Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls Latest Updates 2020

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls Latest Updates 2020.

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls: Do you have a girlfriend who is a Spanish but you are not? Maybe you just love Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls! Not to worry as we have again, carefully picked t Amazing Spanish Nicknames for girls. 

These Nicknames are very diverse and you can explore our rich collections and make use of them freely!

It is always cool to have a nickname for our closed ones. Sometimes, they help in showing loving and affection, sometimes they have a deep secret inside, and sometimes they are just for fun and teasing.

In the same way, Spanish nicknames are a different and a unique way to have a communication. The language has a large variety of nicknames, which are amazing, insulting, cute, and funny nicknames.

In this article, I have suggested more than 200 Spanish nicknames for the girls. They are cool, cute, funny, and full of love.

Insulting Spanish Nicknames for Girls

To be honest, most of us use the meanest nicknames for our friends. Here is a list of mean Spanish nicknames you could call an Imbécil – It means Imbecile.

  • Tarada – A feminine form of — Tarado, which means Idiot.
  • Aliento de dragón – It means “bad breath.”
  • Babosa – A girl who isn’t so smart.
  • Bruta – Another word used for stupid people.
  • Cerda – A girl who has no manners, it translates to “sow” in English.
  • Estúpida – The exact translation of the English word “stupid.”
  • Huelepedos – An offensive term used for someone who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.
  • Loca – A girl who is “crazy.” Be careful with this word.
  • Maje – Someone who is naive and easy to cheat.
  • Basura – It means “garbage,” and it can be used for both guys and girls.
  • Bola de Manteca – In English, it translates to “Butterball,” and you’d use it for fat persons.
  • Cretina – Another word used for people who are idiots.
  • Desgraciada – It means “miserable.”
  • Momia – It means “mummy,” and it’s used for an ugly person.
  • Mongola – A word used for an idiot.
  • Cerrada – It means “closed” and could be used for a girl who is quiet and reserved.
  • Comemierda – For someone who talks bullshit, a fake or snob.
  • Pendeja – It means Idiot
  • Rata – It means “rat.” It’s often used for a person who doesn’t care about the others.lady:

Funny Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  • Babosa— A funny one to insult a girl, who pretends to look smart.
  • Zorra— It is for a girl who loves to revolve around guys.
  • Espantapájaros— It literally translates into Scarecrow. It is also a funny nickname for skinny girls.
  • Loba—funny one for the clever girls. It means fox.
  • Chismosa— The gossip girl.
  • Gordita— It means “little fatty.”
  • Fosfora— It is used for a short-tempered girl.
  • Caracol— for the girl who is lazy and slow like a snail.
  • Chata— It means pug nose. It suits a girl who has a small nose.
  • Lagarta— It means lizard and is suitable for a liar girl.
  • Xiomara— It means “A famous warrior”. It is suitable for the girls who are fighters and nobody can suppress them.
  • Gordi— It means fatty.
  • Estupida— means fatty
  • Güera— For a light-haired or light-skinned girl!
  • Calaca—funny nickname which is often used for the skinny girls.
  • Cabeza hueca— It fits a female with a knucklehead.
  • Lengua Larga—funny nickname for the girls, who forget to take a breather while talking. No-stop talkers!
  • Bandera Pirata— It means pirate flag.
  • Lunatica— The nickname tells its meanings!
  • Anana— If a girl is height conscious and she is shorter than you, then it is a funny one to tease her.
  • Chica divertida—funny girl.
  • Ninfa— She belongs to the woods.
  • Cuatro Ojos— If she wears glasses, then you must pick this one. It means four eyes.
  • Mamita— Same as above!
  • Vieoja— If you wanna make fun of a young girl, and then you call her Vieja. It means “Old woman.”
  • Parienta— It means Misus.
  • Flaca— For a skinny girl.
  • Mami—a sexy girl.
  • Mamacita— Same as above
  • Griposa—for the girl who always suffers from flu
  • Pulguita— A little flea.
  • Millionora— The one who is greedy!
  • Aliento de dragon— Bad breath!

