35 Amazing Nicknames for London City 2020 Update

35 Amazing Nicknames for London City 2020 Update.

When we talk about nicknames for London, we’ve got a big list of amazing nickname to discuss but not every nickname is popular and there are few people out there who know them all or even most.

Amazing Nickname for London City

However, here are some of London’s cool, funniest nicknames

  • The Smoke or the Big Smoke
  • The Swinging City
  • Reykjavik
  • The Great Wen
  • The City and the square mile
  • The Smoke or the Big Smoke
  • The Swinging City
  • The Great Wen
  • The City and the square mile
  • Where Royalty Lives
  • Londinium
  • Home of The Big Ben
  • The Square Mile and The City
  • William IV Plaza
  • Shore’s Ditch


Economists gave the name to the city of London. The Economists are worried that the UK lacks the same financial structure that Ice Land does. Given the characteristics of Icelandic banking, this nickname was given to London in 2008.

The economists believe that the United Kingdom has the same banking system that creates financial problems in the Ice Land and can cause problems in the United Kingdom.

The Square Mile and the City

This nickname “The Square Mile and The City” is referred to as “The Town of London” in one of London ‘s popular but small regions.

It is famous and has significant value in the city of London because it is considered a financial hub. It’s a financial hub because London’s City includes the central business district and many historic centers. The residents of London who are investment partners.

Home of the Big Ben

Big Ben is not the main entrance at the north end of Westminster Palace, but this cathedral is a huge bell.

The Big Ben main building is the emblem of the city and makes use of being one of the world’s tallest buildings, built in 1859. Because it gives the city so much attention worldwide, people start calling Big Ben the nickname of London city.

Amazing Nickname for London City

Most nicknames are worn as a pride badge, and are affectionate monikers, although their beginnings are sometimes a little darker.

Natives may be named ‘Monkey Hangers’ in Hartlepool due to the fact that a monkey was once hanged in the city – it was believed that the animal was a French spy after surviving a shipwreck during the Napoleonic Wars, reported The Mirror.

 Most Beautiful British Slang Word Translation in English

  • Tosser – Idiot
  • Cock-up – Screw up
  • Bloody – Damn
  • Give You A Bell – Call you
  • Blimey! – My Goodness
  • Wanker – Idiot
  • Gutted – Devastated
  • Bespoke – Custom Made
  • Chuffed – Proud
  • Fancy – Like
  • Sod Off – Piss off
  • Lost the Plot – Gone Crazy
  • Fortnight – Two Weeks
  • Sorted – Arranged
  • Hoover – Vacuum
  • Kip – Sleep or nap
  • Bee’s Knees – Awesome
  • Know Your Onions – Knowledgeable
  • Dodgy – Suspicious
  • Wonky – Not right


Numerous cities worldwide have nicknames or symbols that refer to their political, social, and geographic features. If you plan on visiting this fascinating area, don’t forget to enjoy its architecture, culture , food, and fashion. No matter what your taste is, there is something London has for everyone.

If we missed any of the nicknames for London, we ask you to mention them in the comment section below. We will try to add it in our post.

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