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100 Cutest Nicknames for People With Blue Eyes latest Update 2020

100 Cutest Nicknames For people With Blue Eyes latest Update 2020.

Do you need the Cutest nicknames for people with blue eyes? Such dreamy eyes you feel like you are in such a trance looking at them. No doubt such people deserve special and cutest nicknames!

Nicknames For people With Blue Eyes

According to Dr. Gary Heiting, a licensed optometrist, everyone has brown eyes.

However, the levels of melanocytes present in a person’s iris are responsible for the difference in eye colors.

Therefore, someone with high levels of melanocytes will have brown eyes since melanin absorbs light while someone will low levels of melanocytes will have blue eyes. Green eyes suggest you don’t have too much or too little.

Now that you know why people have different colors, it is time to find nicknames for boys with beautiful blue eyes.

Nicknames for Guys with Blue Eyes

The following is a list of pet names you can call a guy with blue eyes.

  • Arctic – The Arctic polar region always has this blue and icy look, which is why Arctic is a good nickname for a man with blue eyes.
  • Azure – Azure refers to a bright shade of blue, which makes it a cute name to call a guy with beautiful blue eyes.
  • Blue Man – Simplistic nickname that references a guy’s blue eyes.
  • Blueberries – Blueberries are sweet, and most importantly they are blue like his eye color.
  • Blue-eyed Demon – The Supernatural TV show fanatics know all about the yellow-eyed demon, this nickname is a fitting nickname for a stubborn guy with beautiful blue eyes.
  • Blue-eyed Soul – For a lovely and adorable guy with beautiful blue eyes.
  • Capri – Capri is the deep blue color of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it an awesome name for a guy with blue eyes.
  • Cat Eyes – Cat eyes are often blue when you shine a light on it, which is why many people with blue eyes are called Cat Eyes.
  • Cerulean Cerulean is a deep sky-blue color, which makes it a fitting name to call someone with blue eyes.
  • Cobalt – Cobalt is a cool sounding nickname for a guy with blue eyes. It is a chemical element used for adding a blue tint to glass and ceramics.
  • Cookie Monster – The cookie monster might not have blue eyes, but it is blue all over, and as a result, it is a good name for a guy with blue eyes.
  • Cyan – Cyan is synonymous with aqua, which makes it a good name for someone with blue eyes.
  • Deep Blue Eyes – A play on the common deep blue sea expression. A cute nickname for a boy with beautiful lustful blue eyes.
  • Denim – Denim is the color of the toughest fabric. It is blue as well, which makes it a good name to call a tough blue-eyed guy.
  • Handsome – Let’s face it, men with blue eyes are cute, which is why Handsome is a fitting nickname for a dude with blue eyes.
  • Ice/Icey – Ice is a cool nickname for a cool guy, but it works for a guy with blue eyes as well.
  • Indigo – A dark blue between purple and midnight blue. Also a cute name for a boy with blue eyes.
  • Lapis – A bluestone used to make ancient ultramarine dyes and pigments. Also a cool-sounding name for a guy with blue eyes.
  • Mr. Mesmerize – A sweet nickname for a man with piercing blue eyes.
  • Mr. Blue – This nickname comes in different variations. Any other name can replace ‘Mr.’ For example, Papa Blue.
  • Navy – The darkest shade of pure blue. Also a badass nickname for a guy.
  • Neptune – Neptune is a blue planet, the farthest known planet from the Sun in the Solar System
  • Ocean Eyes
  • Oxford Blues – A popular movie from the ’80s. Oxford blue is also a shade of blue, and it is an adorable nickname for a guy.
  • Royal – Lorde says we can never be royals, but guys with blue eyes are Royals.
  • Sapphire – The blue gemstone is the symbol of power and strength, as well as kindness and good judgment.
  • Sky – The shade of blue known to everyone; it is literarily up there.
  • Teal – A blue-green shade, teal represents the union of heaven and Earth.
  • The Ocean – Ocean is the color of the sea, which is blue.
  • Uninvited – ‘I hate to come out of the blue uninvited but…’ This nickname is a wordplay, which makes it a fun nickname.
  • Vista – The pleasing blue view popularized by the Windows operating system. It is equally an awesome nickname for a boy with blue eyes.
  • Zaffre – A deep blue pigment created by roasting cobalt ore. Also, a pleasing term of endearment for a guy with blue eyes.

Cutest Nicknames for Girls With Blue Eyes

Nicknames For people With Blue Eyes

  • Iris: A pretty, blue-ish flower.
  • Oceania: Like the ocean!
  • Rose: The Blue Rose of Sharon is actually a kind of blue hydrangea. –
  • Azure: The color of a blue sky.
  • Cyan: A greenish-blue.
  • Aqua: A color of blue. It also means water in Spanish.
  • Cobalt: This is an element that adds a blue tint to ceramics and glass.
  • Celeste: Italian sky blue.
  • Zaffre: A type of deep blue pigment that is made when you roast cobalt ore.
  • Sapphire: A blue gem stone.
  • Indigo: A type of dark blue in between midnight blue and purple.
  • Cerulean: A blend of sky blue and azure blue.
  • Denim: A type of tough blue fabric used for jeans.
  • Levi: A type of blue jeans.
  • Hyacinth: Blue hyacinths are said to represent sincerity.
  • Wrangler: A kind of blue denim brand.
  • Navy: This is considered the darkest shade of pure blue.
  • Lapis: This is a blue stone that was once used by the Egyptians for their artwork and tombs.
  • Baby: Baby blue is a popular color of blue.
  • Periwinkle: A beautiful shade of blue.
  • Skye: This is a lighter shade than azure like the sky at noon.
  • Robin: Robin’s egg blue is like a pale blue with slight tints of green.
  • Glacier: For your icy blue friends.
  • Slate: A dark bluish gray.
  • Montana: This state is known for having the largest sapphire mines in North
  • America.
  • Teal: This is a blue and green color. It is said to represent the union of the earth
  • and the heavens.
  • Blue Eyes: This is a simple nickname for blue-eyed girls.
  • Han: This is actually a blue pigment from China. It was used for imperial
  • paintings between 1045 BC and 220 AD.
  • Capri: This is like a deep sky blue. It is the color of the Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri when the midday sun hits it.
  • Royal: This is considered a rich, medium blue color.


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