Amazing Church Dance Team Names Latest Update 2020

Amazing Church Dance Team Names Latest Update 2020.

Amazing Church Dance Team Names: Need a catchy yet Christian-like name for a dance team in your church? Something that exalts the Lord and dance? Here are some interesting Christian dance team name ideas!

Church Dance Team Names

Amazing Church Dance Team Names

  • Christ Bearers – A team that dances with Christ at the center of their lives
  • Christ Chasers – For a dance team chasing after the Kingdom of God
  • Burning Hearts – For a dance crew with a heart burning for Christ
  • Candles On A Hill
  • Fishers of Men – For a dance team winning souls for Christ
  • Christian Chaos – A Christian dance crew with loud music and steps.
  • Citizens Of Christendom
  • Christ Factor – For a crew that dances with Christ as their head
  • Christ-Connected – A dance team that is divinely connected to the father
  • Dancing Preachers – For a team with a message behind every dance
  • Dancing to Victory – For a Christian dance crew with an uplifting dance choreography
  • Bloodline of Christ
  • Bought Over – For a team that has been bought over by the blood of Jesus
  • Dancing like David
  • Dancing pillars – For a dance team with a strong foundation in Christ
  • Amplified Moves
  • Armed with Moves – A dance team with mighty moves
  • Dance To Glorify
  • Dancing Crosses
  • Blasting for Jesus – An energetic dance team doing it all for Jesus
  • Blasting Souls – A dance team displaying passion and energy
  • Consuming Fire – For a crew with hot and powerful vibes
  • Dance Divine – For a crew with Divine Grace upon their lives
  • Ablaze for Him – For a dance team burning for Jesus
  • Abundant Fire
  • Destined To Dance – For a crew with the purpose of ministering through dance
  • Electrified for Christ – A dance team with an undeniable spark for Christ
  • Catching Fire – For a team that has caught the fire and is burning for the Lord
  • Chain-breakers – A crew breaking boundaries with dance

Cool Church Dance Team Names

Church Dance Team Names

  • Heavenly Beings – For a team made for the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Heirs of Heaven – A dance team with inheritance in heaven
  • His Army – For a dance team that’s doing the work of the Lord
  • Flaming Torchlights – For a burning dance team leading the people down the right path
  • Flowing Water – A dance team that moves with agility and strength
  • Giants of God
  • God Gang – For a crew on the side of the Lord
  • Imprinted in Him – For a team that makes Jesus evident in their dance.
  • Intense Capacity – For a dance team doing exploits through Christ
  • Jesus jukeboxes – A team that was custom made to glorify Jesus with dance
  • Joyful Jars – For a dance team filled with the joy of the Lord
  • Fueled for Christ – A crew burning with passion for the Lord
  • Full Of Fire – For a crew burning for Jesus
  • Grace Carriers – A dance team with grace radiating from their lives
  • Gravitated Spirits – For a team that has been elevated through dance
  • Intentional Movers – For a dance crew with a message in every dance move
  • Jesus filled – For a dance team that is all out for Jesus
  • His Vineyard – A dance team dedicated to being tended and used by the master
  • Holy Feet – A dance crew with moves that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and for the Kingdom
  • For the Cause – For a crew that dances for the ultimate cause – to win souls
  • For The Culture – For a dance team promoting the Christian culture
  • His Battalion – A crew ready to fight for the Kingdom of Christ through dance
  • His Vessels – A dance team that has submitted itself to be used by Christ
  • Heaven Harvesters – A dance team winning lost souls for heaven
  • Heaven-Bound – For a crew that dances with the consciousness of Heaven in mind

Perfect Church Dance Team Names That is Spirit-filled

Church Dance Team Names


  • Rock City – A Christian dance team with a lot of energy and wonderful
  • Rooted in Him – A dance team standing firmly in the Lord
  • Soul Winners – A team winning souls through dance
  • Souled to Jesus – For a team bought with a price by the Lord
  • The Chosen – For a dance team handpicked for the Kingdom
  • The Crusaders – For a crew publicizing Christ through dance
  • Soulful Movers – For a crew that dances with a lot of emotion
  • Spirit Dancers – For a team with intense and captivating dance moves
  • The Explosive – For a dance team with an anointing that cannot be contained
  • The Impactors – A dance team that touches lives with every ministration
  • Refined Wine – For a dance team with fresh anointing flowing in them
  • Rejoicing Feet – For a team with a lot of giddiness and excitement
  • The Royal Generation – For a dance team that has been called to be the peculiar race
  • Thirst Quenchers – A team that quenches and satisfies those hungry for an experience with Christ
  • Sunday Thunder – For a church dance team that causes an uproar on Sunday mornings
  • The Archers – For a dance team known to be “sharpshooters” with every ministration
  • Young & On Fire – A dance team filled with youthful and passionate crew members
  • Revived to Dance – A dance team that is burning for the sake of the Lord
  • Righteous Rebels – A dance team righteous to be rebels for the Lord
  • Truth & Life – A dance crew that represents what it means to live a life in Christ
  • Wings like Eagles – For a dance team vested with strength like the eagles
  • Salt of The Earth – A dance team that has been called to stand out in the world
  • Solid Rockers – A Christian dance crew built on the Solid Rock

Church Dance Team Name You Can’t Stop Loving

Church Dance Team Names

  • Mountain Movers – For a dance team that does the impossible things through Christ
  • Occupied in Christ – For a dance team working for Christ
  • On Fire – For a dance team that is burning intensely for the kingdom
  • Orchard of Christ – A Christian team entirely dedicated to Christ
  • Justified Spirits – For a dance team made whole again in Christ
  • Kingdom Energizers – A dance team that gets the crowd on fire for Christ
  • Occupied Souls – A dance team wholly sold to Christ
  • Offerings – A dance team that offers itself as a sacrifice for the Kingdom
  • Manifesting Christ – A dance team that showcases Jesus in every way
  • Molded to Glorify – For a dance team created to praise the creator
  • Kingdom Flexers – For a cool dance team representing His kingdom
  • Kingdom Krew – For a dance “Krew” representing the Kingdom of God
  • Living springs – A dance team with grace and life flowing from Christ
  • Made to Dance – For a dance team destined to dance to honor God
  • LightHouse for Christ – For a dance team-leading lost souls back to Christ
  • Living Souls – For a dance team that is alive in Christ
  • Jubilee Squad – For a dance team that dances with a lot of excitement and energy
  • Jump for Joy – For a dance team that stays joyful and excited
  • Proclaiming Christ – A dance team that pronounces the name of Jesus with what they do
  • Path Lighters – A dance team that pulls others towards the kingdom
  • Power Grooves – For a dance team making mighty and powerful moves
  • Outbursts For Christ – A dance team that pours out life through their dance for the sake of Christ
  • Paradise On Earth – A dance team representing heaven on Earth


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