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Anand Mishra is an IPS officer from the Assam Meghalaya Cadre from the 2011 batch.

He was born on June 1, 1989, in Kolkata, West Bengal, and grew up there. Anand Mishra IPS is a well-known Assam Superintendent of Police officer.

He was assigned to Nagaon from Dhubri in the new reshuffle as a result of the importance of public service

The IPS officer is the most popular young and daring IPS officer, and he is now a search engine sensation.

And he prefers to work in the area, preferably in an office.

He prefers to work in an environment where he can interact with others.

Anand Mishra IPS

Wiki and of Anand Mishra IPS

Anand Mishra, Inspector of Police, was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.

He attended school and college in Kolkata, West Bengal. However, he was born on June 1, 1989.

And is 31 years old. In the 2010 civil services exam.

He was ranked 225th overall in India. And he keeps his family away from social media.

Age, Birthday, and Wife of IPS Anand Mishra

Anand has reached the age of 32. On June 1st, he celebrates his birthday.

Archana Tiwari is his wife’s name.

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IPS Anand Mishra’s Education

He completed his schooling and college education in Kolkata, West Bengal. In 2005, he passed the West Bengal Civil Service Exam.

And worked in West Bengal’s civil service until 2010.

He passed the UPSC exam in 2010 and was assigned to the Assam Meghalaya batch of 2011.

How Anand Mishra IPS Broke the Internet

An Assam IPS officer has recently gone viral on the internet.

Because of his work habits and demeanor, Anand Mishra, a young Singham-style officer, has become the newest online celebrity.

Many of his videos have gone viral on the internet, and he has received a great deal of positive feedback.

On the internet, videos of his guitar performances and birthday parties with PSO have gone viral. Mishra’s perception of the person next door is what distinguishes him.

He sings, rides his bike like any other young man, enjoys traveling and writing, and interacts with others effortlessly.

The Jungle warrior

However, this good-natured man with a broad grin is equally harsh on lawbreakers.

The firebrand IPS has won the President of India’s “Police Medal Award” for heroism, remarkable daring,

And courageous efforts in counter-insurgency missions since his days as a jungle fighter in the once-insurgent-infested Garo Hills.

Mishra was a member of Meghalaya Police’s Operation HillStorm.

Where he led commando squads into the woods during Operation Hill Storm I and II.

According to the super cop now assigned as SP Dhubri.

Life in the militancy-torn Garo Hills turns every police officer into a jungle fighter.

Anand Mishra’s Surprising Facts

Anand Mishra is an IPS Officer from the Assam Cadre from the 2011 batch.

He was assigned as a police officer in Nagaon, Assam.

In 2011, he passed the IPS Exam.

In the 2010 civil services exam, he came in 225th place.

He sings, rides his bike like any other young man, enjoys traveling and writing, and interacts with others effortlessly

More Details

He was awarded the CM’s Police Medal for Outstanding Service in 2020.

According to the Fame India Magazine survey, Anand Mishra, IPS Officer, is one of the top 50 famous police officers.

People typically have a negative perception of the police.

However, many police officers win the hearts of the public through their work.

When so many police officers are assigned, it also saddened the general public.

A similar viewpoint was seen when an IPS officer was raised in Assam, which filled the hearts of the entire city.

Anand Mishra IPS on Twitter and Instagram.

IPS Anand Mishra is very active on Twitter and has over 30k followers.

On Twitter, you can find him at @anandmishraips.

On Twitter, he introduces himself as “Creative instincts, Curative aspirations!”

Anand Mishra IPS’ Controversy

The opposition chastsed Nagaon SP and IPS officer Anand Mishra 

After Nagaon Police opened fire on a former student leader, Kirti Kamal Bora.

“Police obtained information that some riders were selling drugs, according to the preliminary investigation

Mishra said. When two police officers dressed in civilian clothes arrived on the scene.

This particular child asked if they were law enforcement officers.

When they replied in the affirmative, the accused struck one of them with his helmet, injuring him.

A nearby backup police unit arrived and attempted to apprehend him, but he continued to attack them.

Officers opened fire on his leg because they didn’t have any other option.

It was discovered that he has eight firearms.

IPS Anand Mishra is known as “The People’s Man” on the internet. Mishra’s perception of the person next door is what distinguishes him. Despite his instant popularity and acclaim, Anand Mistra remains firmly rooted in his life.

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