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Officer Tommy Norman Exposed: Arkansas Death Of Daughter Norman

– Alyssa Norman Arkansas –

Alyssa Norman, the daughter of Officer Tommy Norman, died at a young age. Continue reading to find out what caused his daughter’s death.

Tommy Norman

Tommy Norman, born on August 22, 1972, is a longtime patrolman, an officer who has been serving the North Little Rock Police Department in the Levy section since 1998.

Moreover, he has been recognized as the most charitable man, and he has helped many people in his community, for which he has received national attention.

Most importantly, on October 15, 2021, he was awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his volunteerism by President Joe Biden.

Despite being the most well-known member of the North Little Rock Police Department, very little is known about Tommy Norman.

Alyssa Norman Arkansas

However, the officer has had a difficult time in his life; he lost his daughter at a young age. Norman announced her death on Instagram with an emotional post, implying that they used to have a close relationship.

He was extremely close to his daughter. Alyssa Norman, the daughter of officer Tommy Norman, died on November 18, 2021.

Her death devastated her father, he wrote on Instagram “My beautiful daughter Alyssa “daddy’s girl” is gone.”

On that day, she left the world in the early morning, but neither the cause nor the official news have been revealed.

Personal Life of Tommy Norman

Tommy Norman and his wife were married, but the couple divorced after their daughter was born.

However, after their divorce, their daughter moved in with Tommy Norman.

Tommy Norman’s Girlfriend

Tommy Norman, the well-known cop, is dating his sweetheart Rosalynd, his current girlfriend following his divorce from his first wife.

He however, proposed to his girlfriend on her 30th birthday. The proposal video went viral on the internet, melting his fans’ hearts.

Social Media

Tommy Norman also has a large family of 1 million followers on Instagram. His Instagram handle is  @tnorman23.

He is also on twitter and his username is @OfficerNorman. He has over 24.4k followers on the platform


FAQs on Alyssa Norman Arkansas

1. Does Officer Norman have a Daughter?

He had a daughter, but she died

2. What became of Alyssa Norman in Arkansas?

She was killed by some people

3. What was Alyssa Norman’s Cause of Death?

She died on 17th of november and it is unknown  to the public the cause of death

4. What are Alyssa Norman’s Parents’ Names?

 Tommy Norman and Tommy Norman’s first wife had Alyssa Norman.

5. Is Officer Tommy Married?

Yes, he is married

6. Officer Norman’s Son’s Name?

Mitchell Norman is his son’s name

7. What Nationality is Tommy Norman?

He is an American

8. How many Biological kids does Officer Tommy Norman have?

Norman has three children

9. How Old is Norman?
He is 50 years old

10. How many Times has Norman been Married?

Norman has only been married twice.

He has two children from his previous marriage, Mitchell and Alyssa, and one son with Guiden, Riley.

Norman posted on Facebook earlier Monday morning, March 21, that he was admitted to the CCU after experiencing “severe pain” in his chest and left arm Sunday night.

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