60 Amazing and Popular Nicknames for Beyoncé 2020 Update

60 Amazing and Popular Nicknames for Beyoncé 2020 Update.

Hey BeyHives, are you aware of all the nicknames that Queen B has responded to over the years? Check out the amazing nicknames below

Nicknames for Beyoncé

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born in Houston, Texas, and from a very tender age has relentlessly captured the hearts of millions.In this article, we share all the nicknames Beyonce has been called in various circles, including the ones she called herself in her songs.

Popular Beyoncé Nicknames

Here are some of the most endorsed Beyoncè nicknames every BeyHive soldier should remember, from self-acclaimed nicknames to those bestowed on the Queen by fans and family:

  • Queen of Pop – No competition there.
  • Bey-Day – From when Beyoncé released the Spanish version of the B’Day Album.
  • Queen – The One True Queen.
  • Queen B/Queen Bee/Queen Bey – The correct spelling is “Queen Bey,” the correct pronunciation is Queen Bee.
  • Ay Bey Bey – Watching the Queen do her thing would have you in awe.
  • JuJu – Literal meaning is “Energy.”
  • Bey-Time – Coined from the name of Beyoncé’s childhood band, Girl’s Tyme.
  • Miss Knowles-It-All – Even at a tender age, little Miss Knowles was gifted, enterprising and bright.
  • King B – From the cover art of Beyoncé’s “Best I Never Had” where we see her staring into a mirror and writing “King B” on it.
  • Bey-bootylicious – From that time the Oxford English Dictionary recognized “Bootylicious,” a word that Beyoncè came up with (meaning sexually attractive) and included it in the dictionary.
  • Bey-O – That “ohh” sound that slips out when you watch Queen Bey perform like she was born for this.
  • Hey Ms. Carter – From the catchy intro of Partition where Bey goes “Let me hear you say “Hey Ms. Carter.”
  • Beychella – Beyoncè shut down Coachella 2019, and everyone’s still trying to recover.
  • Bey/Bee – She’s the buzz, so why not?
  • Mama Blue – For Blue Ivy Carter’s everything.
  • B – Simple and sweet, and we can tell it’s one of Jay-Z’s favorite.
  • BeBe – The Queen Bee.

Cute  Beyoncé Nicknames

  • Ivy Park – From the name of Beyoncé’s clothing line, Ivy Park, established in collaboration with London-based fashion retailer, Topshop.
  • Queen Carter – What’s a King Jay-Z without his Queen?
  • Slayoncè – After Beyoncè showed the ladies how to “get in formation,” she earned this title.
  • Queen Hov – Married to J-Hov and Hovina restaurant in their name, it’s only right that the Queen bears the title as well.
  • Yoncè – The flirtatious side of Beyoncè that we can’t stop obsessing over.
  • DreamGirl – Deena’s sultry, dreamy voice (played by Beyoncè Knowles Carter) made her a natural dreamy girl.
  • Beygood – From the name of her foundation, Beygood, that raised a lot of money for survivors of the Nepal earthquake.
  • Bey-Bonnie – From Jay-Z’s 2002 track, where he refers to his then-girlfriend, Beyoncè, as his “Bonnie.”
  • Deena – From Beyoncé’s character in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls.
  • Lemon – A sweet and tangy nickname, just like her 2016 Album Lemonade.
  • Peaches – From Partition lyrics, when Beyoncè went, “He likes to call me Peaches when we get this nasty…”
  • Beyonca – A variance of the name Beyoncè.
  • Sasha Fierce – Beyoncé’s sexy and aggressive alter ego, that she claims she “wouldn’t like if she met her offstage.”

Nicknames for Beyoncé

Cool  Beyoncè Nicknames

here are some other exciting nicknames for Beyoncè:

  • Homecomer – Coined from her new Netflix documentary titled Homecoming.
  • Xania – Her character from the 2006 movie, Pink Panther.
  • Babe-Yoncè – She’s always been a total babe.
  • Bey-Bae – For our favorite baby girl, Beyoncè.
  • Dumbo – A nickname she got when she was much younger as a result of her enormous ears.
  • Khaleesi – According to Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, rapper Jay-Z may have bought one of Khaleesi’s dragon eggs for his wife, as she is a big fan of the Tv Show. So, Bey is our real-life Khaleesi.
  • Bey the Heat – Queen Bey is so allergic to perfume that she makes her own now, one of which is Heat, hence the name.
  • Bey-Flawless – She woke up like that too.
  • B-The-Survivor – She’s been through her first band breaking up, her father stealing from her as Destiny’s child manager, depression and infidelity – her crown never slipped.
  • Bey-Star – She’s always been a star, and everyone can see it.
  • Queen Nala – From Beyoncé’s role in The Lion King movie where she plays the cartoon character Nala.
  • Halo-Bey – From the 2008 hit track “Halo,” which from all of Beyoncé’s releases has lasted the longest on the Hot 100 charts.
  • “Sharon” Fierce – Beyoncé played the role of a strong and fierce Sharon Charles in the 2009 movie Obsessed, so we think this name is befitting.
  • Mother of Dragons – From her love of the HBO show, Game of Thrones.
  • Miss Performer – Beyoncé once revealed that even as a child, she charged her parent’s friends $5 to watch her perform.
  • Bey-zza – Just because Pizza is the Queen’s favorite cheat food.
  • Bey-a-goddess – A mortal being couldn’t be half of what Queen Bey is.

Nicknames for Beyoncé

Other Beyoncé Nicknames

  • Child of Destiny – Coined from Beyoncé’s girl group that consisted of Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.
  • Aunt B – Something her adorable nephew (Solange’s son) Daniel Juelz calls her.
  • Queen of Formation – We have to admit it – she might be a slob according to her best friend Kelly Rowland, but her crew’s formation game is always tight.
  • Bey-Lily – Beyoncé’s self-titled album in 2013 made use of the codename Lily to keep the album from leaking to the press till it was released.
  • Bee-Four – Four has always been the Queen’s favorite number, and for good reasons too – Her husband’s birthday, her birthday, her anniversary and a couple more special occasions fall on the 4th.
  • Bey-Bouncey – All her dance moves are wicked, even when she’s heavily pregnant with twins.
  • Bey-Diva – She’s an effortless Diva every single time she’s on stage.
  • Bey-Slayy – There’s no denying it – Beyoncè invented the word Slay.
  • Mama – From the 2006 Suga Mama song, where Beyoncè goes, “Suga ma-ma-mama
  • Bey-Pulse – A nickname from her perfume collection – BeyoncePulse Eau De Parfum spray.
  • SugaMama – From Beyoncé’s all-girl band which was named SugaMamas.
  • Beau-yoncè – Just right for a beautiful Queen with part-french descents.
  • Queen of Spades – Beyoncé once revealed that she spent a lot of time online playing Spades, right around the time her album I Am…Sasha Fierce was released.

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