son was very angry, the father said to the son one day, “Look! Take these hammer nails, this hammer. Whenever you get angry, hit the wall with a nail hammer. ”

The boy said OK and whenever he got angry he started climbing into the wall. For a few days the whole wall was covered with nails. The bust nails are gone. In the process of nailing, the number of nails that are hit slowly per day decreases and not a single nail is left.

The son showed all the nails to the father. The father pointed to all the cracks in the nail-biting wall and said, “No matter how much you paint this wall, these holes will not repair it. Also, if we hurt someone’s with our anger, then no matter how hard we try, we can not completely heal the trauma to their minds, ”he said.

Lessons: Anger is like a very dangerous sword. If a man is wounded with a sword, the wound may heal for years but its scars will not heal.

Bad Habits

Telugu Moral Stories about Bad Habits

A rich man is very sad when he sees his child’s bad habits. Appointed a prudent advisor for the matter. The big man took the boy on a vacation with him. On the way to the forest he showed the child small plants and peeked at them. The child took it off very easily.

A little further on, he pointed to the slightly overgrown plants and asked, “Can they grow?” Said. Immediately, Peeky excitedly showed up. Going even further, can the bush be pruned? He asked. A little hard work and how it even twisted.

He pointed to another large tree and asked if it could grow. “Not because of me.” “Did you see? Our habits cannot be rooted in this way. Bad habits should be abandoned while still pale. We have to inculcate and cultivate good habits, ”he advised.

Lessons: It is difficult to get rid of bad habits. Leave them out early.

You can see for yourself these Telugu Moral stories have great lessons to teach us and our kids. They contain messages we can use for life.

Be gracious enough to let your friends and families read this article too. Share freely!

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