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Who Is Austin Harrouff And Where Is He Now? The Story

– Austin Harrouff –

Austin Harrouff is a young man in his twenties who was convicted of murder a few years ago. This article is about him and his life story. Continue reading to learn more.

Biography of Austin Harrouff 

Austin Harrouff previously attended Florida State University.

He was a sophomore studying pre-exercise science at the time. Moreover, Austin was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Florida State University.

He shared a home in Jupiter, Florida, with his mother.

Austin wrestled and played football at Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach, Florida, where he was listed as 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds on rosters.

His ancestry is Caucasian.

Austin’s Story

He is well-known for his heinous murder of Florida couple Michelle and John Stevens.

However, Austin, according to the Daily Mail, was under the influence at the time.

Austin Harrouff attempted to eat Steven’s face after murdering the couple.

With his mouth, he attempted to bite into the muscle of a man’s face.

However, he was later determined to be mentally ill, and the case faded away with the passage of time.

There are several videos online about Austin’s act, but his story deserves to be told in a documentary.

There are snippets of information on his motive and murder, but there is still a lot of information missing.

Murders and Cannibal Attacks

Austin Harrouff murdered Joseph John Stevens and his better half, Michelle Mishcon Stevens, on August 15, 2016, before eating Joseph’s face.

He had no idea about the couple, so the assault was unwarranted and arbitrary.

He could have been using the drugs Bath salts or Flakka, according to police.

Austin Harrouff was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap during the assault. “Make America Great Again” is Donald Trump’s official campaign slogan.

The assault occurred in the couple’s carport at their home in Tequesta, Florida.

On Monday evenings, the couple enjoyed sitting in their carport with the door open.

The attack occurred a few squares from Austin’s Jupiter home.

Inside the carport, they discovered his better half, who had also been slain. Several “weapons of chance” were used.

The Carport

Inside the carport, they discovered his better half, who had also been slain.

Various “weapons of chance” were used to beat, slice, and assault the couple, including a switchblade carried by the suspect.

According to authorities, the spouse appeared to be attempting to retaliate.

Austin was dining with his family at Duffy’s café in Jupiter before the attack when he became disturbed by the assistance and left.

According to the police report, Austin’s mother told officers that he claimed to have superpowers and that he was ‘here to protect people.’

Austin had posted an unusual video on his YouTube channel about the best chest exercises, in which he uses strange voices and cries near the end.

What Has Happened to Austin Harrouff

There is no mention of Austin Harrouff’s recent details.

The most recent article on him was published a year ago, and it revealed that prosecutors are still investigating Austin’s mental health issues and diseases.

If Austin is found guilty, the court will sentence him to life in prison.

The Report

A state prosecutor told the judge that a second mental health expert hired by the state concluded Austin Harrouff was not insane when he brutally murdered a Tequesta couple in 2016.

Assistant State Attorney Brandon White told Martin County Circuit Judge Sherwood Bauer that Tampa neuropsychologist Michael Gamache arrived at his conclusions after evaluating Harrouff via Zoom on Sept. 8.

“Dr. Gamache is going to find that he does not meet the legal standard of insane,” White said at a hearing Harrouff watched from the Martin County Jail.

Gamache’s findings contradict those of two other mental health experts who published reports last year.

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1. How old is Austin?

He is 24 years old

2. Which University did he Attend?

He attended Florida State University

3. Is Austine a Murderer?

Yes, he is

4. How many did he Murder?

He murdered two people

5. Who did he Murder?

He murdered Joseph John Stevens  and his better half, Michelle Mishcon Stevens

6. In what Year did the Murder Occur?

It occurred in the year 2016

7. Does Austin have any Mental Health Issues?

Yes, according to his mother

8. But, was he Really Insane when he Murdered the Couple?

According to the state prosecutor, he told the judge that mental health expert hired by the state concluded Austin Harrouff was not insane when he brutally murdered a Tequesta couple in 2016.

9. Does Austin have a YouTube Channel?

Yes, he has

10. Is it True that he has Superpowers, as he Claimed?

No, that is not even possible

It has been a long time since the crime he committed, his name continues to frighten many people. Austin’s strange act gave many people chills after learning how he brutally murdered two people.

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