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Bryce Hall Explains his Current Relationship with Addison Rae After ‘He’s All That’ Cameo

After making a surprise cameo appearance in her new film ‘He’s All That,’ Bryce Hall has updated fans on his current relationship with ex-girlfriend Addison Rae.

Fans were left guessing about Addison Rae and Bryce Hall’s relationship, but they eventually split up in March 2021.

Since the couple broke up, they have had several interactions since then, the majority of which included Bryce blasting Addison on Twitter. 

Naturally, the internet has chimed in with its thoughts on the situation during their breakup.

Addison Talked About Her Breakup

Addison said “I recently had a very public breakup. It was one of the most difficult things to deal with both internally and online “

Before opening up to her friend, Maddie, Addison said on her Snapchat series

“Throughout that time, it was really difficult to keep it together [when] being asked about it in interviews,” the social media star went on.

“Everything in my life is done with the best of intentions, and people like to think I have bad intentions or am trying to be evil or hurtful when that is simply not the case. 

Because people only know so much about me, they assume what they want.”

On BBF Podcast

Bryce was asked if the pair are still “friendly” on the BFFs podcast by host Dave Portnoy.

“We haven’t talked, but after the movie came out, I didn’t even know that part was going to be in the movie,” he explained.

“Because it was obvious after the breakup,” he continued. But then I notice it, and it was right after we stepped off the plane, Josh? 

It was immediately following the plane, and I was like, ‘yep, I was in it.’ Then it was plastered all over the place. And then it exploded because I was in it. 

And I’m like, dude, my cameo wasn’t even that out of the ordinary. 

Are you going to bring up f**king Kourtney Kardashian and all the other people who just happened to appear?”

Based on Bryce’s response, it appears that the former couple is no longer feuding. 



Fans of both stars, however, were pleased to see the pair interacting on social media, and it appears that, despite the pair’s rocky history, they are now on relatively good terms.

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