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Who is Jacqueline Guzman? Actress Fired Over Viral NYPD TikTok Rant

Jacqueline Guzman, an actress, was fired from her production company after she sparked outrage with a video about street closures for NYPD Officer Jason Rivera’s funeral.

Jacqueline’s Post

Jacqueline Guzman sparked outrage when she posted a TikTok video in which she expressed her feelings.

She expresses her feelings about street closures for the funeral of 22-year-old NYPD Officer Jason Rivera.

“We don’t need to close down most of Lower Manhattan because one cop died doing his job incorrectly,” she said. 

“They kill people under the age of 22 every day for no reason, and we don’t shut down the city for them.”

“This is f**king ridiculous.” This is utterly ridiculous. What if someone in this area has a heart attack? Nobody can get to them because everything is shut down for one f**king cop.”


Jacqueline Deleted her Post

She deleted the video shortly after posting it. Unfortunately, people quickly copied it and reposted it across multiple social media platforms.

Face to Face Films, the independent film and theater production company she was a part of, issued a statement in response to the outpouring of criticism directed at her.

“However, Face to Face Films has recently become aware of an insensitive video involving one of our members, Jacqueline Guzman,” they wrote on Instagram.


Guzman appears to have deactivated her social media accounts. However, the backlash on Twitter and TikTok continues amid reports that she has been fired from her production company.

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