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Who Is Arionne Curry? The Untold Facts About Martell Holt’s Mistress

– Arionne Curry –

Arionne Curry, a registered nurse, is the subject of this essay. Curry, on the other hand, has recently made news as the mistress of reality TV personality Martell Holt. Read on to learn more about her.

About Arionne Curry

Curry, who was born and reared in Alabama, is 30 years old.Curry is an Afro-American by nationality and an Afro-American by ethnicity.

Her other early information, such as her family background and school experiences, is, however, still unavailable.
Arionne, according to certain internet tabloids, is a nurse.

Unfortunately, no additional information regarding her career endeavors has been disclosed. As previously said, the nurse has been in the news for her personal drama rather than her professional accomplishment.

The News

Curry has made news in recent years as the mistress of reality TV star Martell Holt. He is most remembered for his role in the TV series Love and Marriage: Huntsville, in which he co-starred in with his then-wife Melody Holt.

When Martell began his adulterous romance with Arianne, he was still happily married to his wife Melody. However, as soon as their romance became public, it took a heavy toll on Martell’s marriage to Melody.

The former lovers, who had four children together, are now formally divorced. So, let’s see if Arionne was the only reason for their split.

Arionne is a Mistress

As previously noted, Arionne rose to prominence only when her romantic relationship with Martell became public in the late 2010s. In the mid-2010s, the two met for the first time through Martell’s cousin.

Curry and her coworker went to a BBQ gathering at his cousin’s house in Huntsville, Alabama. It was there that the two exchanged phone numbers and began conversing.

Arionne was 24 years old when they met, and her new partner was 34. They first were close friends. Their friendship grew into love over time.

Curry revealed to Tasha K in an exclusive interview with UNWINEWITHTASHAK that she found out Holt was married to his wife only about a year after they started dating.

Did Martell’s Marriage Break?

As soon as Martell’s affair became public, his marriage to his long-term wife Melody Holt hit a snag. The pair married in a small wedding ceremony in July 2008.

They had a wonderful marriage for many years. When Martell’s adultery scandal became public, things between him and his ex-wife deteriorated.

Meanwhile, Curry stated that it was never her desire to strain their marriage.

Instead, she claimed that Martell, the then-married man who was relentlessly chasing her, was solely to blame for everything that had occurred.

Melody filed for divorce from her spouse in 2020, stating an “irreparable collapse” in their marriage with little hope of reconciliation.

Melody, Martel’s Wife

In the middle of her husband’s continuing cheating scandal, the Love & Marriage: Huntsville star, 36, said that her husband’s adultery was not the only straw that broke their marriage.

She said to HollywoodLife what motivated her to take this ultimate step, “During that time, various statements and comments were made that demonstrated to me that he had not developed at all.”

She went on to say,

“That demonstrated to me that he was still at step zero and hadn’t progressed to steps three, four, or five.”

The Divorce

Although Martell is now divorced from his wife Melody, he maintained a strong friendship with her even after she discovered his deception.

After everything became public, he was torn between moving forward with Melody and Curry. During the Season 3 reunion of the show, his ex-wife informed presenter Carlos King,

“I have a feeling Martell couldn’t leave any of us alone.” He was still standing next to me. He would have been there even if I hadn’t left.”

Melody also talked about her husband’s attempt to end his friendship with Curry. But, somewhere along the way, the reality star kept coming back to her.

Curry Never Apologised to Melody

Curry, who did not appear in Love & Marriage: Huntsville, stated that she is not prepared for the end of Martell and Melody’s relationship.

When Tasa K asked if she would apologize to Melody for her relationship with her husband, she said yes. She claimed that many awful things transpired behind the scenes that are still haunting her.

As a result, she will never apologize to her. Melody, she added, “came to her hairstylist and friends to my house.” She claims she wasn’t fighting, but who takes three people to your house?”

Curry also mentioned that Melody was following her rather than checking on her own man, which was quite weird.

“You’re familiar with your hubby. As a result, you should always keep an eye on your husband.”  However, at the end of the conversation, she stated that she would only apologize to Melody if she received an apology from her.

Atrionne has a Son for Holt

Arionne and her partner Holt have one child, a son. She had already experienced one miscarriage and one abortion.

Melody was impregnated by Martell at the same time she was pregnant with their kid. Martell apparently requested her to terminate the baby at the time, but she flatly refused.

In addition, her partner, Martell, has four children from a previous marriage. Maliah Selene, Mariah, Martell, and Malani Holt are their children.

Malani, their fourth child, was born in January 2020. Despite the fact that circumstances between him and his ex-wife became exceedingly tense, they now share joint legal and physical custody of all of their children.

Curry has a daughter from a prior relationship in addition to her son with Martell. She frequently posts images of her daughter on Instagram, but she has yet to divulge anything about her child’s father.

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FAQs on Arionne Curry

1. How Old is Arionne?

She is 30 years old

2. How Old was Arionne when she met Holt?

She was 24 years old

3. Was Arionne Dating Martel while he was Still Married to His Wife Melody?

Yes, she was dating Martel

4. Is it True that she has a Child for Martel?

Yes is tis true

5. Is Martel and Melody Divorced?

Yes, they are divorced

6. Is Martel and Arionne Still Togerther?

Yes, they are still together

7. Is Martel and Arionne now Married?

No, they are not married

8. Did Arionne Apologize to Melody?

No, she never apologizes to Melody

9. Did Martel and Melody have Children Together?

Yes, they had children together

10. How old is Melody Holt?

She is 36 years old

Martell’s affair with Arionne has persisted since his divorce from Melody. They have, however, kept their romance somewhat discreet. What do you think about Arionne and Martel?

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