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How Did Asia Leeshawn Ferguson Die? Roller Coaster Death Video

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Asia Leeshawn Ferguson, 17, died more than a decade ago at a Georgia amusement park after being hit in the head by a roller coaster. Continue reading to find out what happened to the 17-year-old.

The Story

While amusement parks are a great place to have fun and make memories, they are not universally safe. In general, they are very safe as long as people follow the general rules and regulations.

We hear about severe accidents that occur in amusement parks, but some are particularly brutal and necessitate immediate changes in such parks.

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was a young American adolescent who had a similar case to the one described above. When he was hit by a person on the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags in Georgia, his head was severed.

He was a young student who reportedly lived with his parents and, on occasion, his aunt.

With the recent case of a roller coaster accident, people seemed eager to learn more about such incidents, and they eventually learned about Asia’s case.

As a result, questions about how he died and his family and parents are at an all-time high.

How Leeshawn Died

Leeshawn Ferguson is said to have been killed after his head was severed. He entered a restricted area by crossing two high fences and was exactly beneath the roller coaster ride.

There, he was hit by a roller coaster rider’s feet, which struck his head so hard that it was decapitated.

He died right there on the spot. In addition, the person who hit him with his leg was injured, but his legs were repaired by medical professionals.

The police arrived and searched for possible causes of his entry into the restricted area, but they found none. They did look into why there were no guards to watch over the children, but it didn’t help anyone.

Not only the cops, but everyone else in the park had no idea why he went to a restricted area and crossed two fences.

Some officials claimed that he may have misplaced the hat he was wearing and went to retrieve it after his ride ended.

The Family of Leeshawn

Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was born to Asian Ferguson III, his father, and Letha Ferguson, his mother. There is little information about what they did or if they had any other children besides Asia.

They were devastated and surprised, wondering why he had crossed two fences to ride a roller coaster. Asia also had an aunt who treated him like a sister and was an important member of his family.


FAQs on Asia LeeShawn Ferguson

1. What Happened to Asia LeeShawn Ferguson?

Asia LeeShawn Ferguson IV died Saturday at Six Flags Over Georgia after police said he hopped two fences and wandered into a restricted area where the Batman roller coaster decapitated him.

According to police, an autopsy determined the teen’s death was accidental.

2. How Old was Asia when he Died?

He was 17 yers old when he died

3. Who is Asia Ferguson?

Asia LeeShawn Ferguson IV (April 26, 1991 – June 28, 2008) was a South Carolina teen who was decapitated after being struck by a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia.

4. Which Year did Asia Die?

He died in the year 2008

5. When was Asia Born?

He was born on April 26, 1991

6. Where was Leeshaw from?

He was from Columbia

7. How Tall is the Six Flags Drop Ride?

Giant Drop stands at 227 feet.

8. Why is Acrophobia no Longer Available?

Acrophobia was closed on June 22, 2007, following an accident on Superman: Tower of Power at the Kentucky Kingdom in which a 13-year-old girl had both of her feet severed by a cable.

9. When was the Last Time Someone Died at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

On July 19, 2013, a 52-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas, died after falling off the New Texas Giant roller coaster.

10. Is the Batman Ride Reversible?

Plainfield, New Jersey stated. Riders make a backward 11-story climb before plummeting and twisting through corkscrews on 2,700 feet of track.

The ride becomes more intense because you don’t know what’s coming when you can’t see behind you.

Unfortunately, no one has control over these things because if everyone did, no one would choose to die in a plane crash, car accident, bomb blast, or other horrific death.

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