Ugly Sweater Party Invitation Wordings That Are Cool

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation Wordings That Are Cool.

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation: Gaudy sweaters have long been a feature of the holiday season, but more recently they’ve been enshrined as a bonafide tradition.

Ugly sweater parties, where people come dressed in the most hideous sweater they can find, buy, or make, have become hugely popular. The culmination of these parties is usually an award for the best/worst sweater.

But we don’t have to tell you that. If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning (or at least contemplating) a tacky Christmas sweater party of your own. This article will help you with one of your first steps, which is to come up with the right invitation wording.

Ugly Sweater Party Invite Tips

Whether it’s a contest or not, the concept of an ugly sweater party is pretty straightforward and easy for people to understand. Thus, your invitations don’t need to contain a lot of information beyond the basics.

  • Make it funny. Tacky sweater parties are supposed to be lighthearted and fun, so be sure to adopt that tone for your invitation. A funny image of an ugly sweater is all you really need. That said, the perfect invite also features clever (but minimal) wording.


  •  Hype up the contest. The best way to ensure people go along with the ugly sweater theme is to hold a contest with prizes. The prizes don’t have to be grand, especially if it’s a smaller gathering at someone’s home. However, the invitation should try to get people’s competitive juices flowing by mentioning awards.


  •  Gift exchange too? Many ugly sweater parties also include a gift exchange of some sort. If that’s the case for your gathering, your invite should tell people to bring a wrapped present of a certain value. Check out our guide to writing White Elephant invitations for sample wording.


With the above guidelines in mind, here are some wording examples. Feel free to use one of these as-is, or change them up as desired. If you use one of these as a template, just be sure to add any missing information that’s relevant to your event.

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation

  • Eat, Drink & Be Ugly
    Join Us For An
    Ugly Sweater Party
    Friday, December 19 at 6 pm
    Molly and Michael’s Home
    1234 Tickytack Lane
    Columbus, OH
    Prizes For the Best/Worst Sweaters!
    RSVP by Dec. 10


  • ‘Tis the Season For An
    Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
    Prize For the Person Wearing the Tackiest Holiday Sweater


  • Don We Now Our Ugly Sweaters!
    Please Join Us For An
    Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
    Wear Your Tackiest Sweater
    Bring a Wrapped $15 Item For a Gift Swap

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation

  • It’s a Tacky Sweater Party!
    Wear an Ugly Sweater of Your Own Creation
    Prize For the Most Hideous Sweater


  • Please Join Us For An
    Ugly Sweater Party
    White Elephant Gift Exchange
    Wear a Tacky Sweater & Bring a Wrapped $20 Gift


  • We’re Having a Party
    And Things are Going to Get UGLY
    Wear a Ho-Ho-Horrible Holiday Sweater
    Prize For the Person Wearing the Ugliest Sweater


  • We’re Having a Christmas Party!
    Wear an Ugly Holiday Sweater
    Bring a Wrapped Gift to Swap (Re-Gift Only)

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation

  • Rock That Ugly Christmas Sweater!
    Join Us For a Tacky Sweater Contest
    Dirty Santa Gift Exchange ($10 Gift)


  • Jane and Mike Are Throwing An
    Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
    Join us for food, drink & a contest to see who’s rocking the tackiest holiday sweater


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