123 Amazing Baby Names to Celebrate the Winter Season 2020 Update

123 Amazing Baby Names to Celebrate the Winter Season 2020 Update.

The winter season brings its own elegance. The pure white snow is covering every bit of Earth. There are so many names influenced by the beauty that we have offered at the winter season. 

Amazing Winter Baby NamesAre you a winter kid, or is it someone you love? Or maybe you’re just thinking about getting pregnant and doing your best to plan your baby-to-be for the best “birth season”

Well, far from us to say that winter babies are the very best of all, but we have definitely found some super-cool and interesting science-based facts about people celebrating their birthdays in December, January and February.

Look around, and decide for yourself on the several choices we have provided below

Winter Boy Baby Names

  • Wolf Meaning: Wolf
  • Gabriel Meaning: God is My Strength
  • Storm meaning snowstorms
  • Kenyon Meaning: White Haired or Blond
  • Abraham Meaning: Father of Multitudes
  • Fox Meaning Fox
  • Joseph Meaning: Jehovah Increases
  • Lixue meaning pretty snow.
  • Boris Meaning: To Fight

Amazing Winter Baby Names

  • Whittaker meaning from the white field
  • Eirwen meaning white as snow
  • Robin Meaning: Bright Fame
  • Lucius Meaning: Light
  • Sterling Meaning: of high quality; pure; easterner
  • Colden Meaning: Dark Valley
  • Adair Meaning: Oak Tree Ford
  • Jonas meaning dove
  • Heath Meaning: The Heathland Dweller

  • Nicholas Meaning: People of Victory
  • Blaze Meaning: One Who Stutters
  • Aska Meaning: Thunder; Thunderstorm
  • Jesus Meaning: The Lord is Salvation
  • Cole Meaning: Swarthy, Coal Black
  • Gwenyth meaning “white or fair
  • Kari meaning covered with snow.
  • Jonas Meaning: Dove
  • Jasper Meaning: Bringer of Treasure
  • Nicholas meaning wolf
  • Kendry Meaning: Wise Man
  • Owen Meaning: Young Warrior, Well-Born
  • Odin Meaning: God in Norse mythology
  • Douglas Meaning: Black Water
  • Bodhi Meaning: Awakening, Enlightenment
  • Neol Meaning: New
  • Abner Meaning: Father of Light
  • Aspen Meaning: Nature & Place-Name
  • Dong meaning winter
  • Cypress Meaning: Botanical Name
  • Aubin meaning blonde
  • Wren meaning little prince.
  • Clark Meaning: Scribe, Secretary, Cleric, Scholar, Clerk
  • Colden meaning the dark valley
  • Evergreen Meaning: Lasting life
  • Rudolf Meaning: Famous Wolf
  • Bear Meaning: Bear

Amazing Winter Baby Names

  • Rory meaning red king”.
  • Everest Meaning: Peak; person from Evreux
  • Crispin Meaning: curly-haired
  • Nevada meaning snow-clad”.
  • Whitaker Meaning: White Acre
  • Jack Meaning: God Gracious
  • Edur Meaning: Snow
  • Aster Meaning: Spear of God
  • Lincoln Meaning: Town by the Pool
  • Yule meaning winter solstice
  • Rolo Meaning: Famous Throughout the Land
  • Ralph Meaning: Wolf-Counsel
  • Yukio meaning snow
  • George Meaning: Farmer
  • Forrest Meaning: Forest

Winter Unisex Baby Names

  • Alpine Meaning: Fair
  • Neve Meaning: Snow
  • Storm/Stormy Meaning: Bad Weather
  • Finola Meaning: White Shoulders
  • Hart Meaning: Stag
  • Winter Meaning: The Coldest Season of the Year
  • North Meaning: Topographic Name
  • Juniper Meaning: Young

Amazing Winter Baby Names

  • February Meaning: Purification Feast
  • Nevada Meaning: Covered in Snow
  • Alaska Meaning: Great Land
  • Hale Meaning: Someone Who Lives in a Hollow
  • January Meaning: Month of the Wolf
  • Frost Meaning: Freezing
  • Rory Meaning: Red King
  • December Meaning: 12th month of the year; winter month
  • Vale Meaning: Lives in the Valley
  • Snow Meaning: Someone with Very White Hair or an Exceptionally Pale Complexion
  • Whit Meaning: White

Winter Baby Girl Names

  • Aimee Meaning: Beloved
  • Oakley Meaning: Oak Clearing
  • Cher Meaning: Beloved
  • Natalia Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Elsa Meaning: Pledge to God
  • Ember Meaning: Word Name
  • Garnet Meaning: Pomegranate
  • Gail/Gale Meaning: My Father Rejoices; pleasant
  • Chiara Meaning: Light, Clear
  • Crimson Meaning: Color Name
  • Lucia Meaning: Light
  • Amanda Meaning: She Must Be Loved

  • Eira Meaning: Snow
  • Aroha Meaning: Love
  • Star Meaning: Luminous Astronomical Object Seen in the Night Sky
  • Merry Meaning: Lighthearted, Happy
  • Gwen Meaning: White Circle
  • Crystal Ice Follower of Christ
  • Ivy Meaning: Evergreen Climbing Plant
  • Stella Meaning: Star
  • January Meaning: 1st month of the year; winter month
  • Alinta Meaning: Fire, Flame
  • Amethyst Meaning: Gem & Color Name
  • Holly Meaning: Christ Thorn
  • Persephone Meaning: She Who Lightens the Darkness
  • Mary Meaning: Bitter; wished for child
  • Alba Meaning: White
  • Primrose Meaning: First Rose
  • Angel Meaning: Word Name
  • Blanch Meaning: White
  • Scarlett Meaning: Scarlet, Red
  • Noelle Meaning: Christmas
  • Bianca Meaning: White
  • Estelle Meaning: Star
  • Nia Meaning: Resolve, Brilliance
  • Mirri Meaning: The Sun
  • Wren Meaning: Winter Bird
  • Coco Meaning: A Pet Name

Winterly and warming Baby Boy Names for cold days

  • The winter months November and December are names as well
  • Saint Nicholas is the basis for the figure known as Santa Claus, who brings the presents
  • Colden means “cold valley”
  • Rumo is “red-cheeked” after a cold winter walk
  • Aidan and Nur, because they are a “fire” or a “little fire”
  • Atesh means “fire” and brings “heat” and “blaze”
  • Nuria is even the “fire of God”
  • Silvester: the perfect name for the last day of the year. Besides, the name means “of the forest”

In addition, do you know any cool  winter baby boy names that isn’t on this list? Go ahead and add it in the comment section.

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