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Boyfriend ‘Encouraged’ Georgia Teacher to Film Herself Masturbating in Class: Cops

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Amelia Ressler faces 19 counts of child molestation, one for each child in the class. Continue reading to learn more about the entire story.

The Story

The boyfriend of a Georgia substitute teacher who allegedly masturbated in front of a classroom. Moreover, the classroom was full of second-graders.

However, Vadovsky is her boyfriend’s name. He persuaded and encouraged her to commit the heinous sex act, according to authorities.

Brent Matthew Vadovsky, of Carrollton, has also been charged with 19 counts of child molestation in connection with an ongoing investigation into his girlfriend.

Amelia Ressler was, however, charged in February with allegedly pleasuring herself in front of her second-grade class at Mt. Zion Elementary School.

Vadovsky, Amelia’s Boyfriend

Following the substitute teacher’s arrest, the deputies discovered that Vadovsky was “encouraging Ressler to take explicit videos.

This was not just any type of video but, of her performing sexual acts on herself”.While working around students, according to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday.

Vadovsky was also aware of his girlfriend’s in-class masturbation session. He also saw the video because it was recorded and sent to him.

He was also aware that it could “expose” the young boys and girls.

However, we discovered that while the case was being investigated, Vadovsky fled to Ohio and was apprehended on unrelated charges.

He traveled in order to escape from the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, he was returned to Georgia to face the same 19 counts as Ressler one for each child in the classroom at the time of her alleged sex act.

In addition, this news was according to the sheriff officials.

The Investigation

After the deputies received a tip about the video circulating in the community. They, however, launched an investigation into Ressler.

Ressler and Vadovsky, who are both accused of violating their probation, however, are being held at the Carroll County Jail without bond.

The county issued a statement on Friday that did not specify what the misconduct was or whether it occurred at school.

However, it was only stated that it was “indecent and immoral acts committed while in the presence of school-aged children.”

Moreover, Amelia describes herself on Facebook as “beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, and all-around a dazzling disaster.” In an October post, she referred to Vadovsky as her “soulmate,” implying a rift between the two.

“No one else is going to love him as I do, and no one else is going to comfort my soul as he did,” Ressler wrote.

“We all deserve true love at least once in our lives… even if it’s only for a brief moment.” She added

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FAQs on Amelia Ressler 

1. How Old is Amelia?

She is 30 years old

2. Which School was Amelia Teaching?

Mt. Zion Elementary School

3. Which Grade was she Teaching?

The second grade

4. Who Encouraged her to do the Dirty Act?

Her boyfriend encouraged her to

5. What is the Name of her Boyfriend?

Vadovsky is the name of her boyfriend

6. What did Amelia Describe herself as on Facebook?

She described herself as ”beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, and all-around a dazzling disaster

7. How Tall is Amelia?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall

8. Which University did Amelia go to?

 She went to US state university

9. Is Amelia on Instagram?
Yes, she is

10. How Old is Vadovsky?
He is 32 years old

Ressler and Vadovsky were both charged with 19 counts of child molestation. However, the charges against Ressler are still active and pending in court.

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