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Amin Elhassan (ESPN On-air Sports Commentator)

– Amin Elhassan –

This blog will focus on Amin Elhassan, a Sudanese-born sports commentator based in the United States who currently works as an on-air commentator for the global cable and satellite sports television channel ESPN.

Brief Biography of Amin Elhassan

Amin Elhassan was born in Sudan on April 12, 1979. When he was a baby, his parents relocated to New York City.

He returned to Sudan when he was eight years old, but he returned to New York at the age of fourteen to attend high school.

As a child, he was very interested in sports, but he never considered a career in sports.

He, too, was a studious child who excelled in math and science before deciding to pursue a career in engineering.

Amin enrolled in an engineering course at Georgia Tech after graduating from high school and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

He also holds a Business Management degree from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

In addition, he has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the same institution.

Amin Elhassan’s Career

While studying engineering at Georgia Tech, Amin Elhassan realized that his interest in the subject stemmed from his desire for a secure job with a good salary.

Unlike many of his peers who were genuinely interested in becoming engineers.

This realization prompted him to seek out other opportunities.

Which eventually led to a field marketing position with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.

While it was not a high-profile position, he enjoyed his new job and was able to make useful connections.

These connections helped him land a job in the sports industry.

For three seasons, he was promoted to work in game-day operations for the Hawks.

During the 2004-05 season, he worked as an intern in basketball operations for the New York Knicks.

He then accepted a full-time internship with the Phoenix Suns, where he was given increasing responsibilities.

First as video coordinator, then as scouting coordinator.

And eventually as the franchise’s assistant director of basketball operations under team general manager Steve Kerr.

In the spring of 2012, he decided to join another NBA front office, so he left the Phoenix Suns and looked for other opportunities.

During this time, an editor at who asked him to write a sample article as a freelancer approached him.

He wrote an impressive article using his front office experience and connections, which helped him land a 10-article freelance job offer.

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Rise to Stardom

He began working for ESPN as a full-time employee in December 2013 and has been with the network ever since.

Despite the fact that he lacks extensive knowledge of strategy, as an ex-coach would.

And is unaware of locker-room dynamics, as an ex-player would, he prides himself on his above-average expertise in various areas of basketball.

Furthermore, he has become a unique jack-of-all-trades analyst at ESPN, juggling a number of duties.

Marital Life

The true details of Amin Elhassan’s marital life are hazy.

There is no evidence that he has married, either in the United States or in his native Sudan.

Interestingly, sometime in February 2015, he tweeted under his personal Twitter handle – @DarthAmin – that “he was a happily married man.”

He has never mentioned his wife’s name on any of his social media accounts, nor has he shared photos from their wedding ceremony.

So maybe it’s okay to say he’s happily married to his mysterious wife, and the rumor mills say they have children.

Controversies and Scandals

Amin Elhassan, who is known for his no-holds-barred barbs and trolling comments on social media, has frequently sparked controversy for his behavior on-screen or on the internet.

In February 2016, he stormed out of an ESPN Radio show he co-hosts with Izzy Gutierrez after an argument about Peyton Manning became heated.

He continued the Twitter feud for a while before returning to the show to apologize to the audience.

In August 2016, he was chastised for making fun of WWE wrestler Kevin Owens‘ 8-year-old son’s reaction video, which was posted by his wife after his win at the ‘WWE Universal Title.’

He was chastised for his comment “Until someone told him it was scripted” on the video of the boy crying with joy as his father won.

However, a more serious issue that has plagued him for a long time is the fact that;

Despite having spent the majority of his life in the United States, he is still not an American citizen.

Thus casting a shadow over his long-term career prospects in the country.

FAQs on Amin Elhassan

1. What is Amin’s Annual Salary?

 $31,000 a year.

2. Is he Married?

Amin has a happy marriage. However, no information about his wife or personal life can be found on the Internet.

3. Why was he Bashed on the Internet?

He took to Twitter to mock Kevin Owen’s eight-year-old son.

4. What is his Zodiac Sign?


5. How Old is Amin?

He is 43 years old.

6. Does he have Children?

Yes he does.

7. Why is he Popular?

Amin gained popularity on the Internet after causing controversy on-screen or on the Internet several times for his unrestricted barbs and social media comments.

8. Is he on Instagram?

Amin has 25.3 thousand Instagram followers.

9. How many Followers on Twitter?

On Twitter, the ESPN sports commentator has 114k followers.

10. What is his Net Worth?

His net worth exceeds $2 million.

He was a co-host on the Daily Jump Show, which provided analysis and insight into the NBA’s daily headlines.

Amin’s also a regular on some of ESPN’s other sports shows, such as Highly Questionable, and the list goes on.

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