Spanish Nicknames for Girlfriends

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  • Nene— Another nickname to call her baby!
  • (Mi) Sol— If your girlfriend has brought light in your life, then she deserves this one!
  • (Mi) Esmeralda— For the girl who is a gem like “Emerald.”
  • Pedacito de Cielo— It means “little piece of heaven.” One of the best nicknames for your girlfriend!
  • (Mi) Rita— With this one you can let her know that she is like a pearl
  • (Mi) Susanita— It means my lily.
  • (Mi) Reina— Show that you are king and call her “Your Queen.”
  • Preciosa Mio— It is also a sweet nickname, which means my precious.
  • Regalito— If you think she is the divine gift for you!
  • Princesa— It means “My princess.”
  • Besos— Always feel romantic with your girlfriend? Choose this one as it means kisses.
  • Querida— Simply means beloved.
  • (Mi) Fidelia— It means faithful. If your girlfriend is the one and your trust her, then it is one the best choices.
  • (Mi) Tesoro— If your girl is your real treasure, then do not hesitate to call her with this nickname.
  • (Mi) Vida— With this nickname, you can let her know that she is your life.
  • Pastelito— Lady pie
  • (Mi) Amor Bello— It means my beautiful love.
  • Crescencia— Let her know that your love for her is above all.
  • Mamasota—It is a sexy nickname for a girlfriend meaning big mama.
  • Paloma— It means dove or pigeon. For the innocent girlfriend!
  • (Mi) Evita— If she is your life!
  • Dulzura— As sweet as sugar!
  • (Mi) Rosa— My Rose!

Still Perfect for Girlfriend

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  • (Mi) Tonia— It means the one who is invaluable to you!
  • Enamorada— For the woman you truly love!
  • (Mi) Carina— It means my darling. Call it with this nickname when you feel romantic.
  • (Mi) Amante— It is a typical lover nickname to use for your girlfriend.
  • Osito— It means cuddle bear. It is perfect for the girl who enjoys cuddles.
  • Barbie— For you only!
  • Alita— Your noble lady. Just yours!
  • Adora— For the girlfriend who is beautiful and adorable.
  • (Mi) Angelita—If your girlfriend always stands for you, supports you and protects you, and then she is your sweet “guardian angel.”
  • (Mi) Hermosa— It means “my beautiful.”
  • Bombon— If you feel her sweetness is irresistible and just want to chuck her, then it is the best name for her.
  • (Mi) Mujer— It is a respectful nickname for a girlfriend. Use this one, if you have planned to propose her. It means my woman.
  • (Mi) Adonica Bebe— For an adorable and young girlfriend!
  • Caramela— For the one and only who is as sweet as a caramel candy.
  • (Mi) Rosita— Let your girlfriend know that she is beautiful like a rose flower.
  • (Mi) Alma— With this nickname, you can let your girlfriend know that she is your soul and you really love her.
  • (Mi) Cielito— If your girlfriend is short, but pretty, cute, and meant everything to you, and then you should call her like this. It means my little sky.
  • Amada—In English, it translates to “Darling”, but it really means loving!
  • (Mi) Robertina— My bright fame.
  • Marvillosa— It means gorgeous. Pick it, if you think that your girlfriend is prettiest among all.
  • (Mi) Amor— It simply means “My love.” It is suitable for the girl you love.
  • (Mi) Reyna— It means the noble lady and my queen.

Cool Nicknames for Girls In Spanish

Amazing Spanish Nicknames for Girls

  • Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls
  • When it comes to nicknames, everyone wants the cool ones. Here are some cool Spanish nicknames for ladies:
  • Amiga – It means “friend.”
  • Bicho – It means “bug,” but it’s used as “cute” or “tiny.” A cool Spanish pet name for a petite lady.
  • Chica – This is a cool girl pet name; it means Girl.
  • China – A girl with curly hair.
  • Chiquita – It’s used on younger girls since it means “little girl.”
  • Conejita – A “bunny girl,” used for girls who are cute and lovely, just like bunnies are.
  • Guapa – It means “handsome.”
  • Güera – It could be used to describe guys who are very light skinned or light haired.
  • Hechicera – A girl who looks “stunning.”
  • Loba – In English, it translates to “Wolf” and it’s used for someone who is sly.
  • Loquita – A girl who seems a little crazy.
  • Mami – You could also say “Mamacita” or “Mamita,” and it’s slang for “sexy.”
  • Morena – Girls with brown or dark hair are “Morenas.”
  • Niña – The Spanish word for “girl.”
  • Porcelana – A type of doll that’s beautiful, but delicate, so you only watch her.
  • Prieta – It’s used for describing girls who are dark skinned.
  • Prima – It means “cousin,” but you could use it for persons whom you’re close with.

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